Sunday, 4 September 2011

Yorkshire Store Tournament - Part 2

Game 2 - Capture and Control / Spearhead vs Dark Eldar

Not had a lot of experience fighting Dark Eldar so a lot of this was going to be new to me. After I'd won the roll to choice, my opponent, Anthony, let me know he had a special character which allowed him to seize on a 4+. I foolishly let him go first rather than setting up and then having it seize. With hindsight this was a massive mistake! I should have gambled on the first turn as 50% of the time I would be no worse off the if he seized. 
After he'd deployed a number of raiders and ravegers behind cover I deployed two units of obliterators, both Daemon Princes and the Landraider in a tight formation on the only real terrain piece in my quarter, opting to keep the remainder of my force in reserve. Turn one and the majority of his force move flat out along his board edge to get into a better strike position. The two ravagers moved out from behind cover and sighted up on the Landraider and Obliterators, so to did the Razorwing, firing all 4 of it's necrotoxin missiles. Luckily for me his firing was very ineffective and nothing died. For my turn one I sighted the obliterators on the ravagers fearing that their AP2 Str 8 could rip through the Obliterators. So both units fired their lascannons at the two Ravagers. Blowing up one and immobilising and shaking the other.

Turn two started with two venoms coming onto the board, i was rapidly noticing that my opponent was largely ignoring his own objective in favour at throwing everything at mine. I realised the Dark Eldar were fast and could get people back to their objective quickly, but it was a possible opening. One of the raiders shot forward and disgorged a unit of wyches in front of my ruined hideout ready to charge the Obliterators. The rest of his firing proved once again to be less than effective, combinations of 2+ armour and 4+ cover saves meant for all the fire from raiders and razorwings only a single wound was place on the Obliterators and the Landraider became immobilized, given it was already facing the majority of his army not a huge issue. His assault phase was also equally poor, with the wyches only causing a single wound on the squad of Obliterators, whilst loosing two of their own to my power fist attacks, still they stayed in the fight tying up the unit. In my turn two a unit of Plague Marines was all that appeared. Coming on the far left hand of the board they headed for my opponents unguarded objective, disembarking into a wood to take some shots at the razorwing. My free Obliterators destroyed the immobilized Ravager, whilst the Landraider shotdown the raider that had dropped off the Wyches. The plague marines could only manage the shake the razorwing, but that meant it's firepower wasn't going to be an issue for another turn. The combat between Obliterators and Wyches was going nowhere fast, with both side only causing a single wound.

Turn three and his last venom came onto the board, and in a move that suprised me, didn't head toward his objective, instead joining in the assault on my defended position. The remaining raiders fired forward dropping Asdrubael Vect and a unit of Grotesques off to assult one Daemon Prince and another unit of wyches to assult the second Prince and Obliterators. Most of his vehicles were either stunned or moving too fast to fire this turn, the Venoms opened up with mass splinter fire, but only managed to cause a single wound on the Obliterators. His assults phase was a different matter. Vect and the Grotesques charged the Daemon Prince causing 3 wounds on him, in return I inflicted two wounds on the Grotesques. The Wyches fair little better against each Obliterators pack the in previous rounds, but this time they had a Daemon Prince to deal with, however their 4+ save in CC negated most of the damage and both fight with wyches dragged on, it became apparent that the wyches were there only to hold people up for Vect to deal with. In my turn three the remainder of my army arrived. The second unit of Plague Marines drove onto my objective and stayed in their rhino, their aim to at least contest it for as long as possbile. The Terminators went after the Razorwing which was threatening to attack my other Plague Marines which were heading for his objective, but scattered into his reavers and died. The 3rd unit of Obliterators landed near the Plague Marines to support their assult. My firing phase was pretty uneventful with not serious damage being done, but the assualt phase was going badly. Vect killed off the Daemon Prince and consolodated towards the second Prince, The lone surviving Obliterator at the front of the ruin was finally dragged down by the wyches, well wych as there was only one left by now, but it was rapdily becoming apparent I was loosing control of my own objective.

Turn four and the Reavers did a fly by attack on the Obliterators killing one, the Razorwing then shot up and killed a second. The venoms peppered the small five man marine squad that had wandered on last turn killing 2 of them. In the assult phase Vect slew a second Daemon Prince and the Grotesques finished off the Obliterators. All I had left around my own objective was the Plague Marines still in their rhino. For my turn four the second unit of Plague Marines put the pedal to the metal and drove their rhino into the forest containing his objective. My other unit popped it's plasma guns out of the top hatch and fired on one of the wyches units trying to remove his scoring units, but it was largely a waiting game now.

Turn five and it was make or break for me. A venom sped into the forest to drop off it's warrior cargo, but rolled a 1 and exploded killing two of the five men inside. The Razorwing also flew into the forest but faired better with the trees. Vect and his Grotesques advanced on the rhino parked on my objective. In the firing phase the Reavers repeated the flyby attack on the lone Obliterator, killing him. The Razorwing only managed to blow the combi-bolter from the rhino and luckly the one lance shot he had on the rhino on my objective missed. This forced Vect to assault the rhino which he did destroying it, but none of the marines inside were injured. For my turn five it was a daring ploy. On his objective the Plague Marines disembarked the Rhino, which then tank shocked the warriors in the venom wreck. They failed their leadership roll and fled from the table. Unfortunately the Plasma guns of the Plague Marines could bring down the Razorwing and so the objective remained contested. As too did my own objective with Vect and the Plague Marines both being within three inches....... and with a roll of a two, thats how the game ended.

Result - Draw

After thoughts: This was a tough fight, I was lucky the game ended on turn five as I doubt I could have held on for another turn let alone two. I was unlucky not to kill the Razorwing with 2 turns of Plasmagun firing and this could have meant a win for me. Vect is one hard S.o.B. I think with hindsight I should have leapt one of the two Daemon Princes out of the ruin so I could use his Lash to move people around in later stages of the game, or even against an all mech army kept one or both in reserve so they arrive once the Obliterators have had time to open up a few transports. Still this was the best of the games on the day with a seriously hard fought draw being a good reflection of the effort put in by both sides.

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