Sunday, 22 April 2012

Team Tournament

So whilst I'm still painting the Space Wolves ready for War of the Roses in a couple of weeks I've also been on a signing up spree, couple of solo tournaments (Northern Warlords and Warpquake), but I've also signed up for a team tournament in September. The team is made up of Gill , Bennett and Dan. Otherwise known as Team Garrison (that name is actually still be confirm, although I kinda like an alternative I thought of "Team Name Pending"

Any given the timing of the tournament a lot of things will hopefully have changed. We'll have the 6th Edition of the rules (depending on the release will determine if we play it) and Chaos Space Marines may even have been re-codexed. So hopefully by the time we go along homepfully I'll be using the new book on the block and can return to my beloved Chaos Space Marines.

For those of you not aware of team tournaments, this one isn't just a team of people who's solo game scores are added together for a team score, it runs more along the lines of the ETC. So teams take it turns to 'put up' an army which their opponent team get to pick an army to play it. This meas that you need a couple of armies which are strong defensive armies who's job it is to try to scrape points from a game that's stacked against them since their opponent was picked to specfically beat up on them. It also mean there are hunter or prey armies whose job it is to go for max points against an opponent which is meant to be a good match up. To be honest I'm a little worried as if I'm a hunter I'm expected to get 18+ points for the team.

Anyway it's all up in the air till we see if CSM are re-codex'ed and what affect 6th Edition has on the game, but I'm looking forward to it.

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  1. Yes it is up to you to table your opponent each time! Because I will have no chance in hell of doing it LOL.