Monday, 26 November 2012

40 games of 40K - 2013

I’m formulating an odd plan for the start of 2013 and my 40k gaming. It’s to play 40 Games of 40k using the same codex in the first half of 2013. Over the 40 Games I must try using every unit or special character in the codex.  The games only count if they are detailed in a blog write-up. This will hopefully encourage me to play more game as well as getting a lot of practise with the Tyranids. It will hopefully mean more content on the blog and some useful tips and tactics for other Tyranid player. My hope is also that people leave comments around other tactics that I might want to try out as well as agreeing with just how terrible the Pyrovore is.

Some of these games will be from tournament I’m attending in the first half of 2013 (Caledonia Uprising, Adepticon, Vapnatak and the GT final), I’ll probably not use some of the more odd units as I’ll want a vaguely competitive army (so no Pyrovores at Adepticon.), but I hope to mix it up a little, whilst the remaining will be more friendly games at Garrison and friend’s houses. There may be a little bit of proxy’ing of some of the worst models as I don’t really fancy buying some models which I’ll never use again.

Still looking to get a good format on how to write up battle reports. Turn by turn write ups take a lot of time and also rely on my memory recalling exactly what happened in each turn. I’m thinking I’ll go with a more summary based report, but also spend a little time in the wrap up discussing a unit which has been used for the first time. I’d also like to cover any tactics I’d used which work and tactics that didn’t and draw out any mistakes I made or changes I’d make with the wonders of hindsight. 

So starting on 1st Jan I give you 

40 Games of 40K (in 6 month)  

(ok so the banner needs some work) 

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