Sunday, 21 October 2012

The return of the crutch!

Another day, another attempt to create an army to take to the GT heat 3 in a month's time. One thing I have realised is that I simply don't play enough 40k games to practise stuff. I get maybe one game a week at Garrison if I'm lucky, and very little else. So I haven't really had a whole lot of chance to experiment with stuff. What I have learnt so far is ;-

Noise Marines are very shooty
Thousand Sons are too expensive as they still die like Marines but cost almost twice as much.
Some of the Chaos Warlord traits are nice.
Being a daemon doesn't save the Daemon engines and they still die fairly easily.

Now in my latest game against a Bennett's drop pod wolves he's trying out for his GT heat army (I won't spoil the fun, but ouch, he's come up with a nasty trick), I happened to roll Black Crusade. All my units (within 12" of the warlord) get Preferred Enemy against Space Marines units, now this is all my units, even a vehicle if its within 12" of the warlord, and all his units, including his vehicles. Even though I lost the game against Bennett, this trait did prove really tasty. It made the noise marines shootier and when charged by Grey Hunters the CSM were a little better equipped to deal with them. This got me thinking. One of the nice touches in the new codex is that certain special characters have locked in warlord traits. They are forced to take a particular one rather than roll. This removes one of the annoying random elements from the game. It also means the return of a previous used crutch,
Abaddon the despolier!

From the games I've played the standard 10 CSM units with twin plasma and Veterans of the Long war are pretty good troop choices. What's not to like about 10 power armoured men for 180pts. So they will form the core of the army. Abaddon also makes chosen troop choices rather than elite. You're paying a couple of extra points per man over normal marines but getting as standard +1 Ld, CC weapons and +1A on the profile. Throw in a Mark of Khorne and a Banner of Wrath and you've got what Khorne Beserkers probably should be. Plus you can equip up to 4 of them with power weapons. Team them up with Abaddon as his bodyguard and that's a fairly nasty beat stick.

For anti tank and fire support I fell back on some old friends too, Obliterators. Giving them mark of Nurgle makes them T5 and stops every missile launcher on the board from double tapping them. They have to swap weapons each turn but now with access to Assault Cannons means they've a good mid range anti infantry weapon, add in the long range Las Cannon or the punishingly nasty twin linked plasma guns rapid firing and you've tools for most units.

Finally I added in 5 Raptors with 2 melta guns, partially cos I like them as a small tank hunting unit, but also because I love the conversions I made for them.

So the final force looks like

Abaddon                             265
18 Choosen, Mark of Khorne, Powerfist, Gift of Mutation, Icon of Wrath 3 x Power Swords          460
10 CSM 2 Plasma Guns, Melta Bomb, Veterans of the Long War 185
10 CSM 2 Plasma Guns, Melta Bomb, Veterans of the Long War 185
10 CSM 2 Plasma Guns, Veterans of the Long War            180
2 Obliterators, Mark of Nurgle   152

2 Obliterators, Mark of Nurgle   152
2 Obliterators, Mark of Nurgle   152
5 Raptors, 2 Meltaguns  115

It's a little vulnerable to flyers, but with Str6 Assault Cannons and possibly preferred enemy against SM flyers I'm hoping the Obliterators can down them. The other advantage with this force is I don't need to paint a whole lot in the next 4 weeks, unlike some of my previous Noise Marine heavy variants.

As always I welcome comments from my fellow gamers, especially those who've had more practise with CSM in case I've missed something.  I'll leave you with some pictures of my Raptor conversions (note these were made in 5th edition and so we before the new kits).


  1. Hi Peter, those Raptor conversions look really good

    If you fancy a game against some Necrons on a wednesday evening at some point soon then let me know as I dont have any planned over the next few weeks

  2. I'm free this week if you're interested. Would be nice to see how well it fairs against a Necron army.

  3. Sounds good to me, how many points?

  4. 1850? Give me some practise for my next tournament, cos god knows I need it

  5. That's fine by me, I should be there for about 6:30is so will see you on wednesday

  6. If you ever fancy a game against me you could pop down to guppies on Monday.