Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Nids don't play nicely with little girls !!

Ok so as I mentioned I'm playing in a campaign at the local club. I decided to switch from Chaos to Nids for a change but made the mistake of coming up with an army in 5 minutes, it really wasn't designed to take on Mech armies, which are fairly common now a days. The campaign is a 1300pts one and my army is;

Tervigon, Regenerate, Catalyst
5 Tyranid Warriors with Rending Claws and Scything Talons
4 Tyranid Warriors 3 Death Spitters, 1 Venom Cannon
12 Homogaunts
8 Genestealers + Broodlord
5 Tyranid Shrikes with Deathspitters
12 Gargoyles

Now my only official campaign match was a loss to the Dark Eldar, which didn't fill me with much confidence for the army. In week 2 all my opponent had arranged games before I had got to the club so I ended up playing a 1300 pts against a Witch Hunter army. He was using (from memory) some sisters in rhino's, 2 exorcists, some seraphin and a small witch hunter group with lots of heavy bolter servitors.  Winning first turn a deployed fairly centrally to avoid him trying to take some of my army out of the match with an corner
deploy ... which he tried. As the turns move on the nids advanced and circled in to cut off escape routes. My faster Gargoyoles and Shrikes swept around on my left flank whilst the Trygon lead the charge on the right. With the Tervigon spitting out fresh screen gaunts as the remainder of the army plowed up the centre.
He had several shots at the large creatures in the army trying to take them out, but their high toughness and regenerate kept them coming (to be fair my Tervigon did drop to only 1 wound at one point, but he couldn't finish him off. As the turns progressed the Nids seemed to shrug off a lot of the incoming fire. One of the spawned squads of guants was cut down and the Zoanthrope died to an emerging assassin, before
she was cut down by Deathspitter fire. In turn 4 we were ready to strike. Unfortunately the photo of turn 4 is not allowed on this blog as it shows scenes of a graphic nature, suffice to say this what happens when around 1000pts of Nids makes it into close combat at the same turn. CARNAGE!

The end was a win for me and a much need boast to my 40k life. I think it might actually be the first win while at the Garrison, which is a rather poor story of my 40k ability.

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  1. With hindsight, I'd have been better using my rhinos as a screen to slow stuff down, and using my Exorcists to take on the Warrior (which they can instant death). Once you got close to me, it was game over for me.