Thursday, 2 May 2013

Adepticon singles tournament, game 1

Adepticon singles tournament, game 1

So Single tournament day 1. Adepticon had a number of differences from the "typical" UK tournament. They had actually embraced the core rule book system of terrain placement by players, so as part of the pre game process you needed to place the six terrain pieces on the board. Players alternated to put a piece with the majority of it being in your board half. The terrain peices were a mixture of area and LOS blocking, and considering the amount of terrian the tournament needed to provide for the c150 board in the 40k hall alone were a pretty amazing quality.

Similiarly objectives were placed already knowing which side of the board you would be starting on, this is a little odd as if there's an odd number the person placing first will obviously stack his side with more objectives.

Mission wise there were two primary objectives in play in a game, win the majority of those and you scored a crushing victory. If it was a draw on the primary to fell to the usual secondary missions (First Blood, Slay the Warlord and Linebreaker). Winning via this was a minor victory, otherwise it was a draw.

My first opponent in the US was Thomas, he using a Tau force but still on the old codex as it had been released a week too late for inclusion in Adepticon. He also had an Eldar ally which only contained Eldrad and some pathfinders. Great so there goes my psychic powers. He had three broadside, two large units of fire warriors, a commander and body guard unit and a 2nd unit of crisis suits in reserve. The primary missions were kill points and five objectives. Kill points is never a favourite of mine as it restricts my spawning from the Tervigons. Closing on the Tau was going to be key here as I needed to minimise his firing.

Tom deployed first and castled up behind his Aegis wall, then I made my first mistake, I forgot that Eldrad could redeploy models. But thinking about it even if I had remember I wouldn't really have been able to defend against it. Once I'd deployed Tom moved two of his Broadsides to sight on the Biovore for first blood, and his HQ and support unit over to a flank to threaten my Tyrants.

He was also going first which meant he'd have the advantage in the firefight to keep the Tyranids from getting to grips with him.

Sure enough, things went downhill pretty fast. The Biovore and none warlord Tyrant died in turn one to Tom's firing.To make matters worse both my Tervigons rolled a double on their first spawning first weren't looking good. Tom's HQ unit was protected by a 2+ save crisis suit and two shield drones which also had 2+ saves due to being owned by that model. My Warlord flew down the flank towards them but totally failed to get a single wound through their save.

Turn two and my warlord died to plasma death from the HQ unit, the Gargoyles were also butchered. As fast as we were advancing we were being shot off the board. The Doom did arrive and cause some carnage in the HQ unit, first slaying four wounds with leech essence, then manifesting psychic shriek for a further two. But it was probably to little to late.

Tom's final crisis team arrived from deep strike behind my lines near the Tervigons and proceed to vapourise one with their firing, the ensuing wounds to the Gaunt units cause one to break and flee off the board, the other were thankfully in the second Tervigon's synapse range. It pretty much went down hill from there (if that's possible). In the end I don't think I managed to get a single kill point as even the unit of Firewarriors my devil gaunts picked on managed to save enough wounds to not be wiped out.

So it was that I suffered a crushing defeat in game one. It was still an enjoyable game to play and Tom was a great opponent, but I'd already ruled myself out of getting through to the second day of the tournament (not that I really had any belief I would have gotten through).


  1. Nasty. I got sick of trying to keep track of 60 spawned gribblies and truck load of psychic powers and wimped out. I’m utterly ashamed to say I play Grey Knights now which I find easier (and quicker). But you, you’ve got cojones and you will out-evolve us all (well, maybe not the Tau). Please keep the reports coming. (and show some close ups of your Doom and Tervigons. They look pretty unique and rather excellent)

    1. Thanks. I am trying to get the remaining games written up, and I'll get some shots of those. They are kit bashes and I do like them.