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Decimation 2012 - Day Two

So Day 2, Day 1 had been the usual average results of Win, Draw & Loss. Would day 2 be the same? Only one way to find out.

Game 4 vs. James Darcy (Imperial Guard) – Primary: Kill Points, Secondary: Seize Ground, Dawn of War deployment.

Darcy's Guard army included 3 Russ variants (two Leman Russ and one Demolisher), two vendetta, Some large guard squads with heavy weapon teams and two ruddy armoured sentinels (more on them to follow). With Dawn of War Darcy placed a couple of 10man guard squads forward to keep me back, I responded by most loading one flank with my initial deployments. Turn one and the majority of his army rolled on, the Leman Russ tanks we on either flank, but careful to position themselves out of outflank charge range. For my turn one it was mostly around the arrival of the Hive Guard and Swarmlord. This time the Prime joined a unit of Hive on the far left flank, the hope being to get shots into the sides of the Leman Russ battle tanks. The exchange of fire was largely ineffective, the Gaunts screen in front of my units give cover, whilst they themselves were anchored in terrain at both end giving them a 4+ save.

For my Turn 2 all my reserves turned up. Two packs of Genestealer arriving from my left table edge and another from the right, meanwhile the DOOM dropped down in amongst his infantry. The Genestealers on the right multi charged a 10man guard squad and the two armoured sentinels on the extreme flank of the guard army. Meanwhile on the opposite flank a five man command squad felt the wrath of one stealer pack, whilst a stationary vendetta was hit by a second pack. The Left flank performed well, killing both the command squad and vendetta, whilst on the other flank the squad died, but with a front armour of 12 the sentinels weathered the hail of rending attack from the Genestealers and took no damage. The rest of the battle was pretty much taken up by stealers rolling from one combat to another on the left flank, there was one shaky moment when one stealer pack was tank shocked by a weaponless Leman Russ and broke, but lukily their fleeing movement took them straight into the loving embrace of the Prime’s synapse bubble and auto rallied. HOWEVER on the right flank we had the armour sentinels! Armour 12 vs around 12 rending Genestealers ……. for 6 rounds of combat! The damn metal chickens just wouldn’t die. In the end the Tervigon had to slog down the board to take care of them, and it even took him 3 turns of combat to kill them both!

However the other two packs out did themselves and in their wake they left nothing but dead bodies. In the end the only things left on the board were the three Leman Russ tanks, and one of them had been stripped of all weapons.

Result: WIN 18- 0 tournament points

Game 5 vs. Sean Homan (Vanilla Marines) – Primary: Capture and Control, Secondary: Annihilation, Pitched Battle deployment.

Sean was using an interesting marine army. Vulkan led the army making all flamer and melta weapons twin linked as well as thunder hammers master crafted. There were two units of terminators, one shooty with Cyclone that deployed on my left flank, the other with thunder hammers and shields tin deep strike with a librarian. Three multimelta attack bikes deployed with the Terminators, whilst a Vindicator, Shooty scout squad and thunderfire cannon all deployed in a large building closer to my right flank. The techpriest then reinforced the building giving everyone inside a 3+ save (2+ in the case of the stealthed scouts). In reserve there was a Tactical squad with Vulkan in a drop pod. The Terminator, a Dreadnought and 5 more scouts in a landspeeder storm and some scout bikers.

Sean informed me that of the special rule whereby his scouts had mined one of the terrain feature on the board and the first unit to enter the terrain suffered 2d6 hits. This included the terrain in my deployment zone and the first unit I deployed into the terrain would take the hits, so what did the hivemind do? herded the Gaunts into the terrain. My 15 Gaunts strung out across the board into all three terrain features in my deployment, then the rest of the army moved in. Sure enough a violent explosion rocked one of the two buildings in my deployment zone and 8 of the plucky little mine sweepers were blown up, but then what else are Guants for? Winning the first turn my Hive Guard advanced further into cover and locked onto the thunderfire cannon, one salvo later and despite the 3+ cover save the cannon was nothing but a broken pile of machinery. Using the Swarmlord’s reroll ability the Genestealers all arrived on the same flank and rapidly moved to overwhelm the occupants of the reinforced building, which had now been joined by Vulkan and his tactical squad. On the opposite flank it was all the DOOM, he landed near the bikes and terminators and killed 2 bikers and 4 terminator through leech essence and his psychic attack. The remaining bike was picked off by the Hive Guard, whilst the following turn the last terminator fell to the DOOM’s leech essence. The scout bikers did manage to arrive from outflank and take out a unit of Hive Guard in a fairly long drawn out combat, before running foul of the remnants of a Genestealer pack. At my objective the Storm and scouts attempted to pick off the Gaunts holding it, but a couple survived their initial shooting and charge, to be join in the following turn by the Prime who destroyed the scouts. Meanwhile the Stealers were running amok in the main building, killing tanks, dreadnoughts and scouts without mercy. At the start of turn 5 I charge the last remaning squad of scouts and finished them off too, despite putting up a valiant fight the Space Marines had all been devoured.

Result: WIN 18- 0 tournament points

Game 6 vs. Stu Smith (Necrons) – Primary: Seize Ground, Secondary: Capture and Control, Spearhead deployment.

Game 6, Table 3, a win here could propel me to my first ever podium finish and as it had started so it ended. My rematch against Stu’s Necron army. I’d learnt a few things from the first game. The Destroy lord and wraiths couldn’t be left unchecked, Swarmlord eats scarab bases for lunch. However Stu had also learnt that the Swarmlord couldn’t be left alone, it was going to be a clash of titans at some point. In the first turn on of my Hive Guard squads manage to range onto a Doomsday Ark and wreck it, a good start. However the other Hive Guard with the Prime in tow looked like they were about to become victim number one of the Destroyer lord. The hivemind responded by granting them Feel No Pain as well as reducing the WS of the Lord and squad to 1. In the face of the now less favourable combat the Lord retreated. Turn 2 and the DOOM dropped down near his objective and was supported by and outflanking Genestealer pack, however he didn’t manage a great deal of damage.

Turn 3 and the Swarmlord charged a unit of scarabs and destroyed them. The 2nd unit of scarabs charge the Hive Guard that had destroyed the ark and wrapped onto a nearby Gaunt unit, however they didn’t do enough damage against the T6 Hive Guard and the combat was locked. The following term an outflanking unit of Genestealers joined the fight to finished them off. However all eyes were fixed on the centre, knowing that the Swarmlord had to be stopped the Destroyer Lord and Wraiths charged him, the Guards and the Prime The presence of whips on all side made most combatants I 1. The Destroyer Lord struck first but could penetrate the parrying blades of the Swarmlord, who in turn cut down the Lord in one blow. The wraiths and Tyranids traded blows and a wraith and Guard we both killed. Then the Lord stood up again. The following turn the Swarmlord once again put down the Destroyer Lord, only to watch it once again raise up and rejoin the combat. For a third turn the Destroyer Lord was killed and by now the wraiths had been killed, with the loss of both Guard. As the Swarmlord and Prime moved toward one of the Seize Ground objective there was an ominous hum behind him as the Lord once again raise itself back to life. Now seeing this as a personal grudge the Swarmlord once again charged him and for a fourth and ultimately final time smashed the Necron Lord into the ground. As the clock ticked down the Genestealer hordes consolidated across the board to capture 2 of the 3 Seize ground objectives, but the DOOM and accompanying Genestealer could wrestle Stu’s home objective from him and so in the end the secondary was a draw.

Result: WIN 15- 3 tournament points

Overall Summary.

I WON A TROPHY! For the first time in my 15months of attending tournaments I got a 3rd place. I was well made up.

The Swarmlord had done me proud, surviving most of the games and causing carnage in them too. The Hive Guard had once again done their jobs too. I’m still not sold on Tervigons, he didn’t seem to make a major impact and I wonder if dropping him for more Genestealers is a possibility. However I did like the tactical options that adding the Prime gave me. Going with the Swarmlord to add more resistance to his unit or joining a unit of Hive Guard for some wound allocation seemed to work well. I think I may have to include him in future armies where possible.

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