Monday, 9 April 2012

First Wolf battle for War of Roses Practise.

Ok so I tried my Space Wolves out against Bennett from damn dice blog, my partner in a future doubles tournament too. We were both using Space Wolves, but Bennett's was a lot more close combat than mine. I modified my slightly as the last minute to be ;-
Rune Priest - Jaws of the World Wolf, Living Lightning
Rune Priest - Jaws of the World Wolf, Murdurous Hurricane
5 Grey Hunters - Meltagun, Razorback with Heavy Bolter
5 Grey Hunters - Meltagun, Razorback with Twin Assault Cannon
7 Grey Hunters - Meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen, Wolf Standard, Rhino
7 Grey Hunters - Flamer, Mark of the Wulfen, Wolf Standard, Rhino
6 Long Fangs - 4 Missile Launchers, Lascannon, Razorback with Las/Plas
6 Long Fangs - 4 Missile Launchers, Lascannon, Razorback with Las/Plas
5 Long Fangs - 3 Missile Launchers, Lascannon, Razorback with Las/Plas
Lone Wolf in Terminator Armour - Chainfirst, Stormshield
Lone Wolf in Terminator Armour - Chainfirst, Stormshield
Wolf Guard - 2 in Power Armour with Power Fists,
                   3 in Power Armour with Combimeltas,
                   1 in Terminator armour  with Cyclone Missile Launcher

I figured if I was going to go shooty I really should have 3 Long Fang packs, but I don't own enough missile launchers so I'm forced to add in the Las Cannons and mess with their sizes.

As mentioned Bennett was using a more combat orientated army from memory it was ;-
Wolf Lord - Bike, Wolf Claw, 2+ armour, storm sheild
Rune Priest (no idea what powers he had, he never used them)
7 Grey Hunters - Meltagun, Rhino
7 Grey Hunters - Meltagun, Rhino
7 Grey Hunters - Meltagun, Rhino
5 Grey Hunters - Metlagun,  Razorback with Las/Plas
5 Grey Hunters - Metlagun,  Razorback with Las/Plas
5 Long Fangs - 2 Missile, 2 Lascannon
5 Long Fangs - 2 Missile, 2 Lascannon
6 Longs Fangs - 2 Metla, 3 Plasma Canon
Lone Wolf in Terminator Armour - Chainfirst, Stormshield
Wolf Guard - 5 in Power Armour with Power Fists and Combi Meltas

 We were playing one of the Missiles from the pack, it's rather an odd one for the secondary objective.

Primary objective: SEIZE GROUND (5 counters)
Secondary objective: ANNIHILATION modified as follows: both players starts with 2 Game Points. For each killpoint in advance, the leading player adds one Game Point, and the other one subtracts one Game Point, up to a maximum of 2 added / 2 subtracted Game Points.

I won the roll and chose to go first, hoping to do enough damage to blunt any attack. Now I think I made my first mistake and spread out a little too thin. I deployed my Long Fangs in terrain, vehicles supporting them and Lone Wolves ready to charge up the centre of the board. Given that three of the objectives are on my extreme left flank I should have probably deployed the Long Fangs on my right flank on the extreme left on the hill at the top of the picture. They'd have no cover but could bring more firepower onto the objectives.
Bennett loaded his right flank (top of photo) with a lot of his combat potential. Two rhino and a razor back of Grey Hunters. His Long Fangs actually deploy on his left flank, which I think was his mistake.

There wasn't a huge amount of movement from me in turn one. My Rhino with Rune Priest drove up to the building in front of him and popped smoke. On my right flank the two Razorbacks advanced, one to get a better shot the other heading towards the objective. The firing phase should have been my phase, but some poor dice and probably some poor target priority cost me. I shook the front Rhino so it couldn't move or fire and wrecked the Razorback behind it, good start. My Long Fangs took on his Long Fangs and managed to kill two from the centre squad and three from one of the squads in the wood on my right flank. The remaining two men we out of coherency. Given the odd kill point mission I should probably have concentrated on his vehicles to get ahead on kill points.

In Bennett's turn his he advanced his Rhino across the board concentrating on my flank. His Lord turbo boosted down the board and took up position just out of sight of the photo on the extreme left. His firing wasn't overly strong, his Long Fangs managed to kill the Razorback with Assault Cannons on my right flank.
For the secondary we realised it was 2 - 3 on kill points as our Lone Wolves were already giving away their kill points, it's not a good mission for them.

I had to put Bennett down in this turn otherwise his combat troops would be all over me. I drove my Heavy Bolter Razorback to his Lord and disembarked. I was hoping that two melta, four rapid firing bolters and the heavy bolter could do some damage. I also advanced my rhino into the gap between the bunker and the ruin, to try to stop the advance. My firing wasn't very effective. I did take two wounds off his Lord but failed to stop much else. Two melta gun shots from the rhino failed to pop a rhino and his Long Fangs made a lot of cover saves. All I could was bite my nails and wait for his turn.

Bennett's wolves got out of their vehicles and prepared to assault. They cracked open the rhino with Melta and then assaulted the pack inside, the combination of Wulfen, Banner, Priest and Powerfirst meant the guys did account for themselves, but against 16 Grey hunters with two fists they were wiped out. Another of my small Grey Hunter packs were jumped by another of Bennett's larger squads.
It must be pointed out that one of the most deadly units in my army in this turn was that wreck of a rhino. It accounted for 3 of the Grey Hunters as they attempted to cross it's dangerous terrain to get their hands on the Hunters.
Things weren't going well, I sent my Lone Wolves into the area to charge. The Six man Grey Hunter squad was targeted by Long Fangs and lost 3 of their number before being charged by a Lone Wolf. A seven man unit managed to avoid a lot of the fire power poured into them and the second Lone Wolf charged the six remaining Hunters. Sadly I couldn't manage to make 2+ save with a 4+ feel no pain and both died.  For his turn Bennett mostly tidied up. He finished off my Grey Hunters on the far left and manoeuvred his remaining units. His Lone Wolf managed to pop open my Rhino and the squad was forced out. They charge around the corner into a three man remaining unit killing two of them (without activating their banner) Mean while Bennett's lord on bike continued his rampage down my battle line, he charged his second unit of Long Fangs, but this one contain the Terminator Wolf Guard who ended his rampage with a power fist to the face.
Bennett charge 3 three more Grey Hunters and his Lone Wolf into my unit, who popped their banner and killed all the Grey Hunters for now loss. They were fighting on an objective and it looked like I might be able to pull a draw from the game, as a Razorback shot up and contested Bennett's second objective, but it wasn't to be. My unit was broken from combat by the Lone Wolf and fled off the objective as the game ended. It was 1 - 0 on objectives and a clear 4 - 0 to Bennett on the odd kill point mission,as I'd never managed to get the lead on kill points.

Not my greatest first game, some tactical errors and I'm not sure the army list is quite right. I think if I'm going to go shooty I'll go shooty. Drop a Rune Priest, Lone Wolf and lower the Grey Hunters down to 5 mans so I can get a 5th Troops choice in and some Typhoon Speeders for more firepower. I'm also thinking of swapping a couple of Las / Plas for twin linked Las Cannon to make them a little more reliable. Thoughts and comments always welcome. Hopefully I'll get one more practise game in down in Portsmouth at the weekend before I have to submit an army list. 


  1. Was a really good game! Good to practise a decent list that somehow I have come up with. Seems to have taken me long enough! lol

  2. I would caution against going "full shooty" as often such armies have real difficulties taking units off objectives when they're in cover. If a unit of 10 Guardsmen goes to ground for a 3++ it takes a massively disproportionate amount of non-flamer shooting to take them out, so having at least one 10-man GH squad with banner/wulfen who can sweep objectives of depleted units is nice to have.