Wednesday, 28 March 2012

UK 40K GT - Games 1 & 2

So this weekend saw the 2nd UK 40k Grand Tournament. The event’s running was taken over by the 40K UK podcast and probably represents the UK’s premier independent tournament, with 120 people in attendance.

For this event I was taking my Tyranids and after his success at Decimation I was going to give the Swarmlord another run out. This time though at the lower points cost of 1850. So my army was;-

Tyrant Guard with Lash Whip
3 x Hive Guard
3 x Hive Guard
DOOM in a Pod
11 Genestealers with Broodlord, Toxin Sacs
14 Genestealers, Toxin Sacs
14 Genestealers, Toxin Sacs
 Tervigon, Scything Talons, Toxin Sacs, Catalyst, Cluster Spines
11 Termagaunts

With only 11 kill points it’s fairly compact army and I’m hoping that this may mean against any Grey Knight MSU armies I can earn enough kill points popping Razorback and Dreadnoughts with the Hive Guard before they gun them down. It will depend heavily on terrain, but at Maelstrom there is often some fairly large LOS blocking terrain features. The inclusion of a Broodlord is useful for vehicles and a nice 5 attacks at a higher initiative step which stops the rending attacks being diluted down by wound allocation, which tends to happen to the mass Genestealer attacks at initiative 6. I’m beginning to consider dropping the DOOM for a tournament in favour of some Ygmgarl Genestealers. I’ve never had a game where’s totally blown me away with his success as he tends to be killed my Str8 firing the turn after he arrives.

Game 1: Seize Ground / Spearhead vs. Neil Gibbons [Daemons]

Not played that many games against Daemons, and the couple of games I did, didn’t go well, so I was looking forward to this. I believe the internet name for the army I was using is Fatecrusher. Fateweaver has strong ranged attacks and a nasty ability to re-roll saves for anyone with 6” of him. Along with him there were two Daemon Prince of Tzeentch and a Herald of Tzeentch for more range firepower. Two large units of Bloodcrushers and Unit of Fiends made up the close combat element of the army with the mandatory two small scoring units of Plague Bearers to hold objectives. The key to this would be dealing with those close combat threats in a timely manner. Genestealers can do it, but not if Fateweaver gets involved, so dealing with him was going to be priority #1.

I won the roll and chose to go second to ensure I didn’t loose a turn with no one on the board. With a large impassable building in the centre of the board it limited the directions that attacks could come from. The four game objectives were roughly position with one in each quarter, so the Tyranids set up in a fairly large block in our own quarter, whilst the Genestealer infiltrated into cover within the ‘neutral’ quarters, limiting where the Daemons would be able to deep strike. It also meant that the first troops the Daemons had to fight past were the Genestealer and Swarmlord, with the Hive Guard firing from the relative safety of behind the building.

In turn one he got his preferred wave, which consisted of the 4 Tzeentch models and the slightly larger Bloodcrusher unit. However after Fateweaver landed it went a little pear shaped. The two Daemon Princes scatter outside of Fateweaver protective bubble and one of them suffered a wound to landing in difficult terrain. The Herald landed according to plan, but the Bloodcrushers scattered onto a unit of Genestealers and misshaped. I got to position the unit and chose a nice open patch between a unit of Genestealers and the Swarmlord, well away from Fateweaver’s bubble, with hungry eyes the Genestealer slowly turned to face the Daemons. Neil’s firing phase wasn’t too strong, the Genestealer were all in cover and only a few died to shooting attacks from the Tzeentch Daemons. For my first turn the Swarmlord bestowed preferred enemy on the unit of Genestealer and the pair charged the hapless Bloodcrushers. A second pack of Genestealers charged Fateweaver, trying to get rid of him quickly. The Hive Guard also fired at the Bloodchrushers to soften them up a little. In the assault phase the Bloodcrusher were reduce to a couple of models before any of them could strike, and subsequently reduced to a single model by combat resolution. This did mean the Swarmlord was safe from firing attacks. The other pack of Genestealers caused a single wound on Fateweaver but he passed his leadership check and didn’t flee into the warp.

Turn two saw both Daemon Princes join the fight with Fateweaver, lots of casualties were inflicted on the Genestealers who broke from combat, but fled straight into the loving embrace of the Swardlord’s synapse bubble to rally. A small unit of Plague Bearers landed near the objective close to Fateweaver, whilst the second units of Bloodcrushers and Plague Bearers landed behind my battle line to threaten the objective on that flank of the board. His fiends landed to counter the Swarmlord and two packs of Genestealer advancing on battle line. The remaining Bloodcrusher was swiftly killed by the Swarmlord who then advanced on the Tzeentch daemons. Turn two also saw the arrival of the DOOM! Landing close to the assembled Tzeentch daemons he managed to absorb a single wound off a Prince. My Genestealers on the right flank moved to counter the newly arrived Bloodcrushers whilst the Tervigon spawned gaunts to string out and protect the rear of my battleline. The Hive Guard shot and killed a Bloodcrusher as well as wounding a couple of others, but largely my turn two was uneventful.

For turn three, the majority of his firing was aimed at either the Genestealers, DOOM! or Swarmlord, with a couple of wounds on the Swarmlord and a few Genestealers killed. His Bloodcrushers charged and destroyed the gaunt screen at the back of the board. Fateweaver retreated from the DOOM! and the herald and Daemon Princes took up position to prevent him getting within 6”. The fiends assaulted the large unit of Genestealers moving up to support their cousins and the Swarmlord. The Genestealers did some damage but couldn’t cope with the sheer number of attacks the fiends put out and were destroyed. In my turn three the Tyranids struck, the Impaler Cannons of the Hive Guard softened up the Bloodcrushers then the Genestealers charged. The Swarmlord charge one of the Daemon Princes whist the small remaining Genestealer unit charged the Plague Bearers on the objective. Combat was bloody, the Genestealer managed to put a serious dent in the Bloodcrushers for relatively little return damage. Swarmlord cut down the Daemon Prince, his bone sabres cancelling out Fateweaver’s advantage. Meanwhile the other Genestealers killed a three of the Plague Bearers. The Swarmlord moved towards the fiends daring them to charge him. The battle was swinging in favour of the Tyranids.

Turn four and the fiends bottled charging the Swarmlord and instead headed towards the Genestealer attacking the Plague Bearers, the last Daemon Prince also charged them and between them all made short work of the Genestealers. Meanwhile the other pack of Genestealers destroyed the Bloodcrushers and moved towards the Plague Bearers now hiding right in the corner of the board. Fateweaver flew over his shield and attempted to turn the Swarmlord into a spawn, luckily I passed the test and he fought on. In my turn the Swarmlord charged into the Fiends to try to stop their rampage, the Hive Guard managed to kill the last Daemon Prince from range and the DOOM! charged Fateweaver. The initial round of combat between the Swarmlord and fiends favoured the Swarmlord, however he took a couple of wounds and was running the risk of being dragged down by attrition.

Turn five was a fairly fateful turn for both sides. The Swarmlord finally succumbed to the attacks of the fiends but had reduced the squad down to just 3 models before he died. Also in blinding display of bad dice rolling, Fateweaver fell to the DOOM!’s leech essence. A leadership test of 16 followed by repeated fails of the 3+ save meant the end of the Greater Daemon. The fiends headed towards the objective being held by the Tervigon, whilst the Genestealers scrambled to get across the board to reinforce the Tervigon, however units we starting to fall out of synapse now and not all of them behaved. Neil still had three units left, the Fiends heading toward my objective, the Herald and two Plague Bearers heading towards an objective. The Hive Guard both went instinctive and fired at their closest targets, both fired on the Herald and stripped it down to a single wound. At this point I was ahead 1 – 0 on objectives, we rolled the dice and there would be a turn six.

Turn six was make or break. The Plaque Bearers moved to the objective and dug in, the fiends charged the Tervigon and finished it off with little effort. For my turn six the Hive Guard fired on the Plague Bearers and Herald, killing the later and leaving a single Plague Bearer on the objective, who was promptly taken out by a Str10 large blast from the DOOM!. The Genestealers charged the remaining Fiends and killed them all in a single round of combat. I had managed to table the Daemons in six turns.

Result: WIN 20- 0

Game 2: Capture and Control / Pitched Battle vs. Richard Miller [Black Templars]

Richard was using an unusual Black Templar army, there wasn’t the usual large number of tank hunting terminators with cyclones or large volumes of marines, but there were two Landraiders though *groan*. A crusader filled with combat assault Terminators and the Emperor’s champion and a God Hammer with a 5 man troop squad inside. He also had two las / auto cannon predators, two Landspeeders and a couple of foot slogging five man marine squads. It was quite a shooty army for Blank Templars with all the combat punch coming at me in the Landraider. The key would be to get the Swarmlord and some Genestealers into combat with Terminators.

The God Hammer deployed on his objective, the Crusader on my right flank. The presence of a large building just outside my deployment zone shielded the majority of my force, however a unit of Hive Guard had to weather two turns of firing. Dozens of Las Cannon shots, Crack Missiles, Heavy Bolter and Autocannon shots ripped into the three man unit and remarkable over the two turns they only took 3 wound between them. During this time the Crusader had advanced across the board. In my turn two the Genestealer horde arrived, one of the right flank head straight for one of Richard's deckchair units that had arrived in reserve and deployed a little close to the edge of the board. Meanwhile the other 2 units appeared on my left flank and headed towards his objective and Predator tanks. However more worrying was the Landraider full of Terminator nastiness heading towards my objective. The Swarmlord charged into the Landraider and successfully ripped open the armour transport, spilling Terminators and the Emperor’s champion onto the board. Richard’s deckchair unit didn’t fair too well, 14 Genestealer pulled them apart in short order and consolidated into cover to prepare for the inevitable backlash from the nearby squads and landspeeders.

In his turn three Richard charged his combat unit, he multi-charged the Swarmlord and two large units of Gaunts that surrounded him, this wasn’t going to go well. Although the Swarmlord managed to kill two Terminators quickly (even storm shields struggle when all successful saves have to be re-tested), the remaining squad members took a bloody toll on the Gaunts and in the end I lost combat by over 10. The resulting combat resolution no retreat wounds finished off both Gaunt squads as well as killing the Tyrant Guard, luckily the Swarmlord only took a couple of wounds. During my turn the Genestealers continued their advance through Richard’s armour. On the right flank the Genestealer squad charged and killed the Landspeeder whose heavy flamer had killed several of them in his turn, on the opposite flank a Predator was also torn apart by weight of numbers. The Tyranids were getting the edge provided I could deal with the Terminator unit. Luckily the Swarmlord came good, killing the remaining three members of the Terminator Assault squad, only the Emperor’s Champion remained.

The noose tightened around the Black Templars, by the start of turn four they had a couple of vehicles and squads remaining, however one was still the Godhammer sitting on his objective with a troops choice inside, I needed to get a monstrous creature to it if I wanted to destroy it and its content. In Richard’s assault phase the Swarmlord killed the Emperor’s Champion in a single blow, freeing him up to head towards the other Landraider. Genestealer continued to pull down squads and landspeeders as they headed for the centre of his deployment zone and his objective. The Swarmlord charged the last predator and took it’s firepower out of the equation, but was now dangerously low on wounds.

In turn five Richard fire the Godhammer and killed the Swarmlord, who had been caught in the open after the Predator exploded. This left only the Tervigon capable of penetrating the Landraider, or the Hive Guard glancing it to death. It was unlikely that the Tervigon was going to make it across the board in time, so the Genestealers assaulted the Landraider just to get close enough to the objective at its centre to contest his objective and so it ended 1 – 0 on objectives to me.

Result: WIN 19 - 1

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  1. I played Neil's Deamons in game 5 and man that was a hard game - 1st time ever vs Deamon Cav build and Fatewaever.

    Would of been a draw but i fluffed a charge at the end to drag a uni of plague bearers of an objective - D'oh!