Friday, 20 September 2013

Adepticon 2014

Yup, I'm going to Adepticon again. One advantage of having no mortgage (as of three weeks’ time) is it give you a lot more flexibility with money. So I decided to go back to Chicago again. I enjoyed my first visit there last year and it will be interesting to see if I bump into any of the same people again (and if I can remember their names, which might be the bigger challenge with my memory).

There are two main 40k tournaments at Adepticon, the singles and team tournaments. Last year I was lucky enough to get into a team of people all travelling with Geek Nation tours, and again this year I’ve managed the same again. Lee, Brian and Dano were planning to take a team to Adepticon and needed a 4th player. I met Lee and Brian last year and seemed to get on with them so it should be fun. The idea they had was mass Marines. In the team tournament each person takes a 1000pts army, the organisation chart varies slightly in that each army is allowed an additional heavy, elite or fast with the forth allowed a fortification. I don’t think the armies are going to too competitive but they should be fun. If the plan comes to light each army will be 30 Tactical Marines, 10 Devastators, 10 Assaults Marines and a HQ. Given that in each round two of these armies team up against the opponents it means that each pairing is a complete company. Ok they won’t have much in the way of support units (Rhinos, Predators, Dreadnoughts, etc) but come on 100 power armoured Marines is going to be tough to shift. That is unless we come up against Helldrakes. It should be fun if nothing else.

For the singles contest I’m thinking of taking my Space Marines. Although if the rumours are true the Tyranids will have been re-codexed earlier in the year and could therefore be really good, but I have a hankering to rain metal on my opponents and so I think I’m going to roll with drop wolves.

The plan I have at the moment is ;-
Rune Priest – JotWW, Living Lightning
Rune Priest – Bolter, JotWW, Living Lightning
Rune Priest – Meltabomb, JotWW, Murderous Hurricane
Wolf Priest
8 Grey Hunters – Melta Gun, Banner, Drop Pod
8 Grey Hunters – Melta Gun, Banner, Drop Pod
8 Grey Hunters – Melta Gun, Banner, Drop Pod
8 Grey Hunters – Melta Gun, Banner, Drop Pod
5 Grey Hunters – Flamer, Drop Pod
5 Grey Hunters – Flamer, Drop Pod
4 Wolf Guard – 4 x Combi Melta
6 Wolf Guard – 6 x Combi Plasma, Drop Pod
6 Long Fangs – 4 Missile Launchers
6 Long Fangs – 4 Missile Launchers

That’s 7 drop pods and 67 Space Marines. There are a few nasty combo in here. Triple Jaws will mess up a Tau or Tyranid army. Tau have a nasty new trick involving their artefact which allows them to deny the witch on 4D6 rather than one, that’s where the Wolf Guard come in, 6 rapid plasma guns with preferred enemy from the Wolf Priest should make the mess of the Riptide with the artefact, at which point his mates take 3 JotWW from the other pods that landed this turn. If the Rune Priests have broken off from the squad then the double meta from the Squad can wreck vehicles too. Splitting the Rune Priest off does leave them very vulnerable to intercept, so we may end up leaving them attached and pulling the trick where the Vehicle is the target of the squad, but the JotWW line passes over the vehicle and onto your other target.

Eldar wave serpent spam is a little trickier, a smart opponent would deploy with the rear armours against the board edge or impassable terrain to prevent the pods dropping Meta Guns onto its rear arc. That said there’s still potentially 32 marines landed on their doorstep. If they unload the shields into the units they kill 3 marines per wave serpent and leave themselves very vulnerable to the Long Fangs.

Other meta lists I’ve thought about, the current white scar grav gun bike list will also be alpha striked and the pods can position their content so the Grav guns are early casualties to wound allocation. Monstrous flying creature spam does rely heavily on getting first turn, but again the alpha strike from JotWW, Melta and Plasma will wreck face if it catches them on the ground. Similarly the Screamer council caught before turn is on trouble. If it went first they’d better hope they pass all their deny the witch rolls otherwise they may see their precious book dropping into a large hole in the ground.

Now I’m not saying it’s a killer army, but it has the potential to cause problems. However one triple (or even quadruple) Helldrake army and that’s my tournament run over. We’ll have to see how plans formulate over the coming 6 months and when I’ve had an opportunity to play the armour at some upcoming tournaments, potentially culminating with Caledonia Uprising.

Thought on the list are always welcome.

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