Monday, 25 July 2011

Toy Soldier 2011 Day 2

Game 4: Seize Ground / Dawn of War

After the disappointing end to day 1, I was hoping for a better start to day 2. I drew Luke Dobson and another vanilla Space Marine army. This one featured 3 Land raiders, Thunderhammer Terminators, 2 Tactical squads, a small scout squad and a Sternguard squad. It must be pointed out for the photos that Luke had been drafted over from the Warmachine tournament to the 40K one as both had an odd number of players. The list and models had been supplied by one of the tournament organisers, hence why the scout appear to have jump packs.
His initial deployment placed his scouts and a tactical squad on two of the objectives markers, as the game started his Landraiders drove onto the board and headed towards the Chaos deployment zone. In a slightly odd move the tactical squad that had deployed on the board back peddled and embarked onto one of the Landraiders. Due to the dawn of war deployment my first turn was largely uneventful, with my rhino and Daemon Princes moving 12” onto the board and deploying smoke. I chose to focus my attack on 1/2 the board, as there were 3 objectives on the right of the centre building as I look at the board (the one he's put his terminator in while they're in the Landraider.) The next couple of rounds we largely un eventful. Obliterators deep struck and managed to shake one of the Land raiders, in return the terminators piled out of one Land raider and killed 2 of them. Meanwhile the Landraider’s fire power felled one of the daemon princes.

At the start of turn 3 Chaos pounced. The remaining Daemon prince leapt into the air to land next to the stationary Landraider that had killed his companion in the previous turn, Obliterators advance into melta range of the 2nd landraider, whilst Plague marines lowered their plasma weapons sighting up the Terminators. The Plasma guns carved into the Terminator killing 3 of the 5, the melta guns did for the Terminator's Landraider. In the combat round a unit of Beserkers charge the remaining Terminators and overwhelmed their terminator with a huge amount of saved required. The Daemon prince destroyed the 2nd Landraider. Both Landraiders were wrecked rather than exploded and this turned out to be a huge advantage. Their position in relation to the central building effectively built a screen of LOS blocking terrain screening off my 3 objectives from the other side of the board...... and so we camped. The Plague Marines near the centre combined fire with the Obliterators to kill off the scouts on the objective to cement my objective advantage. I sent one of the packs of Beserkers and the remaining Daemon Prince over my newly created Landraider wall to harass the opponents on the other side. The game finished after 5 turns before I had time to finish off the rest of the army as my Daemon was baring down on the remaining Landraider and the Beserkers were running amouk in his tactical squads.

Result WIN : 16 / 4 tournament points

Game 5: Take and Hold / Pitched Battle

This was a special mission for the tournament, basically it's Capture and Control with an added 3rd objective dead centre which is worth 2 points. My Opponent was playing Tau which means suits, lots of suits. placing my objective very close to the centre one my basic plan was to try to use the Plague Marines to hold the objectives while the rest of the army tried to take the fight to the Tau. Then he won first turn and it all went down hill. Caught in the open without the benefit of smoke he popped all four rhinos in his first firing round. Reduced to foot slogging none of my troops made it anywhere close to the tau. My obliterators did a little damage as they landed, but shield drones took the majority of the hits and then railguns popped them. By the end of turn 4 I was down to 5 plague marines and I concided rather than drag it out and longer.

Result LOSS: 1 / 19 tournament points

Overall I place badly 25th of 32 which I'm a little disapointed with.

Overall thought
  • There wasn't a lot of LOS blocking terrian, which meant when I faced the 2 heavy shooting armies there was NOWHERE I could move and not be shot.
  • The Plague Marines are resilient and hard to get off an objective
  • The Rhinos are a little crunchy and tend to die easily, I may try Landraiders again instead.

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