Thursday, 5 July 2012

Which army to use

So 6th edition is here and the world has changed. Flyers are here, vehicles have been nerfed and close combat has changed. What I need to do is pick which of armies I'll start to use first.

Chaos Space Marine (World Eaters):- sadly 6th did little to lift my favourite army from its current funk. Beserkers got worse with the loss of their +1 I on the charge. There may still be a viable Plague Marine army out there as the jury is still out if FNP was buffed or nerfed, but I'd rather not swap to them so I'm thinking I'll wait for a new codex before dusting these off. Hopefully not to long a wait.

Tyranids:- the hive mind also took a kicking, with null deployment now impossible and Geneatealers unable to assault from out flank, it's not good to be a mid. They also have no means to take out flyers. No skyfire guns and they can't crew emplacements so they always fire at the closest target and not the flyer. I think I'll leave them for a while to see where the meta is going with flyers.

So this leaves my more recent armies of Black Templars and Space Wolves. The Wolves had some changes, their Razorbacks are more brittle and you can't charge from rhinos as easily, but I'm liking Wolf Guard armed with a cyclone being able to snipe their choice of target on natural 6, and mass long fangs may still be the answer to flyers, especially if they do get the new flak missiles. Black Templars cows may have been nerfed slightly, but adding in a priest for your third HQ would over come the lack of preferred enemy as well as a couple of wounds to help drive them forward, meaning they may not need the land raider.
I've got two tournaments at the end of September which are my first under 6th edition so I've got make the call by then.

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