Thursday, 9 May 2013

Adepticon singles tournament, Game 2

Adepticon singles tournament, Game 2

So with no chance of qualifying for the second day of the tournament (if there ever really was) my aim now is to have fun and hopefully still finish in the top half of the table. My second round opponent was Ruddy who was playing a Chaos Space Marine army. Luckily for me  his army doesn’t feature any Helldrakes.  Ruddy had a background for his chapter as being one of the two original founding legions which were expunged from Imperial records, the 2nd or 11th legion. I’ve noticed that in the US there is a lot more emphasis on the fluff side of armies, this is evident through tournament points for you display board. The team tournament takes this one step further with specific points for army theme, display board and team appearance. Not saying it’s a good or a bad thing but it is different.

Ruddy's army was a little odd. It featured ;-
Chaos Lord tooled up with wargear
8 Khorne Beserkers
10 Chaos Space Marines in Rhino
10 Chaos Space Marines in Rhino
5 Havoks
3 Obliterators
Daemon Prince with Black Mace
Threat wise, I’d need to deal with the Daemon Prince before he made it into combat and the Land Raider could cause me some issue and would likely deliver it’s payload of Beserkers and his Lord into my battle lines.


The two primary missions in affect this game were Emperor’s Will and Crusade, so four objectives two of which counted for Emperor’s Will. The Deployment was hammer and anvil, so quite a long way for the bugs to travel.  

Once terrain had been placed there was a fairly large open area of terrain in the centre of the board which the Tyranids just wouldn’t be able to cross without taking some fairly brutal casualties, so I was a little surprised that Ruddy deployed his Landraider on this side of the board. It was highly unlikely I’d be attacking on that vector, so I thought it was kind of wasted.  When we deployed we concentrated on the opposite side of the board to take maximum advantage of the woods place to cover my approach. My home objective was defended behind a LOS blocking piece of terrain by the Hive Guard, Zoanthropes and a unit of Termaguants. 

Ruddy got first turn and drove his Landraider into the open area towards my objective, whilst his Daemon Prince flew a full 24” forward towards my battle line.  This was a fairly big mistake in my mind and my two flying Tyrants promptly punished it by swooping near to it and both unloading their devourers into the Daemon, queue one dead Prince and first blood to me. My Hive Guard fired at the approaching Landraider and managed to glance a hull point off it.


During turn two Ruddy made an unusual choice, he backed his Landraider up to be outside of the 24” range of the Hive Guard. Why he didn’t continue to drive forward I don’t know. We might have taken another couple of hull points off it but I very much doubt we would have popped it, especially before it had got close enough to drop off the Beserkers. Another mistake he made was disembarking his squads from their Rhinos. The Doom was pretty much guaranteed to arrive next turn, needing a 2+ with reroll due to my warlord trait. Until the point he disembarked from the Rhinos the only target for him were the Havoks in a building, which would have placed him near the Landraider with its Las Cannon as well as limiting the number of wound available to him. Now that two 10man squads had disembarked he had plenty of choices where to go.  Ruddy's Obliterators were still in reserve and I was a little worried they may try to deep strike into my deployment zone to threaten my objectives now that the majority of my monstrous creatures had moved down the board. Ruddy chewed through a number of Gaunt squads but the Tervigons were still producing more.  For my turn we swept forward further toward Ruddy's primary objective. The Doom lands and strips wounds off the marines, whilst the Tyrants fly over to open fire on the Havoks on the building roof.

Turn three and the Obliterators arrive but deep strike down into the middle of the board. The Lord and crew disembarked from their Landraider and headed toward the mass of Tyranids moving down one flank. The Marines fought a fighting retreat in the face of overwhelming Gaunts, especially with the arrival of the second Mysetic Spore with the Devilgaunts in, but it was pretty much a loosing battle. The Tyrants swooped on the Landraider, both using crush attacks to destroy the vehicle. The Gargoyles charged the Lord and the Beserkers, less with the intent of killing them, more to just tie them up to stop them charging the grounded Tyrants. Mass Gaunts fire brought down an Obliterator and then they charged to lock him combat. 
The remaining turns were mostly about mopping up. His Lord did manage to kill a Tyrant but that was mostly about keeping him away from objectives. The obliterators died to the poisonous Gaunts whilst the 2nd Tervigon and his broods hunted down the remaining marines. In the end I controlled both Primary objectives as well as one of the secondary ones to win both mission.

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  1. Yay! No Helldrakes tho? I guess some people still play for fun. Whodathunkit? Did you see much Helldrake spam at the tournament? I bet facing 3 of them with Nids is table flippingly awesome. Not sure 2 Flyrants can cut it there. Can Harpies even scratch them?