Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The road to Adepticon...

Well Adepticon is no a week away and there's a mixure of emotions. Excited to see what the grandest US wargaming event is like, nervous because believe it or not it's my first ever solo overseas holiday so I'm worried I've not got some visa I require or forgotten something else. From a gaming point of view I'm not overly confident. I took a real beating at the GT final and its really knocked my confidence in the Tyranids. I have took some learning from the weekend (The Swarmlord lost his ticket to the US by his terrible performance at the GT), I'm hoping that it was just a blip.I'm registered in two tournaments over the pond, the Championship and the Team Tournament.

The Championship is a singles event set at 1850 points. The missions used are the kind we've not really seen in the UK since 5th edition with a primary and secondary conditions. Although reviewing the primer packs they produce it does seem that if you win the primary you win the round, and since it's a win/loss system that appears to be key. The tournament is an eight game event with one twist, only the top 16 players get thought to day, so realistically most people in attendance only play 4 games. I'm under no illusion that I'll make it to the final. If I do it will be an act of god. I'd like to come away with three wins, but will settle for two. The Tyranids have been building to this all year and the list I'm going to take is a fairly familiar one, both to my readers (if there are many) and to the Internet as a whole as it's a fairly common build for Tyranids.

HQ1: Hive Tyrant (170), Wings (60) 2x Twin linked Devourers (30), Hive Commander (25) HQ2: Hive Tyrant (170), Wings (60) 2x Twin linked Devourers (30), Old Adversary (25) 
Elite1: 3 Hive Guard (150)
Elite2: 2 Zoanthrope (120)
Elite3: DOOM! of Malan'tai (90) + TRANSPORT1
Troop1: Tervigon (160), Toxin Sacs (10), Adrenal Glands (10), Catalyst (15), Onslaught (15)
Troop 2 : Tervigon (160), Toxin Sacs (10), Adrenal Glands (10), Catalyst (15),
Onslaught (15)
Troop 3 : 15 Termagants (75), Devourers (75) + TRANSPORT2
Troop 4 : 10 Termagants (50) 
Troop 5 : 10 Termagants (50)
FA1: 15 Gargoyles (90), Toxin Sacs (15)
Heavy1: 2 Biovores (90)
Transport1 : Mycetic Spore (40)
Transport2 : Mycetic Spore (40)

It's pretty much what I took to Caledonia Uprising, which was singularly my best tournament placing for a major tournament ever, so I'm hoping for some more of that luck to rub off. I'm also registered in the team tournament with a few other people on the Geek Nations tour. This is a doubles team event so four player split down into two pair, each person with 1000 points. 

I'm looking forward to the whole event and hopefully I'll get some good write ups and photo to post on here in a couple of weeks. 

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