Thursday, 16 May 2013

Throne of Skulls - May 2013

So I’m already in the middle of the slowest Adepticon write up in history, at this rate I’ll be attending Adepticon 2014 before I finish the singles and team tournament games from Adepticon 2013. However this weekend I’m going to Throne of Skulls at Warhammer World. Throne of Skulls (ToS) is Games Workshop’s main “tournament”. I’ve heard mixed reviews of it, due to its random pairings for every round, the odd way they work out the tournament winner and some of the odd rules rulings that the event staff make at times. However this is all second or third hand conversation so that’s why I’m attending one myself to experience it first-hand.

ToS is set at 1500pts, I assume to ensure games finish on time. It’s a lot smaller than I usually play so I’m having to think afresh about my army. I’m also thinking of taking Tau for the first time. This is heavily dependent on me painting quite a lot in the next couple of nights. I’m thinking of using a Tau / Space Wolf combo. Although not totally pointed up yet I thinking ;-

Wolves Primary
Rune Priest
Rune Priest
8 Grey Hunters in Drop Pod
8 Grey Hunters in Drop Pod
8 Grey Hunters

Tau Allies
Kroot Squad with Sniper rounds
Riptide with Ion Cannon
Broadsides with High Yield Missile Pods

Skyshield Landing Pad

The basic idea is against low initiative armies (Tau, Necrons, Tyranids with Tervigons) one or both Rune Priests keep their Jaws and join one of the drop pods for a first turn alpha strike against some high value targets. Otherwise at least one of the Priests will swap to divination and hang out near the Riptide. The Tau meanwhile are stationed on or around the Landing Pad, giving them a 4++ save. I was originally using an Aegis wall to defend the Tau but I think there will be a number of Tau armies there and they can remove cover saves fairly easily. The Skyshield is 25pts extra investment but gives an invulnerable save to the people on it, plus its elevation will give the Broadsides a fairly commanding view of the table (Warhammer world are notorious for light terrain boards). The kroot can help bring down big creatures and if I’ve got the point I want to include a Kroot hound for the option to out flank.

This master plan is heavily dependent on me painting a lot of the Tau models in the next two days, I’m making good progress but it will be close. I had hoped to include a small unit of pathfinders in the Tau allies to support the Riptide (the Broadside’s weapons are all twin linked so work pretty well without them), but I suspect I won’t get them painted in time. Of course if all else fails the Tyranids will be going on their next trip for an outing.


  1. I keep wanting to go again to this but wont be until next year! The list seems good maybe you would of been better off with more antiflier riptide.

    1. Both the riptide and broadsides have sky fire.

    2. Guess that but you really want the burst cannon for that not ion cannon