Sunday, 3 February 2013

Caledonia Uprising 2013 - Wrap up

So five games, three opponents tabled, one draw and a pretty nasty loss. Overall I actually finished 4th at Caledonia Uprising (joint 4th with 2 other people). Given that Cale is probably the second biggest independent tournament in the UK I am really pleased with this result. I also managed to defend my Best Tyranid General from last year to pick up this little trophy. I think there was a lot of luck and circumstance to my result. I managed to avoid a lot of the really tough player and ETC members. The soft scores help a lot too, even the event coordinator has admitted that when he scaled the game down from six games to five he didn't adjust the ratio for the soft scores, so there was 100pts available for gaming and 70pts for score scores. Still it was a solid result with me tabling three of my five opponents.

From the army list the stand out stars are the flying Tyrants. They were the real work horses for many of the games, furiously gunning down units with a torrent of fire. The devourer armed Gaunts also made quite an impact. Some people underestimate the fire power Tyranids can put out, yes it may not have a high AP, but if you're called upon to make 25 saves even if they are 3+ you're gonna lose some. Ensuring the first salvo of the Gaunts was in range of the preferred enemy bubble made it even better. 

The Doom had his usual mixed bag of results. He was awesome in the third and fifth games, and was probably responsible for the death of most of Dan's troop choices in the my fourth game. The move away from mech'ed armies is really benefiting him, as well as the more common Str7 shooting rather than strength eight or nine. 

I think the worse performance was from the Biovores. I still need to get to grips with them and I'm not sure if I won't drop one of them (I'll definitely split them down into solo units if I keep them). There were times when I didn't want to fire them because the rest of my army was in close with the enemy and I didn't want to risk scattering. That said I didn't face any form of blob army really (the cultists were some what but they got dealt with by the Doom. So I think I'll hold off on dropping them for a couple of games.

Now onto the more important part of the Caledonia Uprising, banner wars. I've mentioned before the on going wager between myself and Sean Gill about my banner and as in previous years the banner bet held that if he placed higher than me I'd remove my banner with his name on it, remind me Gill where did you finish? was it 1st, 2nd or 3rd?  However I think a change is due so you'll have already seen that my banner has been updated, but I'll always have this to wind him up as needed.

So my next large tournament is a local affair, the York round of the Yorkshire Open in February, then its on to the GT final in March. I think my army list will remain largely the same for these games, although I may try a little change to try stuff in preparation for Adepticon.

I'm also interested in feedback, the write ups for these games were fairly long, too long? did people loose interest, am I at risk of turning it into a Red Dwarf esk "and then I rolled a 4, 4 and 6. But he rolled a 6, a 5 and a 4" ? Let me know if you've any suggestions on how this blog could be improved or stuff you think is working well and I should keep doing. I want to have a blog people enjoy reading so anything I can do to improve is an advantage.


  1. Just found your blog and really enjoying the battle reports, particularly the tactical notes/thoughts. For me, the length was fine. I know these can take an age to write, so thanks!

    1. Thanks, got my YOrkshire open games to write up still but I think they may be a little shorter. I will probably repeat these more detailed writeups for the GT final and Adepticon games, because as you point out, they can take a while to do.