Saturday, 25 January 2014

Caledonia Uprising 2014

So last weekend I went to Caledonia Uprising and it was, I believe, my worst performance ever. Now the event itself was well run, Tim puts on a great show and pulls out all the stops. The Friday night there was a smaller 1000pts mini event and I teamed with Dave 'mostlybeenpainting' Williamson. We gave the Nids a final run out using all the models we've lost, so Doom and Parasite were in play. Despite going 1 - 2 and finishing 2nd to last I enjoyed it. I think playing with a partner makes it more fun as Dave and I were taking the piss a lot out of our army throughout, heck we put Gordon the Gaunt in charge in the last game and the little sod survived 2 rounds of combat with Soulgrinder and we won that one!

The main tournament was a big disappointment for me. There were a number of factors. My army list wasn't that strong, I'd opted for the Highlander league within Cale and compare to even other Highlanders it was weak. My random match ups, now I didn't face any of the classic filth but there were some old school cheese which i couldn't cope with. None of my opponents were the issue all five of them were great opponents I just struggled to engage in two of the games and just felt I was there to remove models for them. I'll give a quick run down of the match.

Game 1 vs Neil Gibbons (CSM/CD)
This was probably the best game of the weekend, a real back and forth affair. I messed up pretty early on when I tried to deepstrike my wolves near the board edge to take out his Soulgrinder, scattered off the board and lost them, especially since the positioning and LOS blocking terrain meant that the Soulgrinder didn't play a huge part of the game. Killed his warlord with my chapter master on bike in a dual and his greater daemon of Nurgle with my Rune Priest, but in the end the lack of troops meant the win wasn't big.

Game 2 vs Gordon Wilson (GK/SM)
Draigo wing with Iron Hand bike support. Although my Chapter Master absorbed an obscene amount of firepower in turns one and two the massive Paladin deathstar just walked into combat with my command squad and took them out. My firepower was mostly going through Driago and was therefore doing nothing, but Gordon was also amazing at making 5+ fnp saves to avoid loosing huge numbers of men to my grav gun. In the end I could little but avoid the tabling and it really felt like I'd not even swung for the ball let alone hit the pitch.

Game 3 vs Mathew Pridmore (GK)
You can imagine my mood when, after round 2's game, I faced the ONLY other Draigo wing in the 120 man tournament. I tried to manoeuvre so that my grav gun attacks weren't going through Driago, but still managed almost no damage before my command squad was wiped out. A pretty disappointing game in which the only real success was puppet mastering his Dreadknight and killing half this strike squad, before killing the knight with grav guns.

Game 4 vs Colm Mccarthy (Necrons)
Wraithwing .... I actually managed to cope with the wraiths, through a combination of getting Misfortune on Tig and focusing on a unit at a time, but his 5 flyers were another matter and I didn't manage to drop a single one.

Game 5 vs Andy Peters (Tau/Farsight/Inq)
So the Tau gun line, on one of the bottom tables, I didn't hold much hope for this game as it was Hammer and Anvil and he'd deployed in the first 12" of his deployment zone, however a turn one orbital strike from my Chapter master took out two hammerhead which were deployed way to close to each other and a Riptide, which was also wounded. Tig and the Rune Priest earned their points with the former puppet mastering his Riptide and Grey Knight Dreadnough to shoot his firewarriors and path finders, and the later managing to get past that annoying deny on four dice to drop a riptide with Jaws. Still it wasn't a crushing win since primary was killpoints and in turn five he managed to finish off three of my characters including the Warlord.

So two low score wins and three losses. I wasn't tabled (which was an achievement) but it meant I finished 82nd from 112, so I'm not even sure I can claim mid table obscurity on that result. Its fair to say I'm feeling even less inspired by 40k at the moment.

Next up for me is the Yorkshire Open which present another possible pitfall since they've allowed everything in, escalation, stronghold assualt, forge world, the works. At the moment I'm toying between trying again with a bike army, but making it White Scars this time, or going back to the drop wolves, which although not meta busting can cause some armies real issues.

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