Sunday, 26 May 2013

Adepticon Single Tournament conclusion

Right, this write up is taking ages, and I’ve now got the Throne of Skulls to do, so let’s get it finished!

Adepticon Singles, Game 3
My game three was against Aleksi it turns out that he had won both his previous games so there was a slightly smug grin on his face when he realised he was facing someone who was 1/0/1 and assumed he had an easier game three, which made the end result all the more sweeter. Aleksi was using a horde Ork army and Necron allies. Three large units of Ork boyz, Ghazgull, some Lootas, Big guns. From the Necrons were a Destroyer Lord with a unit of scarabs and two Night Scythes with Warriors in. That’s a lot of Orks!

The missions were Relic and Objective, with the objectives fixed to the centre of each table quarter. I’m a fan of the Relic as it plays well into my hands provided my opponent doesn’t have infiltrators. It’s pretty hard to get the relic off a Tervigon, especially if it’s rocking Iron Arm or Endurance.

The game basically came down to how fast I could kill Ork boyz, luckily for me volume of fire is one thing the Tyranids can do quite well. Aleksi won the roll and made me go first, to allow him to steal objectives with his flyers. In my turn one we targeted the Lord and his scarab swarms. The Hive Tyrants were especially good at this as their Str 6 devourers were instant killing bases. However the Lord did have a 2+ save, but after a particularly bad roll in response to one Tyrant’s firing salvos the Swarms and the Lord were dead, the Lord did get back up again on a single but when he declared a charge against a downed Tyrant he died again (permanently) to the over watch. During turns two and three there was a large scale exchange of fire. Gaunts and Orks died in their droves as they took a torrent of fire from their enemy. However the Tervigons were still producing more Gaunts so slowly the Tyranids began to get the upper hand.

The first real issue was turn 3, I had two choices, I could fly my Tyrants off the board, or I could land. I chose to land them both, fire and then charge a large boy mob with Gazzy with both of them. Gaz challenged and my none warlord accepted, struck first causing 4 wounds but Gaz used his Waaagh and took no wounds before killing the Tyrant, in his turn he rinsed and repeated my Warlord. However all three boys units had been badly mauled.

The Orks were falling apart quickly, but there was little I could do to the Night Scythes and so it was on turn 5 they flew over to take an objective and contest one of mine, thus winning the Ojbective mission, however I clearly controlled the Relic with the Tervigon, in my own deployment zone. I had First Blood and Line Breaker, whist Aleksi had Slay the Warlord, so overall it was a minor win to me.

Adepticon Singles, Game 4
This is going to be a fast write up and I’ll let you know why. Due to weather and traffic issue they were an hour and half late in starting and with four planned games in the day, game four didn’t start till 10.30pm. I know I was facing a Necron army with some Chaos Allies, it didn’t feature a Helldrake but still managed to kill everything in my army but my four monstrous creatures, however I managed to scrap a minor victory off him by getting Line breaker and First Blood. Other than that the game is pretty much a blank. Lack of sleep due to jet lag mean the whole game is pretty much a blur to me.

I finished 89th out of 233 players in the tournament, which I’m pretty happy with. My list wasn’t too bad and there were only a couple of mistakes, the main one being to underestimate Gazghull in combat in game three. I scored 23/40 on their painting mechanic, I could probably have scored a little more if I'd had the time to do more base and fine detail on my models but I'm not that fussed.

Adepticon is a cool experience, I think I’d only choose to go again if I could get a team of 3 other people to come too so we could all play in the team tournament. I did manage to get some games played in the team tournament with some fellow Geek Nation Tour people, but I’ll leave that for another blog and it will probably be after I’ve written up my Throne of Skulls experience.

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