Thursday, 3 January 2013

40 Games of 40k .... the begining

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Well it’s 2013, a new year for blogging and the start of 40 games of 40K. A slight variation to the plan posted in an earlier blog, I’m splitting the tournament games and using all of the codex’s units commitment in two. I still want try to use all units, but some are terrible, I know it, you know it and I just want to prove it. So some of these units will be trialled in friendly games and a unit review written for them rather than featuring in a battle report, although I may still write up some of the friendly games as reports too. 

 The forty games of 40k will be tournament games. I’ve a number of tournaments lined up already this year  

  • Caledonia Open – 3 Games
  • Caledonia Uprising – 6 Games
  • Vapnatak – 4 Games
  • Yorkshire Open – 3 Games
  • GT Final – 6 Games
  • Adepticon Championship – 3 Games
  • Adepticon Friendlier tournament – 3 Games
  • York Garrison Summer Solstice – 5 Games
I also want to try to attend a Throne of Skulls at least once this year just to experience this, coupled with other tournaments such as Team Tournament and Northern Warlords should mean I have 40 tournament games to base this on. For all of these I’ll commit to using Tyranids so hopefully I can improve and develop my skills with them.  
So first up is the Caledonia event. This year Tim is making it more of an event than a single tournament so there’s actually two competitions in the one weekend. Starting off with a 1000pts open tournament on Friday evening. Then the main 1850pts event on the Saturday and Sunday. Combined with the infamous Tim King pub quiz on Saturday night and lots of drinking and bar games for those inclined that way (you can usually tell who adopted the Team Scotland drinking rules on Saturday night by their state on Sunday morning).


For details of the army list I’m taking to the main event see the following post ;-
Its hopefully a competitive Tyranid army utilising all the usual Tyranid tricks (Doom, Psychic choir, Monstrous creatures etc.). I’ve had one game with this army, but admittedly it was against someone playing their first game of 6th edition, was using a 5th edition style army list and got smashed by my flying Tyrants. 

For the Open tournament I wanted to take a little more relaxed army. My initial thought was to avoid some of the more typical Tyranid builds and look at some other units. I’ve had a couple of practise games against Gill from Apostle Gillus blog which didn’t go so well. Partly because of my dice rolls and partially his inability to fail a 3+ save on his wraiths. The army was heavily based on Tyranid warriors, featuring over 20 of them in various armaments. The much overlooked troop choice in the codex since they lost their eternal warrior in the latest codex. However with the meta currently moving away from higher strength weapons should mean you just don’t see as many guns that can double tap the T4 warriors. In both test games the Warriors were capable of tying up his wraiths in combat, but with the exception of one unit didn’t manage to grind the wraiths down before being killed. They worked ok, but need a little more kick to bring the damage required to win the game.  

1000pts games are, in my mind, a lot about one trick ponies. Gill’s wraiths were nasty, but two flying Tyrants would have caused him huge problems as only his 10 Immortals and single flyer could have touched them. I’d have single handedly mitigated the 18 wraiths. What would probably happen is his wraiths would hunt down and kill my troops, and the Tyrants would do the same to his troop choices. Games would come down to first blood and possibly line breaker too as ultimately once we’d killed off each other’s troops, I could hunt his wraiths without risk to my Tyrants, but they’d struggle to inflict serious damage on the wraiths (unless one of them rolled enfeeble). My original army couldn’t deal with flyers or high AV vehicles either so it was very limited. I’m thinking I will move towards one of the Tyranid’s tricks whilst still keeping some elements of the Warriors heavy list (mainly because I’ve been buying and painting some). Sticking to the one trick pony I’m going to take two Tyrants to hopefully overwhelm most armies ability to deal with them at 1000pts. The Tyrants also can deal with most threats, they’ve the volume of fire to give hordes and elite armies trouble as well as deal with flyers and vehicles with its vector striking. With some luck on their psychic power rolls they can be turned in some real monsters in combat or even harder to drop. So the current thoughts for the Caledonia open is ;-

HQ1: Hive Tyrant (170), Wings(60), 2x Twin-linked Devourers (30) = [260]
HQ2: Hive Tyrant (170), Wings (60) 2x Twin-linked Devourers (30), Old Adversary (25) = [285]
TROOP1: 3 Warriors (90), 2x Bone Sword (30), Devourers (free), Toxin Sacs (15) = [135]
TROOP2: 4 Warriors (120), Scything Talons (free), Rending Claws (free), Toxin Sacs (25) = [145]
TROOP3: 15 Termagants (75) = [75]

TROOP4: 10 Termagants (50) = [50]
TROOP5: 10 Termagants (50) = [50]
TOTAL [1000pts] 

Vanpnatak’s 1000pts tournament has some comp rules, in as much as you’re only allowed 1 HQ and a maximum of 2 of the other none troop sections. I’ll see how the army performs at Caledonia before thinking how I can modify it for this later tournament. I’ll have to drop one of the Tyrants, its just what  I replace it with.


  1. I am ashamed at you!!!!

    What do you mean you are automatically discounting your chances of reaching the final 16 at Adepticon?

    Come on dude you need to do the UK and Yorkshire proud!

    (see you at Cally btw)

    1. Aah but if I reach the final 16 then I don't get to enter the friendlier tournament as its the same day so either way its 6 games at Adepticon. Gonna try my hardest to get to the last 16, would be an epic achievement.

      See you at Cally too