Sunday, 27 February 2011

World Eaters Mark III , Nids and Iron Warriors.

So it's been a while since I last posted. Few things have happened 40k wise. My World Eaters are still under performing so for the upcoming UK GT at the end of March they are going through a bit of a redesign. The current iteration (and the one I'm currently trying to paint all the stuff up for) is;

Deamon Prince, Wings, Warptime, Mark of Nurgle
Chaos Terminator Lord, Pair of Lightning Claw
8 Khorne Beserkers with Skull Champion / Powerfist in Rhino
8 Khorne Beserkers with Skull Champion / Powerfist in Rhino
8 Khorne Beserkers with Skull Champion / Powerfist in Rhino
5 Chaos Space Marines with Plasma Gun
5 Chaos Terminators with Powerfist, Combi Melta, Icon of Khorne
3 Obliterators

The Landraider will hopefully give me more opportunities to crack open troop transports before the Beserkers hit, I've moved the Terminators from deep striking with lots of Combi Meltas to riding in the Landraider with the Lord. Hopefully with all their power weapons they should be able to do some damage, whilst also surviving the return attacks. I'm a little concerned that the Rhino's don't have Extra armour but I ran out of points. Dropping the Deamon squads was a tough decision, they were good for snatching objectives but they just couldn't hold out in combat and usually died due to the return attacks, their 5+ save just wasn't enough.

I've also joined in a 40k Planetary Empire campaign at the local club ( I'm using Nids rather than Chaos and it didn't start off that well. It's a 1300pts campaign and my first game was against Dan's Dark Eldar who had truly screwed my World Eaters over a few weeks earlier. The Nids did slightly better but ended up loosing the battle and my starport in the campaign. Given my only option to attack are Dan, and fully Mech guard army and a couple of space marine armies I'm not sure how I'll do. The army is a lot of Nid Warrios (5 Warriors with Scything and Rending, 4 Warriors with Death Spitters and a Venom  and a brood of Winged Warriors) with 2 monstrous creatures and a collection of guants. I did play against a random Witch Hunter army last week (sadly he's not in the campaign) and if I get chance I'll write that up.

Finally my Iron Warriors are going for an outing in Summer to a 2000pts tournament in the summer also at the Garrison club. This time however they are being fielded from the Space Marine codex, so I've been busy building Razorbacks, Drop Pods and Land Speeders but making them Chaos. I like some of the finished model and will get some photo's up soon.

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