Sunday, 30 January 2011

Another Tournament at Vapnatak

So I've manged to get a ticket to the tournament at Vapnatak this year. It's only a 1000pts tournament so the rounds should be very fast. I've decided to give my Khorne boys a weekend off, especially since I'll be playing them the following weekend at the Yorkshire open. So my Iron Warriors have been dusted off and prep'ed for battle. I'm going to take a classic "Lash" army. I've never actually used the Lash of Submission, but i know the basic principle, use the power to drag a unit into the open and bunch it up ready for the Demolisher shots. The army I'm taking is

Deamon Prince, Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission
5 Chaos Space marines with Plasma Gun with Rhino
5 Chaos Space marines with Plasma Gun
5 Chaos Space marines with Plasma Gun
3 Chaos Bikers, 2 Metlaguns, Champion with Powerfist
2 Oblierators

It comes out at 997 points. I'm a little concerned I've not enough actual men, not sure how many people usually take at 1000pts. but we'll see.

It does mean I need to paint up another Deamon Prince and my second vindicator, which is my task for this week.

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