Friday, 16 November 2012

The new look Tyranids

So this weekend sees my participation in the GT2013 qualifier heat, followed by Blog Wars IV a fortnight after. I personally don't hold out much hope for qualifying for the GT final, I'm struggling with 40k at the moment. I'm at least hoping for 2-3 wins and 4-5 nice, fun games. I expect to have at least 1 game against some form of Forge World spam where all I do is shovel my army off the board, but if the rest of the games are fun it won't be a wasted weekend.

It's my first time at Blog Wars and I'm led to believe its a slightly more friendly one day event. I've ended up taking the same army to both tournaments, but this is more because I don't think it's a A* Net List which would be out of place at a friendlier tournament.

So anyway, the army list. I didn't want to over think the army list, I think that was probably the mistake with the Space Marine lists, I took units I knew were powerful, models I like the look of (I really love my Tervigon conversion) and Psykers. Divination is a strong psychic power deck, but Tyranids don't get access to it, however Biomancy is a tricksy deck. Knocking people's toughness down to T3 ot T2 helps with the gaunts firing and CC, but it can also be used to reduce T5 or T6 models to T4 or even T3 where Impaler cannons can tap them out. There's a nasty trick of reducing a unit down to T1 if you've enough Enfeebles and slap a Haemorage, or the extreme version is to drop it to 0 and just remove the whole unit. Massive 40 man IG blob on your objective, slap three enfeebles on them and just watch as the whole unit keels over dead. I just want to pull that off once in one of these two tournaments, it would be hilarious.

The army list is;-

HQ1: Flying Hive Tyrant with 2 twin linked devourers - 260pts

HQ2: Flying Hive Tyrant with 2 twin linked devourers - 260pts
TROOP: Tervigon,  cluster spine, adrenal glands, toxin sacs, catalyst, onslaught - 210pts
TROOP: Tervigon,  cluster spine, adrenal glands, toxin sacs, catalyst, onslaught - 210pts
TROOP: 16 Gaunts - 80pts
TROOP: 16 Gaunts - 80pts
TROOP: 16 Gaunts with devourers & Mycetic Spore   - 200pts
FAST: 15 Gargoyles - 90pts
ELITE: 3 Hive Guard - 150pts
ELITE: 3 Zoanthropes - 160pts
ELITE: DOOM! in Spore - 130pts

That's 8 different psykers with a total of  17 powers (not that I ever swap the DOOM!s ability for biomancy). Its got a huge synapse bubble and a couple of flyers. I think the issue with the army is going to be practise. In the 3 games I've used it with there hasn't been one where I haven't messed something up. Not cast a blessing like endurance or iron arm when there was no hope of getting into the 12" range of the psychic shooting attacks. I've also got to remember the range of the devourers on the gaunts. I have the habit of dropping the spore waaaay too close to the enemy and out of synapse. The gaunts have an 18" range and should be landing where the flying Tyrants are harassing.

Well we'll see how it all goes *fingers crossed*

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  1. Good Luck mate, sounds like a pretty nasty list.
    Let me know how it gets on.