Thursday, 31 March 2011

UK GT : Day 2

Day 2 started bright and fresh, although looking around the room the same could not be said for some of my fellow generals. It was clear that some of them had enjoyed the late license of the venue and were now suffering the price.

Round 4 - Capture and Control / Pitched Battle  vs. Dark Eldar

I've had very little experience of the Dark Eldar and what I've learnt is they usually strike before me, even when I charge. My opponent was using a large pack of Hellions, 2 large groups of beasts an assortment of skimmer vehicles and a couple of small 3 man units.
I probably messed up by deploying my objective opposite his rather than in the far corner. I knew I was pretty much playing for a draw here and that could have meant an extra turn before he got to grips with. But we deployed in a tight groups ready to counter charge his attacks with unit from other vehicles.In the first turn my Obliterators and Daemon Prince faced the majority of the firing. He wiped out the Obliterators and half killed the Daemon Prince. A lot of the Dark Eldar weapons seem to be either very high shots per turn and poison to negate high toughness or just Str8 AP2. I should probably have kept my Obliterators in reserve to threaten his army's rear, but I'm overly fearful of the mishap table. The Dark Eldar swarmed forward, softening us up with salvo's
of fire. And when i say swarmed I mean SWARMED!! OMG they where everywhere! As the tide approach the first squad shot out of their Rhino were order forward to take out the three highborn leading the charge as their weapons where hurting! This they did in typical Khorne stylee. The Daemon prince fell to more splinter fire leather just 2 bands of Beserkers and the Terminators to defend the objective. Weirdly we survived the first assault of the Dark Eldar, we drove off the Hellions and if I'd managed to roll a 3+ with a pack of beserkers we'd have destroyed one of the large beast units after the fled from combat.
We did have a comedy moment when the retreating Hellion landed near the last remaining transport vehicle, only for the landraider to blow it up and kill 4 of them in the resulting explosion, but it wasn't enough and pretty soon them came at me again.
 This time we couldn't beat them and it ended with me losing control of my objective while he still held his.

To be honest this game was a lot closer than I thought it would be. If I'd managed to kill catch the fleeing beast squad in the first assault, I might have thought off the 2nd assault. He also made a Ld4 break test too, so a couple of dice going the other way and this could easily have been the draw I was aiming for.

Result : Loss

Round 5 - Seize Ground / Spearhead  vs. Space Marines

I took a bit of a gamble in this game and left a number of my units in reserve. He was using a very assault heavy army and figured he'd be coming accross the board at me.
By leaving a couple of rhino's in reserve I hoped to drive them along the long board edge and either get behind my opponent or at least snatch some of the objectives.
I noticed that he only had two Troop choices, two 5 man squads in Razor backs lurking at the back of the board. If it could at least get one of these it should make my job easier. The plan was to drop my Obliterators from deep strike in to take one of them out. A great plan which no one bothered to tell the Obliterators, turn 4 came and went and still no sign of them. When they did arrive however they were bang on target and immediately shot up a tactical squad and moved to pursue the 2nd squad. At this point I think my opponent make his main mistake.
 He divert his large assault squad complete with both HQ choices to hunt down the Obliterators, instead of assaulting my main force that were camped on two objectives with 3 troops choices.

This meant that I was largely unapose on my objectives. Except for one landraider. So it was with mild frustation when the game kept going on, finall on turn 7 my opponent crash his landraider through my defenses to contest the objective !!  If the game had finished on any other turn it would have been a win to me, but it was still a very enjoyable and close battle.

Result : Draw

Round 6 - Annihilation / Dawn of War  vs. Space Marines

The last game of the day and I needed a win to end in a reasonable position. Due to the way the opponent allocation works I actually ended up playing against my opponent from round 5. It's a well known fact that you can guage if I'm really enjoying a game of 40K by the number of photos I take. When I'm really into a game I always forget to take them. So probably the best indicator of how good I enjoyed this is the lack of photos.
 Basically both myself and my opponent decided the gloves would come off for this re-match, engines roared and we all headed for the middle of the board.
There was a huge scrap in the middle and Khorne somehow pulled off the win.
The shame for this fight goes to the Daemon Prince who took FIVE ROUNDS of combat to kill a dreadnought. This is a Str6, 4 Attacks monstorous creature who was re-rolling his hits due to Warptime and he still couldn't kill a dreadnought!! Anyway in what was the best game of the event for me against my most sporting opponent I managed a win by 1 kill points.

Result: Win

Overall comments and learning's
Overall I came 69th from 120 people, so Mid Table Obscurity :) I say this now but I'm already think of other possible army configurations. I think this will be the last tournament with the Chaos Space Marines until either a re-codex or 6th edition. I'm struggling to win games with them. There are a few things I learnt that would improve the army.
  • Obliterators are the best Heavy Choice. I would probably split them down into smaller 2 man team to ensure they start arriving in Turn 2, but they were doing quite well at either killing my opponents or drawing fire from the Beserkers as people tried to kill them off fast.
  • The Daemon Prince is more survivable in combat, but a Chaos Lord with Retinue in Landraider makes it into combat more often. For actual damage dealt I think the 2 were fairly evenly matched. But the Daemon's success relied on Warptime to negate his lower attacks. Against armies with psychic hoods it doesn't always work. My Daemon Prince died in most games having only made it into combat once. Normally he was either shot coming accross the board, or once he'd killed his first victim unit, gunned down by their mates. I think in future I'd use Daemon Princes but try to keep the closer to the Rhinos to ensure both support in CC and some cover from incoming fire.
  • I need to use Plague Marines to hold objectives. The 5 man team i used was ok but I think Plague Marines would last that little bit longer.
If I do take these to another tourament I'm thinking;

Daemon Prince, Wings, Warptime, Mark of Nurgle
Daemon Prince, Wings, Warptime, Mark of Nurgle
10 Beserkers inc Champion with power fist, Personal Icon and Rhino (with extra armour and dozerblade)
10 Beserkers inc Champion with power fist, Personal Icon and Rhino (with extra armour and dozerblade)
5 Plague Marines, 2 Melta Guns, Rhino (with extra armour)
5 Plague Marines, 2 Melta Guns, Rhino (with extra armour)
2 Obliterators
2 Obliterators
2 Obliterators

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  1. Decent enough placing, nothing to be ashamed of. I ran a similar list to the one at the end of your in a tournie at Maelstrom last year, except I used all Plague Marines as troops.