Sunday, 24 July 2011

Toy Soldier 2011 - Day 1

This weekend I took my Chaos Space Marine army to Toy Soldier 2011, the result was rather disappointing from my point of view with 3 losses and 2 wins, whilst the wins and one of the losses were actually good battles it was somewhat soured by 2 defeats which were basically exerises in me removing models with pretty much no loss for the opponent.

In the continued experimentation of my Chaos Space Marine army I added some Plague Marines to the mix, hoping these would give me some solid objective holders. I up'ed the number of Obliterators but had to drop a squad of Berserkers and Terminators in Land Raider from my previous tournament list.  I was worried it looked light on actual bodies coming in at only 36 men (and 4 rhinos) which was a lot of kill points and not a lot of ablative wounds. This turned out to be true.

Game 1:  Annihilation / Spearhead

My opponent for the first game was Matt Mcveigh, using a vanilla Space Marine army. It contained a number of Las / Plas Tactical squads, 2 units of Sternguard acting as devastators (Missile Launcher, Las Cannon and 2 Plasma gun) a librarian and some drop pods. The forces of Chaos lined up on the go line and in the starting turned roared into action, driving towards the enemy. At the start of his turn 1 the drop pods started raining down. One landed in front of my advancing Plague marines and spilled out a tactical squad. A second landed behind my lines and Sternguard deploy splitting down into 5 man team to maximise their metla gun death potential on my rhinos. This later team were also accompanied by a Librarian, the bane of my Daemon Princes. Now to say my opponent was unlucky, or I was lucky is an understatement. His army opened up on my 4 rhinos trying to stop them in their tracks. Over 16 Str7 or higher shots rained in on them, many from close range meltaguns. As the smoke cleared, literally the number of smoke saves I made was scary, only a single rhino had been popped. The return fire from Chaos was brutal, with 4 Obliterators and 5 plague marines firing a total of 6 rapid firing plasma guns, followed by the Khorne beserkers charging, the drop pod team behind my line was wiped out. The front squad didn't fare much better as the Plague Marines unloaded more hot Plasma death. With his firing options rapidly dwindling Matt struggled to come back,
In turn 4 the Demon Princes swooped on more of the troops supported by another pack of Khorne's finest, with expected results. The final insult came when the Daemon Prince charged one of the 10 man squads routing them in the 2nd round of combat, only to fly to the opposite side of the other squad, break and rout them, whilst staying close enough to the first squad to ensure they continued to run straight off the battlefield.

Result WIN : 19 / 1 tournament points

Game 2 : Capture and Control / Pitched Battle
This is where it started to go down hill. Against another vanilla space marine army I struggled to kill him. His Ironclad dreadnough which had drop podded into the middle of my army killed one of the daemon princes and between the 2 Princes took 7 rounds of combat to finally kill. My attack on his objective was easy stopped despite it using both Beserkers and 4 Obliterators. It was a close fought battle with me almost pulling off a draw by hold my objective, but in the end one of his land speeders snuck in to contest it by 1/4 of an inch !!!

Result Loss : 3 / 17 tournament points

Game 3  Annihilation / Dawn of War
For Game 3 I had the joy of facing the classic leaf blower army. Personally speaking I can't understand how anyone can play this type of army as it's the most dullest army to play against and make for a really DULL game. I'm not going to really give this battle a write up, I found the whole exersise of just taking off handfulls of my army off the board each turn demoralising and exremely boring. It was without doubt the worst game I've had in 40K with no tactics being used by my opponent other that just rolling lots of twin linked dice. I had lost this game from the moment I lost the first turn (and to be fair it was going to be a long shot if I'd won it.)

Result Loss : 1 / 19 tournament points

Day 1 was really spoiled for me by the last game, I can't understand why anyone would want to play leaf blower, if winning at the expense of any fun what so ever is all that matters to a person than in my opinion they shouldn't leave their home and spoil other people's fun. To say I was in a foul mood when I left the venue is an understatement and really ruined what had been up until then an enjoyable day of 40k.

To be continues .........


  1. Those boards look pretty light on any decent LOS blocking terrain. I have heard from others it was a big problem all weekend. Obviously that is going to seriously hamper your army getting into position, especially vs those more shooty ones.

    I know I mentioned on FB to perciver with CSM as they do work outside the net-list builds. But I will also say without proper terrain 40k quickly becomes about who can throw the most dice down during the shooting phase.

    Blame the terrain, not your army dude, hey its normally one of my standard fall back excuses ;-)

    Also remember if you want some games/practice for tourneys then I am always up for popping round on my bike.

  2. Yeah the boards were very light in terrian in general and most of it wasn't solid LOS blocking. I think the board I played the leaf blower on there was nowhere I could move to that all 6 hydra couldn't draw LOS to :(
    Despite all my ranting, once I calm down a little I always end up coming back to Chaos, I surpose that at least makes me a loyal general :) Already working on my 2nd Landraider to try the approach you mentioned, eventually I'll find a combo I get more success with.