Saturday, 21 July 2012

My initial 6th edition army .... pending next week's white dwarf

I've two 6th edition tournaments coming up at the end of September, the Northern Warlords and the Team tournament at Maelstrom. For the moment I'm going with Black Templar, unless next week's White Dwarf reveals a re-codex of the Chaos Space Marines. If my beloved Chaos Space Marines do receive a refresh I'll look to move to them, CSM were always my first love and I'd love to be able to bring back the boys from the Eye if they turn out to be competitive. Anyway, until I know differently it's Black Templars, I'm sure I could get my Space Wolves to work, but since Bennett will be using them in the team tournament, I figure i should use BT in both tournaments. My initial thoughts are;-

HQ1: Emperor's Champion (90), Abhor the Witch (20)  - 110pts
HQ2: Marshal (80),  Terminator Armour (25),Adamantine Mantle (35), Chainfist (30), Stormshield (15), Tank Hunter (3) - 188pts
HQ3: Sword Brethren Terminator Command Squad, 5 Terminators (200), 2 Cyclone Missile Launchers (50) Tank Hunter(15) - 265pts
HQ4: Reclusiarch (95), Terminator Armour (25), Storm Shield (15), 2 Cenobyte Servitors (20) - 155pts
Elite1: Sword Brethren Terminator Squad, 5 Terminators (200), 2 Assault Cannons (40), Tank Hunters (15) - 255pts
Elite2: Sword Brethren Terminator Squad, 5 Terminators (200), 2 Assault Cannons (40), Tank Hunters (15) - 255pts
Elite3:  Sword Brethren Terminator Assault Squad, 8 Terminators (320) - 320pts
Troop1: Crusader Squad, 5 Initiates (80), Plasma Gun (6) - 86pts
Troop2: Crusader Squad, 5 Initiates (80), Plasma Gun (6) - 86pts
Troop3: Crusader Squad, 5 Initiates (80), Plasma Gun (6) - 86pts

TOTAL 1806   (I've still got a few points to play with)

Now Skcuzzlebumm has gone into a lot of details of the benefits of Assault Cannons in 6th edition, especially when combined with Tank Hunter for AP re-rolls, you can find his blog entry here. I've opted to keep one unit of Cyclones for a little longer range sniping. Krak missiles (even if they're only Str8 for us now) are still good for taking out or slowing down AV10 - 12 vehicles, and will quickly remove all the hull points when 4 are fired at the same time.

I'm trying a couple of new things for this list, the Reclusiarch joins the Assault Terminators along with the Emperor's Champion, by placing the Reclusiarch out front he can use his Shield or Terminator saves on incoming shots, the first he fails will be look out sir'ed onto a servitor, which also has the added advantage of allowing the squad to move forward D6", rerollable due to the seals carried by the Champion. I'm hoping this combined with the free move before turn 1 (assuming the enemy has a Psyker) will negate the footslogging of this furious close combat unit. Plus assuming we charge, we get to reroll hits (the closest we'll get to preferred enemy now *sad face*).

I'm a little concerned with only having three small scoring units, there's a lot of emphasis on scoring units in the 6th edition missions, so I'll have to be careful to protect them during the game.

So people thoughts? comments? improvements? I've only played one game of 6th edition so far so I'm happy to receive comments from people who've played more.


  1. So Templars.... ;-)

    Nice list dude, plenty of shooting and an nice big assault unit to give some punch.

    I would say from bitter experience though that 3 footslogging troop choices in 1850 is far to easy meat for opponents. More so in 6th as with the changes to reserves they are more likely to come on sooner when you don't want them (assume you are reserving them as deploying on the board means they get shot up straight away).

    I'd defo consider moving some points around to get Rhino's for them. Gives a little extra protection and also gives them mobility to get to up field objectives.

    Another change i'd make is to switch the CML's in the Command Squad for the Assault Cannons out of one of the Elite squads. That way you still have the CML's, but their long range isn't made a little moot by having a beat stick Marshall you want to get close and into assault. That way the CML unit can be a babysitter for the Troop choices.

    Lastly I wouldn't bother with the Storm Shield on the Reclusiarch, he already has a 4+ Inv, just let the Terminators take incoming saves. Instead you should really give him Artificer Armour as 2+ saves in challenges is going to be a big thing in 6th.

    Thats my thoughts at least.

  2. I had given him Terminator Armour but with th 4+ save already in place it's cheaper giving him Artificer armour.

    Good idea with the distrubution of the weapons, hadn't reallly thought that one through.

    Rhinos for them all could be tricky especially since we still pay 50pts for them :( but I should be able to get a couple in possibly, or go with the cheaper drop pods

  3. Just something I picked up on about your Chaplain, are you taking look out sir rolls before or after your armour saves? If you doing it after the chaplain saves you're doing it the wrong way round.

    1. Yeah I wasn't sure of this, the rulebook says something like if an IC is allocated a wound or unsaved wound he can Look Out Sir, which seemed to imply he made the armour save then if he failed could transfer the wound to another model, it seemed a little counter intuative, but I wasn't sure if that was correct. Does mean I may scale back on the Chaplins Stormshield and just hide him behind the Storm Shields of the Terminators. Keep one Servitor out front to take the first shot and allow the D6" forward move.

      Its the subtle rule interptretations I need to try to master before the first of my tournaments.


  4. I think the confusion comes from the word "unsaved" which has been put into the LoS description for the shooting phase but not for assault phase. The theory is still sound though mate if you can get an IC out front with a 2+ save and then just LoS any AP1 or 2 hits onto a storm shield, it also gives you the option to stick a nasty hit onto something like a Servitor in order to get an easy zeal move.