Friday, 23 September 2011

Northern Warlord GT Day 2

Game 4 - Andrew Frost (Grey Knights)
Grey Knight, the new kids on the block, the current top dogs, I was a little worried about facing these. It wasn't a typical GK army, two big squads of power armour knights, a couple of dreadnoughts, a Dreadknight and some Terminators along with a Librarian and Chapter Master. It became apparent fairly quickly that Andrew was struggling with the Landraiders, Psycannons, Psybolt Auto Cannons and Psybolt Assualt Cannons struggle to destroy AV14 Landraiders. His Dreadknight shunted accross the board and Abaddon was dispatched from his Landraider to slay the foul machine, which he did in a single round of combat. However he was then ambushed by some deep striking Terminators, the Librarian of which cast a psychic power meaning Abaddon took an Initiative test or died, Int 6 how hard could this be ........... DEAD! However deep striking Terminators leave themselves in a lovely formation for Plasma Cannons and so it was that 2 Obliterators extracted a heavy revenge on them. In the end I won primary and secondary with a fairly heathy VP difference too. 

End result 17 - 3 win to me.

Game 5 - Paul Bona (Deathwing) 
Terminators! Thousands of them, well at least 30. This was a foot slogging all Terminator army, which actually didn't fill me with that much worry. I had plenty of Lascannons and Plasmaguns to go around and without the aid of a Landraider or two they were going to have to get to my firebase the hard way. Coupled with the fact that I had now learnt that Daemonically possessed Landraiders have very little to fear from Str8, non melta, weapons. For his Terminators to do the damage they realistically needed to cross the board to get into Powerfist range, this would lead them to be vunerable to my PlasmaGuns and Abaddon (assuming the night's sleep had broken him of his tendencies to kill himself). I won the roll for first turn and as expected one of his 5 man terminators squad vanished in a hail of Las-Cannon and Plasma Cannon shots. The return fire was less than successful, my rhinos had taken up an obscured position behind a ruin in the centre of the table and the cyclone misslile launcher fire bounced harmlessly off Landraiders or Obliterators 2+ saves.To counter his advance one of my Rhinos shot forward to unleash rapid firing plasma death into another squad. His command squad did prove a bit of a thorn, they killed one squad of Plague Marines and even after most of them died to Las cannon fire, Belial prepare to crush another untit when the unexpected happened, a plague marine killed him? Unfortunately I wasn't fast enough to get to his objective marker which was held by the only remaining 5 man terminator squad so the Primary was a draw, but I'd won the secondary and a healthy 1398 / 640 VP difference. Turns out the recipe for success is to not let Abaddon out of his Landraider!

End Result : 14 - 6 to me.

Game 6 - Roy Finch-Spencer (Imperial Guard) 
Roy was playing a mechanised guard army. It didn't feature the full 6 Hydra and 3 Vendetta, but did have 2 Hydra and 2 Vendetta, It also had 2 Griffon siege tanks, which as my opponent went through their stats I realised had to die, quickly! Luckily I won first turn, I was surprised that Roy didn't scout move his vendetta as this meant they wouldn't benefit from a 4+ cover save in my first round of firing. There was very little movement from my forces other than a unit of plague marines embarking into the other Landraider. This now meant that both my Landraiders were scoring. The firing phase was all about destroying some of those tanks that would rip through my army. As the lascannons flared one Griffon exploded in a ball of fire, a Vendetta was immobilse and the other one shook so it couldn't move or fire. However one of the Griffons was still operational and this could mean the death of one of my Landraiders. In his turn some of the chimeras moved forward towards the central objective, whilst the melta veterans moved toward the Landraiders . At the start of the fring phase I held my breath as the Griffon fired some sort of metla breach shell at the Landraider, small template 2D6 + 10 penetration, luckily it scatted of the tank. The vendetta also had a go at the Landraider but only managed to shake it, which being possessed it ignored. The hydra tagetted the Obliterators, but their 2+ armour meant they only lost a single wound. As the game proceeded the supierour anti tank weapons of the CSM took their tole. The Vendetta were shot down as too was the remaining Griffon, the melta vets were blown from their Chimera by a LasCannon and then assaulted by Plague marines. By the start of my turn 5 Roy had only a single Lascannon in a platoon that could hurt the Landraiders, the victory would have been a shining example of fire discipline, target priority and superior tactics if it hadn't been for one person ...... guess who ..... Abaddon. Around Turn 3 Abaddon charged from his Landraider to tackle a Lemanruss Plasma tank which had been taking shots at the Obliterators, 9 attacks, automatic hits, 7 Penetrates ........... He could only stun the crew!! To add insult a chierma pulled up next to him, 3 plasma guns open up, 4 wounds .... zero saves..... Abaddon DEAD (again). However Roy's inability to hurt the Landraiders cost him. One of the with Beserkers in was parked on a Primary Objective the second one with Plague Marines in was parked on another. So I won the Primary and drew the Secondary, with a comfortable vp difference too.

Final Score 16 -  4 to me
I finished 11th out of 52 players with 74 points in total. This was the best tournament performance I've had this year. This particular army seems to fair well against the current metas. However I hadn't faced any of the truely heavy weight 40K players so who knows if it would have done as well against them.

Abaddon's performance was very poor, for 275 he only managed to kill a Dreadknight and 2 Landspeeders, died in 4 of the 6 games (and most of them were fairly humiliating deaths; 8 Beserker in CC, His own sword, 4 Plasma gun shots and a single initative test from a psychic power). Don't know yet if I'll drop him or if he was having a REALLY bad weekend. 

For the next tournament in January I'm actually planning on using either Nids or Necros, depending on when the new Necron codex comes out and if I can get an army bought, assembled and painted in time. 

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