Monday, 17 February 2014

Adepticon 2014 - 6 weeks to go

Next up for me is Adepticon in Chicago. I went last year and enjoyed myself and was convinced to go again this year. Simply put the UK does nothing on the scale of Adepticon. I've not been to Salute in London but from watching video coverage it appears to be heavy on the vendors rather than gaming. Adepticon is HUGE on the gaming. The main hall itself can fit over 250 gamers as this photo from last year only partially show.
But that's only the 40k room. Last year there was another room probably half that size for Warhammer, another smaller one for Warmahorde, a fourth for Malifuax as well as a number of smaller satellite rooms and tables for other participation games and demos.
This year I'm going again with Geek Nation Tours, a quick shout out to them as Teras make the whole process so much easier. Plus you get early access to the web cart to ensure you make it into the tournaments you want. This is pretty essential given the speed the championship sells out at. Teras also plans entertainment for the nights you're not gaming as well as welcome and farewell meals. I'd strongly recommend Geek Nation Tours, but maybe not Teras' choice of Hawaii shirts at times.

In terms of 40k there are two big events, the Singles Championship on Thursday (and Friday for the lucky top 16 players) and the Team tournament on Saturday and Sunday. Currently I'm playing in both, as well as a smaller event on the Friday (I'm under no illusions I'll get through to the final 16). I finished Last year with a solid win, two minor wins and a heavy loss. I'm hoping this year to do better. Now I was thinking of taking my Drop Wolves, but realistically it will be a nightmare to get 7 drop pods over to the US so I've opted for something a little more compact and in keeping with the current deathstar 40k trend. It also follows on from the fact I love the visual appeal of the bike army ever since I saw 4000pts of bikes at last year's team tournament at Adepticon. Therefore my current thinking is ;-

Primary Detachtment - White Scars
Kor'sarro Khan on Moondraken  - 150pts
Chapter Master with The Shield Eternal, Thunderhammer, Artificer Armour, Bike & Auspex - 255pts
Command Squad with Bikes, 4 x Grav Guns, 2 x Storm Shields, Apothacary - 230pts
10 Tactical Marines with Meltagun, Multi-Melta, Combi-Melta in a Rhino - 205pts
10 Tactical Marines with Plasmagun in a Rhino - 190pts
Stalker - 75pts
Thunderfire Cannon - 100pts
StormTalon Gunship with Skyhammer Missiles - 125pts

Allied Detachtment - Space Wolves
Wolf Lord with Bike, Runic Armour, Storm Shield, Power Fist, Saga of the Bear, 2 Fenrisian Wolves - 265pts
Rune Priest with Bike, Runic Armour - 155pts
5 Grey Hunters - 75pts

This still leaves me with 25 points to spend, probably on a few meltabombs on the command squad. The basic premise is simple all the character team up within the command squad. This gives a unit with nineteen wounds. Nine of which are protected by a 2+ save followed by a feel no pain roll. I'm hoping it can absorb some serious punishment. So it will get into position in turn 1 using it's scout and move, then in turn two potentially bomb burst to attack multiple tagets, or stay as a pack to hunt other deathstars. I've got a Rune Priest to help deal with Psychic deathstars, a thunderfire to deal with small deckchair units and a reasonable flyer defence. I'm gonna get some practise in over the next couple of week, maybe refine the list and see where it takes me.



  1. Given that you're LoSing on a 2+ then I don't think the Shield is necessary on a T5 character. There's nothing that's seriously threatening with S10 AP2 shooting or melee that you can't pawn off on a random body. I'd take a Fist and Claw for the +1A and versatility instead of the shield and hammer. Much cheaper too, which leaves you 100 odd points to spend on other things.

    I'm not sold on the Tac squad loadouts either. A friend of mine ran just Melta/Combi-Melta this weekend with some success. I don't think the MM/Plasma is going to be consistently useful for the points spent.

    1. I was thinking of dropping the Tac marines down to just Melta / Combi Melta. In Theory their scout move and turn 1 move beings them very quickly into a range where the Melta can fire.

      Although you're right about there not being much Str10 Ap2 firing out there, there is a lot of Str10 Ap2 close combat attacks from Wraith Knights, Riptides. Daemons and Nids for example. Given the pack does most of its damage in combat (ironically) I do need to be able to take on monstorous creatures in HtH.

      I'm actually not sold on the Stalker at the moment, but in all my games so far using something similiar I've yet to face a lot of flyers, either that or the Stalker has been overpowered very quickly.

    2. Regarding MCs, they will be halving their attacks to obtain S10, and without the charge bonus that puts most of them on a max of 3 attacks (more commonly 2). Hitting on 4s, wounding on 2s, and then you get a 4++ (or 3++ if you go for a normal SS) and you get a reroll for every 5 models you outnumber by, so I'd say the odds of taking no damage are solid. Of course if they're non-character MCs then you don't even need to worry about challenges and can just beat face while removing a normal bod or two. I do take your point though. :)

      I personally don't like the Stalker. The lack of Interceptor cripples it for real flyers, and it doesn't do a huge amount versus Flying MCs either - although it's cheaper than a quad gun. I don't know what the meta of Adepticon will be, but Fateweaver Flying Circus, Ovessa-star and double Wraithknight all did very well and were popular at the Scottish ETC tourney I just went to.