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Caledonia Uprising 2013 - Game 1

Last weekend I attended my first tournament of 2013 and the first five games of 40 games of 40k. Caledonia Uprising is one of the largest events in the UK calendar. It’s into its third year now and is used as a qualifying tournament to be part of Scotland’s ETC team. With over two thirds of the current top 16 ranking players in attendance and a field of 84 people taking part it’s a competitive but fun event.

So another minor alteration to 40 games of 40k, I don’t think I’m going to count the smaller 1000pts tournaments. I’ll use those to try out some different units and tactics and leave the bigger games for the report. This does probably mean it will take the majority of 2013 to complete but I think the larger games present a better representation of 40k.

On the Friday evening there was a smaller 1000pts tournament which I’ll be writing something up as I did try using some Tyranid Warriors as an experiment, but the main event was on the Saturday / Sunday. The army I was using has been discussed in in detail in other posts but in summary is ;-

HQ1: Hive Tyrant (170), Wings (60) 2x Twin linked Devourers (30), Hive Commander (25)
HQ2: Hive Tyrant (170), Wings (60) 2x Twin linked Devourers (30), Old Adversary (25) 
Elite1: 3 Hive Guard (150)
Elite2: 2 Zoanthrope (120)
Elite3: DOOM! of Malan'tai (90) + TRANSPORT1
Troop1: Tervigon (160), Toxin Sacs (10), Adrenal Glands (10), Catalyst (15), Cluster Spines (free)
Troop 2 : Tervigon (160), Toxin Sacs (10), Adrenal Glands (10), Catalyst (15), Cluster Spines (free)
Troop 3 : 15 Termagants (75), Devourers (75) + TRANSPORT2
Troop 4 : 10 Termagants (50) 
Troop 5 : 11 Termagants (85)
FA1: 15 Gargoyles (90), Toxin Sacs (15)
Heavy1: 2 Biovores (90)
Transport1 : Mycetic Spore (40)
Transport2 : Mycetic Spore (40)

There is also a best general award for the top player from each codex. With the addition of allies this was made a little more complex and Tim (the event organiser) ended up group similar armies together into group, however Tyranids can’t take allies so for the bug players it was fairly simply, the best bug won. Last year at Caledonia I won the Tyranid best general so I was keen to defend my title again this year, but the completion was going to be stiff.

Game 1 
Scouring \ Vanguard vs. Jamie Sneddon [Chaos Space Marines]
Jamie was one of the few people using the new CSM codex at Caledonia the army he was using was –

HQ1 - chaos Lord Mark of Khorne, Juggernaught, Murdersword, Sigil of Corruption 170
HQ2 - Deamon prince - mark of khorne, power armour, wings, black mace 265
Troops - cultists x30 = 130
Troops1 - berzerkers x8: power fist, veterans of the long war 195
Troops2 - berzerkers x8: powerfist, veterans of the long war 195
Fast Attack1: Helldrake: bale flamer 170
Fast Attack2: Helldrake: bale flamer 170
Heavy1 – Predator: twin linked - las canon, las canon sponsons 140
Heavy2 – Predator: twin linked - las canon, las canon sponsons 140
Heavy3 – Forgefiend 175
Fort - Aegis defence line with quad gun 100

Going into the game I was a little worried, it’s a lot of mech with AV’s of 12 or more which I could struggle against. If Jamie won first turn it could spell disaster for my Tyrants as they’d be caught on the ground and likely destroyed by the Str8 or Str9 shots. Luckily I won this roll and chose to go first, obviously. The other pre-game roll which proved critical was when I rolled  -1 to my enemy’s reserves for my Warlord Trait. Jamie castled up behind his Aegis defence line with the Predators, Forgefiend and Cultists manning the Quadgun. The Beserkers took the flank of this line to prevent Gaunts from flanking around the edges. The Tyranids pretty much lined up opposite them. Tervigons on either flank with Gaunt support, the Tyrants and Gargoyles in the centre with the Hive Guard and the Biovores at the back.

Turn one and the horde rolled forward, the Hive Guard took up position behind a LOS blocking terrain feature, in range of Jamie’s battle line. The two Tyrants both shot forward to threaten his lines. Firing on the first turn was mostly directed at the cultist blob. The Biovores opened up from the backfield as well as both Tyrants unloading their devourers. The Aegis saves and the ruin they were occupying helped but still almost a third of the cultists were felled by the combined fire. The Hive Guard also struck, there Impaler Cannons robbing the Predator of its cover save for being behind the aegis and blowing it up, one major threat down, 4 still to go. Jamie’s movement phase was non-existent, his force stay put behind their protection and simply opened fire. His quad gun fired first and stripped a wound off the warlord tyrant, who luckily passed his ground test to remain airborne. Which turned out to be a good thing as the Forgefiend opened fire on him, but with little effect. The remaining Predator chose a different target and quickly took three wounds off a Tervigon. That tank had to die quickly or my Tervigon was going to pay the price.

Turn two and Hive Commander kicked in to bring both pods crashing down behind the aegis line. Gaunts, the Doom landing near to the blob ready to drain their life essence. Both Tyrants flew over the defenders and took up position behind both remaining tanks. The Tervigon on my left advanced towards the four point objective producing more Gaunts to support him. The firing phase saw the death of the Forgefiend as 12 str6 devourer shots ripped though its weaker rear armour to strip it of all it’s hull points. The second tyrant wasn’t quit as efficient and only managed two hull points on the Predator, still one of those was from a penetrating hit which had shook the vehicle, so the Tervigon was safe for one more turn. The combined fire from the Devourer armed Gaunts and the Doom caused further damage to the blob, but the attached Khorne Lord ensured they didn’t run away. Jamie’s turn two and the dreaded arrival of the Helldrakes and Demon Prince, luckily my -1 to reserves kicked in and only a single Helldrake arrived. It flew over my Warlord Tyrant to vector strike it, luckily its iron armed enhanced toughness meant it only suffered a single wound. It then flamed a unit of Gaunts killing several. The Lord and cultists charged the Doom hoping to kill it before it’s wound count got too high, however the 3++ saved prevented much of the damage and its own attacks added another wound back on leaving it on three wounds.

Turn three and the Helldrake had to die, so one Tyrant flew into position behind it, skyfired and drop the daemon engine from the sky in a ball of fire. The combined fire from the other Tyrant and Gargoyles soften up one of the Beserkers before the Gargoyles charged. The fight was bloody with the Beserkers coming out slightly ahead, but in a war of attrition Tyranids will always win over Marines and the fearless birdies stuck in the fight. For Jamie’s turn the -1 reserves hit again and the 2nd Helldrake refused to come on, instead only the Daemon Prince arrived flew up to the Tervigon and charged …… hang on? charged? Damn it! I’ve only just realised he shouldn’t have been able to do that!!!  …… anyway the Prince tore the Tervigon to pieces and its resulting death cause several wounds on nearby Gaunts units. Things didn’t look good on the left flank as it was now devoid of Synapse.

Turn four and the majority of the Gaunts packs on the left went instinctive and lurked, turning their guns on the grounded Daemon Prince who had just killed their mother. The Warlord swept across the board trying to re-establish Synapse on the flank, whilst also getting his guns into range on the Daemon Prince. The other Tyrant turned its attention on the second unit of Beserkers, currently hiding in a ruin on a two point objective. The combined devourer and fleshborer fire was too much and the Daemon Prince was banished back to the warp from where it came (and should take the time to read the 6th edition rule book). The Gargoyles were still locked in combat, but had reduced the Beserkers to just 1 man now, whilst the Doom finally succumbed to the Blob squad of cultists and Lord, however with only 8 cultists and the Lord on one wound it wasn’t looking as blob now.  In Jamie’s turn the final Helldrake automatically arrived, once again it targeted the Warlord for a vector strike, but was unable to kill him. There was very little of Jamie’s army left at this point and the Tyranids were firmly in control.

Turn five and the Warlord flew in behind the Helldrake and shot it down. The other Tyrant combined fire with the Gargoyles to shoot at the cultists. This time the Lord of Khorne failed to many “look out sir” rolls followed by his save and died. The Gargoyles charged the remaining few cultists whilst the Biovores and Hive Guard continued to shell the last few Beserkers taking cover in a ruin on my right flank.  In Jamie’s turn the last cultist fell to the winged Gaunts leaving only 2 Beserkers, but they still held a two point objective….. then we rolled a turn six and a flying Tryant swooped in and dispatched them.

And so the game ended with me in control of 4 objectives, first blood, line breaker and slay the warlord, but also no CSM left on the board. This made it an automatic 20 – 0 result to me, but did mean I’d face an opponent who’d also tabled their first round opponent. My trip to the top tables might be short lived.

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