Sunday, 4 November 2012

Blog Wars / GT Qualifier

In the next month I've a couple of tournaments, first off there's the GT qualifier. To be honest I don't hold out much hope for this as I'm still really struggling to put in a consistent performance in 6th edition. The new Chaos Space Marine Codex is nice but I'm not sure there's a competitive build in it, outside of using mark of Nurgle and Epidemus, which I really don't want to do.There are some nice units, Noise Marines seem fun and make good objective guards as they put out a lot of shots when stationary. Havoks with Autocannons have a good rate of fire too. The humble Chaos Space Marine squad isn't too bad, they've got several options and are pretty flexible. I think what the codex lacks is the single punch unit, or in other words the broken unit that GW included. Now if all future codexs are written like this then in 5 years time 40K might be back to being a game about tactics, skill and a little bit of luck. At the moment it's rock, scissors, stone. You have Guard manticore behind aegis lines, I have 6 Necron flyer. You have Tzeentch Daemon spam, I have 18 wraith. Its gotten to a point where we may as well just submit armies lists then all vote on who won the tournaments. But I digress.

I've got to settle on an army, if only so I can get it all painted. So in the end I've opted for the following.

Lucius the Eternal - Doom Siren, Power Sword, Lash of Torrment
Sorcerer - Lv3, Mark of Slaneesh, Aura of Dark Glory, Spell Familiar
Noise Marines -15 Noise Marines with Sonic Blasters, BlastMaster, Doom Siren, Icon of Excess
CSM - 10 CSM 2 Plasma Guns, Melta Bomb, Veterans of the Long War
CSM - 10 CSM 2 Plasma Guns, Melta Bomb, Veterans of the Long War
CSM - 10 CSM 2 Plasma Guns, Melta Bomb, Veterans of the Long War
Havoks - 5 Havoks, 4 Autocannons, Veteran of the Long War
Havoks - 5 Havoks, 4 Autocannons, Veteran of the Long War
Obliterators - 3 Obliterators, Mark of Nurgle, Veterans of Long War
Aegis Defense Line - Quad Gun

The Noise Marines joined by the sorcerer are the home defenders. With 40 shots at 24" per round (possibly strength 5 too) they can hold their own on an objective. They're feel no pain too which should make shifting them tricky.

The Chaos Space Marines advance slowly, looking to take mid table objectives. Lucius joins on of them to make them fearless too. 

Havoks and Obliterators take care of the armour. The Havoks hopefully have enough shots to give a flyer pause for thought even if they don't have skyfire. If not the quad gun can see off a flyer too. 

So there it is, the final army from the Chaos Space Marine codex. I've got 15 noise marines to paint as Iron Warriors in two weeks and I'm ready. Do i think I'll qualify for the GT final, Nope. There's not enough tricks in the CSM book and I'm guessing the top 50% of the qualifiers will be all Daemons, Necron, Guard and Dark Eldar. They seem to have all the tricks at the moment and win all tournaments. 

What will I struggle against ...... 
Daemons - (who doesn't until GW fix them), with no mech to hide in the screamers and flamers will simply walk all over me.
AirCron - I can handle 1 or 2 flyers, not 6
Vendetta Spam - See above, plus manticores
the list does go on,

Still I'm hoping that Blog Wars is a little more friendly and a little less copy and paste spam, we'll have to see, the couple of army lists I've seen posted on blogs for people going to it don't fill me with confidence though.

My only aim it Mid-Table Obscurity........


  1. Looks like a very impressive list, if you want to test it out against some Necron flyers again at any point then just let me know

  2. Why have you got so many veterans of the long on you're heavy weapon squads? Also where's the bikers or spawn they're both very good! But your havocs are built like mine so there good

  3. Raises the chance of them running from a couple of casualties from 1/6 to 1/13, had a group run off the board after loosing 2 men in one practise game and I figured for 5 points it was worth it :) I realise that Spawn and Bikers are probably the way to go and I may look to add in some spawn at some point, just not sure yet and I was hoping to keep the Iron Warriors theme for a while.

  4. Why not make some robotic spawn that would look cool