Sunday, 20 October 2013

Blog Wars 6

In a couple of weeks I'm going to Blog Wars 6 with Bennett (I would link his blog at this point, but I've just looked and he's not posted on it since Blog Wars 4 *HINT* *HINT*. Blog Wars is a one day event which, with the closure of Maelstrom earlier in the year is being held at the North West Gaming centre in Stockport.I missed the last one but attended Blog Wars4 and it was good fun.

So it will probably be more competitive than the Hull's Angels tournament, but hopefully not the full on waac of the GT heats / finals, another opportunity to build my confidence with the drop wolves. Blog Wars has one unique stipulation, you must have a special character in the army, I was going to swap a Rune Priest for Njal, but he's expensive, so instead I swapped the Wolf Priest for Ulrik, I can't select my target for preferred enemy, but effectively get it for anything with T5 or greater, so it still works for hunting Riptides.

So the new army is ;-

HQ1: Ulrik the Slayer (180)  [180pts]
HQ2: Rune Priest (100), Chooser of the Slain (10), Melta Bomb (5), Jaws of the World Wolf (free), Living Lightning (free) [115pts]
HQ3: Rune Priest (100), Bolter (free), MeltaBomb (5), Jaws of the World Wolf (free), Living Lightning (free) [105pts]
HQ4: Rune Priest (100), Melta Bomb (5), Jaws of the World Wolf (free), Murdurous Hurricane (free) [105pts]

Troop1: 8 Grey Hunters (120), Melta-Gun (5), Wolf Standard (10), TRANSPORT1 [135pts]
Troop2: 8 Grey Hunters (120), Melta-Gun (5), Wolf Standard (10), TRANSPORT2 [135pts]
Troop3: 8 Grey Hunters (120), Melta-Gun (5), Wolf Standard (10), TRANSPORT3 [135pts]
Troop4: 8 Grey Hunters (120), Melta-Gun (5), Wolf Standard (10), TRANSPORT3 [135pts]
Troop5: 6 Grey Hunters (90), Flamer (free), TRANSPORT5 [90pts]

Elite1: 10 Wolfguard (180), 4 Combi-Melta (20), 6 Combi-Plasma (30), TRANSPORT6 [230pts]

Heavy1: 6 Long Fangs (90), 5 Missile Launchers (50), TRANSPORT7 [140pts]

Transport1: Drop Pod (35) [35pts]
Transport2: Drop Pod (35) [35pts]
Transport3: Drop Pod (35) [35pts]
Transport4: Drop Pod (35) [35pts]
Transport5: Drop Pod (35) [35pts]
Transport6: Drop Pod (35) [35pts]
Transport7: Drop Pod (35) [35pts]

Fortification: Aegis Defence Line (50), Quad gun (50) [100pts]


I've already worked out a couple of changes I could have made, ones that I may apply before Caledonia Uprising. Still worried about flyers, especially Helldrakes but we'll just have to see what turns up.


  1. Nice list, out of interest 4HQ's? Is this a legal list?

  2. Space wolves can take 2 hq in a single slot, so yes :)

  3. Hi. Had a thought about the list ( was a while ago we played but my brain takes it's time). How do the 4 hqs stand up with the 'leader of the pack rules'. I read it says all the characters have to have separate psychic powers. Just thinking of all the world wolves in there.......

    1. The only issue is your troop choice are your work horses, so natural attrition takes them out slowly and you end up with nothing for objectives, that and kill point missions.

      Multiple T8+ creatures are also a problem especially wraith lords/knights as they are harder to jaws.

  4. Just seen the faq. All is well....