Monday, 7 February 2011

Vapnartak 2011 Tournament

It looks like my Iron Warriors might be getting permanently retired, either that or I need to just scrap all forms of current army list and think again, cos basically they're shit! I was playing in a 1000pts tournament on Sunday and it's the worst I've ever done in any tournament. I took;

Daemon Prince, Mark of Slaneesh, Lash of Submission
5 Chaos Space Marines with Plasmagun in Rhino
5 Chaos Space Marines with Plasmagun
5 Chaos Space Marines with Plasmagun
3 Chaos Bikers, 2 Meltaguns, Champion with Powerfist
2 Obliterators

With hindsight this army is totally flawed and pretty much rubbish, I've only 2 weapons with a range longer than 24" from the obliterators and no means to crack open the now common place mech armies, I also had a string of crap draws facing the same army over and over again, which I'm afraid to say ended up in a day i didn't really enjoy.

Game 1 - Seize Ground / Dawn of War  vs. Blood Angels
Gary my opponent, and apparently member of team England and ranked #20 in the country, good start. He was playing an entirely deep striking assault marine army. Looked very scary. The Iron Warriors deployed and waited for the deep striking to begin. In turn 2 his assault marines started to rain down. Aiming to land his array of melta weapons close to me vindicators and Obliterators, his deep strikes were fairly accurate and things didn't look good. However the dice gods looked down on me (for the only time the whole weekend). Both Vindicators were only immobilized, and my obliterators made two invunrable saves to avoid instant death. This left some tightly knit units of space marines. In Turn 3 the Obliterators obliged with Plasma Cannons, killing all 6 of one of the squad, including the priest that would have been giving nearby units 'Feel No Pain'. Rapid firing Plasma guns and bolters took care of another 6man unit and things were looking good. During Trn3 the remainder of his troops landed and took revenge, the Rhino that was speeding towards an objective was wrecked forcing the troops out. Troops squads were targetted by other units and killed in CC or shooting, suddenly I was left with only 1 troop choice and it was being charged by his Librarian. For the 2nd and last time in the day the dice were kind to me and on his charge the librarian killed none of my marines, but were were unable to kill him either. In my turn bikes zoomed off to contest an objective and remarkably the marines killed the Librarian in combat. The end results was one objective each, a draw.

Results - Draw

Game 2 - Capture and Control / Pitched Battle  vs. Blood Angels (again)
There were some terminators, there was Mephisto, I got tabled. Mephisto in my mind is waaay to broken at 1000pts.  Str6 T6 W5, 3 Psychic Powers: Move like jump pack, Str10, Reroll all to hits in CC. He basically jumped around the board killing everything. I didn't enjoy the game cos it was fairly obvious I couldn't kill Mephisto.

Result - Tabled

Game 3 - Cleanse (4th Ed Mission)  vs. Blood Angels (again again)
blah blah blah, Mephisto, only wasn't tabled because i scattered to the four corners of the board

Result - Loss

Game 4 - Annhilation / Spearhead  vs. Imperial Guard
 I'd lost this game before I'd deployed. I'd become so depressed at the endless thumpings from Blood Angels I wasn't in the mood for 40k. As it was i don't think I'd have won if I'd been trying either, my opponent took full advantage of the range gap that can be achieved with Spearhead and most of my army was killed as it foot slogged across the board.

Result - Loss

I finished 40 out of 43 players and I'm not happy with the Iron Warriors. What I might try doing is building the Iron Warriors using the Imperial Marine Codex. It will give me access to some nice toys and if i use Chaos variants on most models or add Chaos icons to things like Landspeeders I should be able to make them still look Chaotic.

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  1. Hmmm, I'd take a good long look at your list before doing anything drastic like give up on the whole army.

    Three units of 5 marines probably isn't enough, even at 1000 points.

    The Lash DP is probably over the top at that points level too, also I seem to remember Chaos bikers are overpriced compared to other similar units in other armies.

    A sorcerer with a force weapon or a lord will blissgiver will still instant kill Mephisto as both work regardless of toughness. Although he will probably kill either before they get chance to be honest I really don't like Mephisto, but if you're going to do tournaments you will see him regularly.

    Switching to normal marines won't get you much, and you lose some of the CSM goodies. No more bolter, pistol and CCW marines, lower LD, no plasma guns for 5-man squads. However, I think trying to stick to a single legion CSM list in a tournament isn't going to fact you ended up taking a Slaanesh DP anyway.