Saturday, 13 October 2012

Crisis of Faith

I think it's fair to say I've lost my mojo (what mojo I had ) with 40k since 6th edition. Despite the slightly tongue in cheek name of the blog towards the end of 5th I was doing fairly ok at tournaments. Ok so the top 20 people on rankings had nothing to worry about, but I was usually finishing in the top half of the tables and even picked up a third place at Decimation.
Since 6th has come out I've really struggled to find my feet. To date I've won only 4 games of Warhammer since they changed the rules, and that includes 12 tournament games as well as probably another dozen friendly games at Garrison.
I've used Black Templar and Vanilla Marines so far with little success, so i was hoping that the new Chaos Space Marine codex would renew my love of the game........ oh dear.
It's not that the codex is a poor codex, it just seems to be a poor codex for competitive builds. There are no easy choice auto include units like the Wraith, Annihilation barges, Hydra (before they got nerf'ed). Most stuff seems fairly priced, if a little over priced in some cases. So it doesn't leap out as being that brilliant for the tournament scene. Anyway, Chaos Space Marines were always my favourite army so I'm going to give them a run out for a while to see if I can get a handle on them, I'd just like to start winning a few games, so I can at least return to Mid Table Obscurity instead of actually thinking I may pick up the wooden spoon at a tournament.

As far as CSM go, I've got two legions, Iron Warriors and World Eaters. I fell in love with the Iron Warriors after reading Storm of Iron, if anyone hasn't read that book I can't recommend it enough. So they are what I'm trying first. For me Iron Warriors says guns, lots of them. So I skimmed the codex for possible shooty units. Obliterators still don't seem that good, for 76pts you can get them T5 to minimise instant death, but I'm not convinced. The new Forgefiends look ok, quite a lot of points for an AV12 vehicle, and in the current meta vehicles seem to be on the way out, but I'll give them a go. The Helldrake seems to be a good counter to the flyers, not only can it vector strike one at Str7 but it's also got a Str8 Heavy4 gun. Troops is where I'm struggling. Simply taking 10man units of CSM bring a terrible recollection of my vanilla marine army which really didn't do well, so I need something with more punch. I'm thinking Noise Marines. Their salvo 2/3 guns means as long as I don't move they can pour out more shots than the humble bolter. Add in a psychic power which can increase their strength against a target unit and they should do ok.  

My initial game with Iron Warriors with Noise marines didn't go well, I was facing a Guard / Marine combo with a lot of Terminators (20 of them) and despite pouring fire into them the assault terminators got into my battle lines and chewed me up badly. However I'm careful not to over fit an army to a single opponent based on a bad game, so I'm giving them a little tweak and sticking with it. The army is ;-

Chaos Lord - Mark of Slaanesh, Burning Brand of Skalathraz, Jump Pack, Aura of Dark Glory, Power  Weapon, Gift of Mutation.
Chaos Sorcerer - Mark of Slaanesh, Lvl3 Sorcerer, Aura of Dark Glory (WARLORD)
10 Noise Marines - 8 Sonic Blasters, Blastmaster, Doom Siren
10 Noise Marines - 8 Sonic Blasters, Blastmaster, Doom Siren
7 Noise Marines - Doom Siren, Close Combat weapon
7 Noise Marines - Doom Siren, Close Combat weapon
Helldrake - Hades Autocannon
Forge Fiend - 2x Hades Autocannon
Forge Fiend - 3 x Ectoplasma Cannons
Aegis Defense Line

The basic premise is the defence line is used to create a castle, ideally with one or two objective inside or very close. The 10 man Noise Marines camp inside along with the Forgefiends. Hopefully ranging onto a couple  of other objective. The Sorcerer can curse a unit to give +1 strength to sonic weapons to aid the killing and big units blaze away. The two smaller units a meant to range ahead to capture objective once the main guns have hosed them clear. It's a fairly stationary army.

The one game I've played highlighted a couple of issues, I lacked the long range firepower to pop large tanks, the guard Leman Russ didn't die all game and I struggle with 2+ armour as they'll still save a lot of my shots. I want to get a couple more games in before I give up on it totally, but the more I think about it the more I think it will struggle against some of the 6th edition armies I've faced so far, 18 Wraiths, Daemons, Forge world gun emplacement spam.

It's also an army that I need to paint almost every model for, so once again I'm going to find myself paint most evenings, just this time I'd love to find out that the effort has been worth it and I've a good playable army at the end, unlike my recent experiences with Marines.

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  1. I think you need to give things a good few games to bed in. Personally I perciver with a list for a good while before canning it and changing things. Reason been is it always takes time to get the most out of any list. Very few are such that you can just pick up and gain results from. This is even more so in 6th. New rules and unknown meta are causing head aches for eveyone dude. Not just yourself.

    If you like the list, stick with it and it will start to work. Plus the harder you have to work at getting it to click, the more satisfying it is in the long run.

    Trust me... I am playing with Space Marine bikes!