Saturday, 31 March 2012

UK 40k GT - Games 3 & 4

Game 3: Capture and Control / Pitched Battle vs. Luke Nurser [Necrons]

Holy crap! Having scored 39/40 for my first two games I found myself on unfamiliar territory, Table 2!! I was also facing Necrons which I’ve had very little experience against. A couple of matches against them at Decimation had taught me that Scarab Swarms can hurt on attacks alone, and Wraiths are hard!

Luke’s army didn’t feature any wraiths, but did have two 5 base units of Scarabs. It featured the usual three Annihilation Barges (the New Hydra auto included it seems), 2 Lords on Barges a couple of small warriors squads with Crypteks and a couple of Necron walker things. This is quickly becoming the standard army list the Necrons use, certainly the 5 barges was a feature in almost every Necron army at the tournament.

Not knowing how to deal with Necron cost me badly on this mission. There were a few unlucky fleet rolls by myself which prevented Genestealers from charging the Scarab bases, and meant that they got to charge me. I did manage to devise a fairly simple way to destroy the Lords without having to deal with the Mindshackle scarabs. Surrounding the Command Barges with Genestealer and destroying them mean that due to the small base and hull size of the command barge there is nowhere for the Lord to deploy to. There was also some fairly bad tactical decisions in this game. The Swarmlord was caught in the open after destroying a small unit of Necrons, the combined fire from Str8 AP1 staffs from Crypteks, Anniliation Barges and the Walkers making all further shot twin linked and he was overwhelmed and killed. To be honest it was a pretty horrid game from my point of view, nothing to do with my opponent, who I joked with quite a lot during the game and enjoyed playing against, but more to do with an inability to roll many successes when I needed them. The Hive Guard had no luck in the game at all, only managing to immobilize a single Annihilation Barge all game before dying. The only slight ray of hope was the late arrival of one of my packs of Genestealers, who despite outflanking chose to come on close to my board edge in order to try to retake my own objective. In the end, although they managed to kill the Necron Lord on my objective I was powerless to stop an Annihilation Barge from flying up and contesting my object. His own objective was never really under threat as it quickly become clear I couldn’t get to it and the majority of my reserves were being used to bolster and defend my own objective. From Turn 3 onwards I was playing for the draw, and failed.

Result: LOSS 3 – 17

Game 4: Annihilation / Spearhead vs. Simon Edwads [Necrons]

Start of day two and the slide from Table 2 was well on its way, and I faced another Necron army. A fairly similar army to my previous game it featured a Lord on an Barge, three Annihilation Barges, two units of Scarabs, however this one also included a Destroyer Lord and 6 wraiths. He kept all his Crypteks in a single unit, which I was actually please with an it limited the power of all the Str 8 shots from their staffs. There was a few learning I took from the first game, I was determine to not let the Command Barge get amongst my battle lines and this proved successful when the Hive Guard shot the approaching vehicle down unceremoniousl. However the Destroyer Lord and Wraiths were closing fast. The wraiths slit off from the Lord and headed toward the Hive Guard, whilst the Lord and Destroyer Lord both charged the Swarmlord, who promptly failed his mindshackle test and killed his own Tyrant Guard :(  TheWraiths plowed through the Hive Gaurd and headed towards the Tervigon. In the following assauslt phase the Swarmlord tapped out the Necron Lord but despite getting two hits failed to wound the Destroyer Lord on a 4+. This happened again the following turn and finally in the fourth turn of combat the Destroyer Lord finally killed my HQ. The Wraiths meanwhile had murdered their way through my Tervigon and second Hive Guard unit. When the Genestealers did arrive it was fairly obvious I wasn't going to win, or even draw this game and so they just went to ground to try to prevent being tabled. As it was at the end of the (which didn't finish till turn 7) I only had 10 Genestealers left on the table. Not Good.

Result: LOSS 1 - 19

Someone told me Tyranids are meant to be a bad matchup for Necrons? I'm clearly not playing them well as I really struggled in these two games. Any advice for future matchups is welcome, I think Necrons will be a feature in more tourmaments to come.  

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  1. Might be worth getting your stealers on the table from the outset - you seemed to have had the bad luck to get them late, and not have anything good you could do with them.

    Aren't necrons horribly vulnerable to psychic attacks? A broodlord in with the stealers could be quite effective.

    -- Medains

    Also, were you having problems with them getting up again ? Apparently you can do something with your followup movement to deny the necron player the space to stand up in, and thus block reanimation. They have to be in coherency with the remaining models from their squad (and not just coherency after they've all stood up either - each reanimation has to be coherent with one of the survivors), and more than an inch from an enemy.