Monday, 19 September 2011

Northern Warlord GT Day 1

This last weekend I took my Chaos Space Marines for what could well be their last tournament before I get a Necron army once they get a new codex. To see the army list I took see my previous post.

The Northern Warlords tournament were using a scoring system which I believe is from ETC. There's a primary objective worth 8pts, secondary worth 4pts and then 8pts based on the VP split. So for example round 1 was kill points primary and Capture and Control secondary. What this does mean is that you've got to keep 2 things in mind while playing a game, whilst some of the missions which used 5 objective markers (3 for one mission and 2 for another) meant my poor 3 troop selections were stretched think I actually really enjoy this style of tournament. It makes for slightly more tactical games where you can't just go with 1 tactic. But onto the overview

Round 1 - Ben Evans (Chaos Space Marines)
It was interesting to face my first ever CSM marine army in a tournament. Ben was using a dual lash with 6 Obliterators. His army was really nicely painted, with some nice free hand painting on the rhinos. There was a certain amount of bad luck on Ben's part for his Daemon Princes as they failed pretty much ever save they were called to make and were both dead before the end of turn 3. Having said that I was having some bad luck too. Abaddon jumped from his Landraider and killed 2 Obliterators, then when he was charged by his Beserkers he rolled a 1 for his daemon weapon and was killed in combat. As the game went on this one slowly slipped away from me. In the end I lost 9 - 7 on kill points and 1 - 0 on the objectives, with small loss in the VP difference.

Overall it was a 3 -17 loss.

Round 2 - Rob Simms (Black Templar)
Rob was previously responsible to tabling me at a previous tournament with a mechanised guard army, so I wasn't filled with confidence for this one. Rob's army also featured a lot of Terminators with 2 cyclone launchers with tank hunters  and Land Speeder Typhoons.  There were a lot of Str 8 and 9 Missile launchers facing me. However I hadn't account for some very odd dice rolling. Rob couldn't make saves on his terminators to save their lives and my Obliterators we on fire! From their first 2 rounds of firing they killed 7 Terminators with 8 shots! combined with the Landraiders holding their ground and joining in with their twin linked Lascannons meant his Terminators were being punished brutally. It was also the my first real experience that Demonically possessed Landraider have very little to fear from Str8 missile launchers, and even Str9 ones need to be lucky. By turn 3 we started rolling forward with the Landraiders to take the fight to his objective. I was surprised that his Land Speeders didn't seem to move off to contest my objectives, rather they stayed still to fire at the on coming armour. In the end we took his Capture and Control objective to win the primary mission and drew the secondary seize ground mission. VPs favoured me heavily as Rob hadn't been able to do much damage to my army other than a squad of Plagues Marines and their Rhino, a pair of Obliterators and some vehicle damage results on Landraiders.

Final score 16 - 4 to me.

Game 3 - Steve O'Neil (Tyranids)
Steve's Nids were a classic mix of Trygons, Tervigons, Tyrant Hive Guard and Gaunt. I was worried for this match up as I didn't think I could stop the Monstorous creatures from getting to my Landraiders and pulling them apart. I got first turn and opened up a salvo of Las Cannon / Plasma Cannon fire into the tyrant guard and hive guard, causing 3 wounds on his tyrant guards. Not the most successful of results. For his turn his battle line rolled forward, most running forward to cover the ground. His hive guard killed 2 of my Obliterators and nothing else. For my turn 2 I played the "Do or Die" card. One Landraider shot forward to launch Abaddon and the Beserkers into a multi charge with a Trygon and 14 guants, whilst a rhino manouvered to drop of my Plasma gun aiming at the other Trygon..... However it was more a die play then a do play. Abaddon once again roll for a 1 in combat and then took 2 more wounds from the Trygon, the Beserkers did wipe out the guants which caused 3 wounds to the Trygon due to fearless damage. For the next 2 turns Steve kept throwing more and more Gaunts into the combat with the Beserkers, who slowly ground through the little buggers, but Abaddon, well at the start of the next combat round he rolled another 1 and died. Other highlights included my Terminators make all three 5+ saves caused by thr Tyrant and then killing him in return. In the end Steve won the primary by literaly 1mm, his Tervigon had been running away from the terminators and had almost run out of range of the objective. The secondary was close but thanks to all the gaunts he'd spawned and the Besrkers had slowly waded through I'd won kill points, and the VPs were pretty fairly matched.

Final Score 8 - 12 a loosing draw.

Day1 ended in a reasonable position  27 points from a possible 60. Mid table obsurity was looking on the cards.

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