Monday, 28 March 2011

UK GT: Day 1

 A slight variation on the list used in the Uprising tournament. This one was;
  • Daemon Prince, Mark of Nurgle, Warptime & Wings
  • Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour, With Lightning Claws, Mark of Khorne
  • 4 Chaos Terminators, Power Fist, Combi Melta, Icon of Khorne with LandRaider 
  • 8 Khorne Beserkers, Champion with Powerfist, with Rhino
  • 8 Khorne Beserkers, Champion with Powerfist, with Rhino
  • 8 Khorne Beserkers, Champion with Powerfist, with Rhino 
  • 5 Chaos Space Marines with Plasma Gun
  • 3 Obliterators
I was hoping that the Land Raider would provide some much needed anti vehicle whilst also providing a transport for the Terminators, rather than leaving them to the perils of the reserve and deep strike rolls.

Round 1 - Seize Ground / Dawn of War   vs Imperial Guard

It wasn't  a leafblower !!! There was only 1 Valkyrie and Hydra, that said there was still a lot of armour and I don't do well against armour.
With dawn of war most of the army had to drive on at my table edge, which didn't bode well for there run across the board into the guns of the waiting guard and as expected it wasn't long till rhino's were being destroyed. Plus we don't like to talk about why Daemon Prince decided to go it alone on the opposite flank to the rest of the army.
He had a cunning plan I'm sure it just didn't quite work out for him. But anyway .... I took a lot of fire from the tanks of the guard but did manage to make it into one of his flanks with a lot of my combat troops. The carnage was pretty brutal as poor lowly human found out what it was like to face pschyo mad space marines intent of killing all that stood in their way.
The carnage was good and the blood spilled for the blood god !!! Pretty soon I'd taken control of my little hill and tree and in a nice world it would have all ended there. Sadly it was only turn 3 and the pesky rules say we've got to keep on fighting so the game carried on. This is when I found out what it was like to face angry humans who have large tanks and Lascannons and are intent on shooting me dead to get revenge for their fallen comrades, the answer is not pretty.
Over the next couple of turns my forces were systematically shot to pieces from Valkyrie, Hydra and Leman russ battle tanks. Vehicles were wrecked and men reduced to a bloody smear, until finally my last squad was hunted down as they took cover near one of the objectives.

Result: Loss

Round 2 - Capture and Control / Pitched Battle  vs Tau

Hmmm another highly shooty army, doesn't bode well. Bob's army was largely made up of Crisis suits with lots of shield drones, a couple of broadsides and three 5 man fire warriors teams in a couple of Devil fish

My Landraider lasted all of 1 turn, and didn't get to move out of the deployment zone before 2 Broadsides reduced it to a smoldering wreck. He also popped a rhino in his first firing phase forcing a unit of beserkers to foot slog along with the terminators. It pretty much went down hill from there, the Tau are a very shooty army and most of his army were able to use their assault move to back off from advancing World Eaters.
With only a couple of turns remaining we were pretty much pinned into a corner with the Tau moving in from all sides. At this point I really just didn't want to get tabled again, so the Khorne started to fall back and consolidate on my objective (the little skull counter at the end of the building. We assaulted and cleared out the remaining fire warriors in the building and dug in while crisis suits poured fire onto them. Now at the end of turn 5 I had 2 Marines left, one Beserker with Power fist and a Marine with Plasma gun, both standing on the objective. Tau were circling in and about to finish me off ........ and that's when the game ended. I'm not particularly proud of this draw, it felt a little cheap, I'd killed less that 400 pts of his army and he's practically tabled me, but in the end 2 lone marines won me my first draw of the weekend.

Result : Draw

Round 3 - Annihilation / Spearhead   vs Deathwing

As my opponent deployed his army for this I wasn't filled with confidence, it was all Terminators, a Land raider and a Dreadnought in a drop pod. Pretty much everything I struggle to kill, but we pressed on.
I got the first turn and my Obliterators struck. During deployment he'd forgotten about the Plasma Cannon option on them and was heavily bunched up. Ok so I'll admit I'd forgotten about it too, I stepped them out from their hiding place behind a building ready to fire lascannons and he suddenly realised his mistake and vocalised it, "oh yeah, Plasma Cannons" says me. Four Terminators die to hot plasma death.
Following that there was a small game of cat and mouse. He didn't want my Beserkers to get the charge on me so as we drove around the small set of houses he kept maneuvering his terminators along the board edge. He'd popped a couple of Rhinos and was ahead on kill points. Then the dreadnough arrived in his drop pod, or two easy kill points as I like to call it. The dreadnough killed a Rhino and for it's sins was then ripped apart by the Daemon Prince while his drop pod was shot point blank range by the Obliterators.
At this point the assaults that were to determine the game occured, firstly seeing the obliterators who'd been taking Las Cannon pot shots at his terminator, He drove his Landraider forward and disgorged his combat squad. 6 Terminators (4 Thunder Hammers, 2 Lighting Claws one with a banner and an Apothercary) along with the special character who was making his terminators troop choices and a librarian and assulted the Obliterators. Who promptly died. In my turn i returned the favour, my Landraider drove forward and dropped off it's 4 Terminator (Combi-Melta, Power fist and Icon of Khorne) and Chaos Lord. Before assulting we fired of our weapons and were shocked to see 2 Terminators drop dead (One to the Melta and one to a lucky bolter shot) and we charged in I wasn't expecting to kill the unit, but hopefully weaken it for the nearby pack of Beserkers and Daemon Prince moving in to support. However I hadn't account for the best luck I'd had all day. During the bloody fight i was called to make nine 5+ saves, I made them all !! After 1 round of combat I'd killed his Special Charcter and 3 more Terminators without loss. To add insult his Libarian (who hadn't been able to get into the fight because he'd got caught in the middle of tight pack of his Terminators and hadn't managed to make base to base contract) died to the No Retreat wounds.
 With only 2 Terminators left and the score now drawn on kill points in the next turn of combat I finished off the squad and took the lead, and that's how it ended. I'd won by one kill point due to an amazing set of saving throws.
  It was a close thought battle which was decided ultimately by the dice as he's failed to pop the last rhino with a Cyclone Missile shot against it's rear armour in his last turn to tie the kill points. But a win is a win and I was going to take it as it was my first of the tournament.

Result : Win

At the end of Day 1 it was one of each Win, Draw and Lose. Not a brilliant result and luck had played a large part in not being beaten 3 times, but it wasn't a bad position to be in going into day 2.

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