Friday, 9 March 2012

Jolly Toys Outing 2012

A new tournament for me this year, run by the Oxford Gaming Club at Warhammer World, jolly toys is a 2000pt / 5 Game tournament. It's the first of a number of 2000pts tournaments I've got coming up and a chance to give my Nids even more toys to play with. The army list I chose to take was

Hive Tyrant with Bonesword & Lashwhips, Heavy Venom Cannon
2 Tyrant Gaurd with Lashwhips
Tervigon with Toxin Sacs, Catalyst and cluster Spines
Tervigon with Toxin Sacs, Catalyst and cluster Spines (counts as Troops)
14 Genestealers with Toxin Sacs
14 Genestealers with Toxin Sacs
14 Genestealers with Toxin Sacs
10 Termagaunts with Devourers in a pod
3 Hive Guard
3 Hive Guard
DOOM! in a pod

I'd actually submitted this list prior Caledonia and since then I've lost faith in a Tyrant and 2 Guard, when for roughly the same points you can get Swarmlord and a Guard, benefiting from the re-roll to the outflank to prevent stealers being wasted on the wrong side of a board. Plus in combat the Swarmlord is a beast! and the loss of the Venom Cannon doesn't really affect the army that much.

The tournament was running a NOVA style event with 3 missions in affect at the same time, however which one you won on determined the points you earned from 20 down to 11 for winning purely on VPs. I'm not aware of many games going to the secondary mission though. There were also a couple of different tweaks, so you need to win by 3 or more killpoints to win Annihilation, the location of the 5 objectives was fixed to board centre and the centre of each quarter and the third mission was a dominate table quarters with the person with the most VPs worth of unit in a quarter claiming it.

Being in Warhammer World the terrain wasn't ideal, many of the board were fairly sparse in terrain, especially LOS blocking which my Hive Guard like to hang out behind, plus all the tables had GW's realm of battle board on, which does kinda take away some of the skill in judging distances when there's a nice 2' x 2' grid covering the table.

I did plan to do my usual longer write up about each game, but it's been too long and my failing memory isn't what it used to be so I'll give an abridged summary

Game1 - Dawn of War / Kill Points Primary  vs Space Wolves.
Summary :Jaws killed my Tervigons, Genestealers died to grey hunters in cover, why they've not got some for of frag grenades I don't know. I should have deployed the Tervigons further away to stop the Rune priests getting so close. The result was fairly close only loosing by 1 kill point, mostly due to Hive Guard scoring some easy kill points against rhinos, razorbacks and speeders.
Result : Loss

Game 2 - Pitched Battle / Objectives Primiary vs Space Wolves.
Summary: Space wolves again! Followed a fairly similar pattern to previous games, Tervigons were taken out by Jaws and Grey Hunter still beat genestealers in combat if they're in cover.
Result : Loss

Game 3 - Spearhead / Table Quarters vs. Space Wolves.
Summary: What is it with me and facing the same army over and over again at tournaments? Given this was spearhead and my opponent had won first turn I opted for a zero deployment tactic. I use my Hive commander to outflank the troop tervigon as well as the 3 stealer packs and hope for some good reserve rolls as well as table sides. There are a couple of razorback and long fang packs with 18" of the board edge and luckily the majority of the army arrives on time and on the right side, the result is fairly brutal.
Result : Win

Game 4 - Pitched Battle / Kill Points vs Grey Knights
Summary: Not Space Wolves! The opposite side of the board looked like a car park, there were 9 rhino/razorbacks parked more the 18" away from the board short edges bristling with psycannons, Las Cannons etc It didn't look good. However MVP of the game goes to the Hive Guard, each turn they received Feel No Pain from Tervigons and blew up to transports before weathering a hail of fire from psycannons taking largely no damage (T6, in cover and FnP is good) between the 6 of them they accounted for 8 kill points as they systematically took out almost every AV11 vehicle on the field. Out of their vehicles the grey knights were picked off by genestealers. It was bloody and even my Hive Tyrant lasted long enough to cover the board and get into CC.
Result: Win

Game 5 - Dawn of War / Table Quarter vs Tau
Summary: Final game, it was unlikely I could catch the other main Tyranid opponent at this point as it required him to loose his final match and me to win. In the end it was academic what my result was but it was still annoying to loose. Chris screened his suit well from the Doom using his Kroot to protect them, although the Doom did survive one round of Str8 firing he never managed to make it into the Suits where he would have done some real damage. Once again the Stealer performed poorly, a lack of rending results meant they lost combats against many of the suits they charged. The final insult was a full 14 pack failing a Ld10 tank shock test and being run off the board by 2 gun drones. Overall a very disappointing result for me which seemed to come down to Genestealers just not doing what they're meant to do.
Results: Loss

Over all I place around 60th in the field. I wasn't overly happy with the result. However I did learn a few things to take forward.
The Swarmlord + 1 Guard is better than Tyrant + 2 guard. I loose the ability to outflank a Terivgon if I choose, but can re roll the outflank table edge roll. Plus he can give preferred enemy to a near by unit if needed.
I'm going to add a broodlord into one Genestealer pack, to give me a little extra anti armour in CC. With a Str5 he can more easily penetrate tanks.
Hive Guard ROCK! there were definitely the creatures of the weekend. Pretty much giving me the win in Game 4 as well as making Game 1 as close as it was.

Next it's another 2000pts tournament in Stockport, then onto the 40k UK GT in March

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