Friday, 27 January 2012

Caledonian Uprising 2012

Cometh splinter fleet Krogoth! So last weekend was my first tournament of 2012 and a return to the excellent Caledonian Uprising. This time I swapped from my chaos space marines to the might tyranids, yep don't say I don't jump on the band waggon (3 years later than everyone else maybe), in 2015 I plan to have a kick ass Grey Knight army!

There were 3 things I was aiming for from this tournament,
#1 Finish higher than last year
#2 Get best General for Tyranids
#3 Beat Sean Gill in the results, otherwise I'd have to remake my blog banner to remove his name (yes that one just below my name, just up there .... see it? Guess you know how this last one went already then )

Anyway, with that in mind I head down to Mansfield to fight the good fight and battle with those evil Grey Knights! The army list I took wasn't the best, I designed it submitted it and then played with it, and discovered that it wasn't ideal. Genestealers really should have toxin sacs, Toxic Miasma is a waste (I normally forget about it anyway), but here's what I took;

HQ1: Hive Tyrant (Heavy Venom Cannon, Toxic Miasma, Hive Commander, Leech Essence, Paroxysm) - 235
HQ2: 2 Tyrant Guard (Lash Whips) - 130
ELITE1: 3 Hive Guard - 150
ELITE2: 3 Hive Guard - 150
ELITE3: Doom of Malan'tai [in TRANSPORT1] - 90
TROOP1: Tervigon (Scything Talons, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Catalyst) - 200
TROOP2: 12 Termagaunts (Devourer) [in TRANSPORT2] - 120
TROOP3: 16 Genestealers - 224
TROOP4: 16 Genestealers - 224
TROOP5: 16 Genestealers - 224
TRANSPORT1 : Myetic Spore (Stinger Salvo) - 50
TRANSPORT2 : Myetic Spore (Stinger Salvo) - 50

 On the Friday night I played a friendly game against Walt's new "filth" Blood Angel list (his words not mine). It was a hell of a lot of razorbacks and predators with tons of Las-Cannons and Heavy Flamers, it didn't bode well. Luckily for me the night fight rules saved my Tervigon from the worst of the first turn's firing and he scrambled for cover. The genestealers rolled on from both sides and began to squeeze the marines into the middle, destroying vehicle after vehicle in close combat. By the end of turn 5 we stopped the game as it was clear that they were going to roll through the rest of the army. I was very surprised by the result but it did but me in a good frame of mind for the army for the actual tournament. Although if I faced Walt again in the actual tournament, like I had in the previous year, he'd be a lot better prepared for me and I don't think the same result would have been achieved.

Game 1 - Grey Knights [ Chris Boulton ]
Not the best first match up for Nids. Two stormravers full of Purifiers, 3 Psy-bolt Dreadnoughts and more Purifiers and Strike squads in rhinos. The only reason my Hive Tyrant survived the first turn was because my opponent didn't pass his night fight roll. In the 2nd turn 6 mindstrike missiles did for him in lightning time. On my right flank though the Tervigon, his one and only spawned unit of gaunts and one of the genestealers packs were holding firm to 2 of the objectives, sadly for me I'd gotten a little confused and objectives were the secondary mission, with kill points the primary and as a result I lost the primary, won the secondary, but not before he'd mopped up the majority of my force. Not a great results to start the weekend off, but it could have been so much worse.

LOSS  5 - 15

Game 2 - Tyranids [ Scott Evans ]
Now I know I wanted to beat my fellow Tyranid player in the tournament to win best general, but I didn't realise I had to actually beat my fellow Tyranid players in matches. Game 2 saw me draw Scott's Nids, a list fairly similar to mine in having lots of stealers but two tervigons and less hive guard. At the start of the match it was announced that the spot price was for the first person who destroyed an opponent's unit, so I was fairly happy when in my first firing phase my 6 Hive Guard returned fire on the 2 Hive Guard that had shot them and wiped the unit out. One GW 40k tokens pack better off we I carried on.
Tactically this game was a huge mistake. I outflanked my stealers despite it being table quarter deployment and my opponent cleverly used his spawning Tervigons to produce a wall of termagaunts along his short board edge. As a result I lost 1 unit of Genestealers when they couldn't deploy on the board, and the other 2 arrive on the opposite side, moved on, only to be charge in the rear by his reserves. Without access to any Str8 + weapons after the demise of his Hive Guard my Doom tore into his army, killing gaunts, Tervigons and locking his winged Tyrant in combat for 3 turns. Where as his Doom was tapped out fairly quickly by my impaler cannons. However the late arrival of his genestealer reserves ment not only did he managed to wipe my stealers off the board, he also contested a lot of the table quarters. In the end it was a large stalemate with 4 VPs apart. I think with hindsight I should have infiltrated my stealers and brough a lot more pressure to his army a lot faster.

DRAW 10 - 10

Game 3 - Tyranids [ Graham Sanders ]

What luck? I drew the 2nd of three other tyranid players at the tournament. This time it was clear this list was more designed to take out mechanised armour and space marines. Two units of a pair of Zoanathropes in spore, Doom and a Carnifex along with two tervigons. Good for Marines and Guard, not so good against Nids. Both of the Doom's caused issues again, his killed my Tervigon in a single bad leadership roll, before being tapped out by my hive guard, and mine killed a lot of gaunts and almost a tervigon. However it was the genestealers that were the stars of the show running from combat to combat eating everything in their path. Between the 3 packs I think they did for 2 Tervigons, the Hive Tyrant, 5 raveners, his genestealers and a bucket load of gaunts. In the end I managed to table the army, mainly because I don't think army was set up to take on a swarm.

WIN 20 - 0

Game 4 - Tyranids [ Chris Dickinson ]

WHAT!! Again!! I had now played all my fellow Nid players, well I suppose if I'm going for best general, playing them all does seem to make it appropriate.This was a tough game, Dawn of War again which i hate as it seriously reduces the number of Nids I can get on the board. I think I should have let my genestealers come on my own board edge rather than outflanking as Graham cunningly avoided the board edges so I would have to run a long way. It was also the first time I've seen Deathleaper in action and he's annoying, he kept bouncing on and off the board with the intention of contesting an objective at the last minute. My Doom spent most of the game chasing around after 3 of his monstorous creatures, however the main issue with the games is we only managed to get 4 turns in. But the end of the fourth turn he was winning, however I'm fairly certain if there had been a 5th turn I'd have taken the game. His only objective was guarded by a single broodlord and I have 3 Hive Guard in range, whilst I'd have been able to remove the Trygon that was contesting my objective with my 16 genestealers and hive Tyrant. A frustrating loss in the end.

LOSS 4 - 16

Game 5 - Chaos Space Marines [ Paul Scott ]

 I needed to bounce back if I was going to recatch my main Tyranid rival (Graham), so I was quietly pleased to see a Chaos Space Marine army opposite me. Plague Marines, Beserkers, 3 Obliterators, Terminators, a daemon prince and Kharn the Betrayer, it all looked very familiar. My first big break came when he grouped his Terminators and Obliterators together, it was too much of a tempting target for the Doom, but sadly he missed. He did land close to some plague marines and inflict some damage and then AP1 pie plate 5 of the 6 terminators. His Obliterators took cover, but I've learnt many a time that make them take enough Str8 saves and they die. Sure enought one salvo from both my hive gaurd and they were no more threat. Paul really didn't have a lot of luck. Kharn killed his own daemon prince when they both charged my Tyrant and his plague marines were no match for the rending Genestealers. In the end I took him totally off the board, more luck that tactics were involved but it was a good result.

WIN 20 - 0

Game 6 - Space Wolves [ Bernard Lee ]

Final game of the tournament, and it was all to play for, my fellow Tyranid general from round 4 was on the table next to me so I knew to come top Nid player I had to better whatever result he managed. So it was with some regret that I looked accross the table and saw 18 Missile Launcher packing Long Fangs staring back at me. There was also the usual Grey Hunters, Lone Wolves, Wolf Guard and Lorgar. Once I'd deployed my heart sank, I realised I'd lined by Hive Tryrant and Tergivon up directly opposite his Wolf Priest with Jaws. Sure enough the rhino drove forward and the Wolf Priest jumped out, my Hive Tyrant might survive with its higher iniative, but my Tervigon was surely a gonna. My heart leapt as he rolled 11 for his psychic test and failed to cast. I still had to face a barrage of Krak missiles flying accross the board, luckily there was a large hill in the centre of the board which was granting a degree of cover and combined with the night fight rules my monsterous creatures surived the opening salvos. I'd infiltrated two of my 16 man Genestealer squads on my left flank and they started a rapid run through cover to the flank of the deployed space wolves, this had the desired result in that some of the Long fangs switch to launching frag missile into the approaching swarm, however carefull placing with the available cover meant that the stealers were taking huge casualties. In turn2 the Genestealer swarm hit home, crashing into razorbacks & grey hunter packs. At the same time the Doom dropped down next to the majority of the Long Fang packs. With some good luck two of the Long Fang packs took casualties and broke, unfortunately they stopped just short of the board edge. On my half of the board the Tyrant backed up by some spawned Gaunts charged into Lorgar and his Wolf Guard, the Tyrant cut a bloody path but over a couple of rounds of combat Lorgar prevailed and killed the Tryant. The Genestealers however we still carving a bloody mess though the other side of the board, and in the end it all came down to a single kill point. Bernard only had 4 models left on the board, sadly they were 3 independant characters and a lone long fang costing me 4 valuable kill points.

LOSS 8 - 12

With the tournament over I nerviously waited to find out my final position and placing relative to my fellow Tyranid generals. Graham had also lost his final game so it was all still to play for in the battle of the Nids. In the end I placed 31st out of 110 so I'm well pleased with the result. I also got best Nid general (by 1 point) and the little certificate to go with it, and as I'm sure you can tell from the banner, Gill didn't manage to place higher, so the banner is safe for another year. All in all a very successful tournament, and hopefully a good start to 2012.

Next stop Vapnatak in 2 weeks to hopefully purge the horrible memory of being Mehpistoned over and over again from last year.


  1. I think you need to remake your banner because I was almost twice as high as the 56th I am on it.

    100th for me this year.

  2. Well done Peter that was a great result.
    Just one thing, who the hell is LORGAR from the Space Wolves. LOL
    Maybe you mean Logan. Only telling you this because when else to I ever get anything right, haha.

  3. Lorgar / Logan, its all food to me ;)