Friday, 7 February 2014

Rage buildup

So this weekend sees me attempt to qualify for the next round of the Yorkshire Open. This heat is being held at The Royal Armouries (RAGE), which could be a nice future venue. Rule pack wise its pretty simple, it’s going to be three straight book missions with each of the deployment options being played once. In the end I opted for Tau, this might be a mistake because I’ve not used them in a while and so may be a little rusty, I’m also concerned I’ve leaned heavily on the Tau Support Cadre formation and will it live up to its reputation. The army I’ve select had to be tweaked slightly when I opened up my cases and found out what was and wasn’t painted, 10 unpainted kroot and only 1 painted skyray being the main issues.

Tau Empire
Commander Batman – C&C Node (15), Puretide Chip (15), Multi-Spectrum Sensors (20), Irridium Armour (25), Shield Generator (25) Stimulant Injector (15), Neuroweb Jammer (2) Onager Gauntlet (5) [207pts]
12 Kroot with Kroot Hount (5) [77pts]
12 Kroot with Kroot Hount (5) [77pts]
8 Fire Warriors [72pts]
Riptide with Ion Accelerator(5), Twin-Linked Fusion Gun, Early Warning Override (5) [190pts]
SkyRay with Blacksun Filter (1) [116pts]
SkyRay with Blacksun Filter (1) [116pts]

Tau Support Cadre
Riptide with Heavy Burst Cannon, Twin-Linked Fusion Gun, Early Warning Override (5), Velocity tracker (15) [205pts]
3 Broadsides with High Yield Missile Pods, Smart Missile Systems, Early Warning Override (5), Shas’iu (10) [220pts]
3 Broadsides with High Yield Missile Pods, Smart Missile Systems, Early Warning Override (5), Shas’iu (10) [220pts]

For an Alpha strike this army packs a massive punch. Bare minimum is thrity two Str5, ignore cover shots which don’t need line of sight (twenty four of which are also tank hunter) so you can’t hide from them. If there’s little or no LOS blocking terrain you’ll face you’ll also face another 24 Str7 missile, some of which will also ignore cover as well as the RipTides weapons and Sky Rays Missiles. If I get first turn I should be able to make a real mess of an opponent and will need to carefully plan the target priority to ensure I kill the more important things first.

Issues I can think of,

Troops – I’ve not got a huge number of troops, I’m hoping that my opponents will be too busy dealing with the other units to target them, plus as long as I don’t need one squad to screen they’ll be in reserve for as long as possible.

Going Second – There are a lot of alpha strike armies or armies who need one turn to get to full power. White Scars and Drop Wolves are examples of the former, whilst Screamer-star and Seer-star examples of the later. For the Alpha strike armies it all depends on their deployment method. I’m not too worried about drop lists, the amount of intercept in the army means their key players (Rune Priests mostly) won’t survive to get out of their pods. I’ll just have to use careful deployment and screening with Kroot to prevent too much damage. For the Deathstars I can team the Commander with Stubborn and a Riptide together to hold up the unit whilst I punish their other units.

AV14 – I’ve only two ways to destroy an AV14 vehicle and both of them involve RipTides (well my Commander can use his Gauntlet if I get REALLY desperate!). This will simply have to come down to either ignoring the vehicle and concentrate on the other stuff, or carefully get my Riptides into either 9” range or Close Combat.

Psykers – I’m thinking mostly Telepathy powers here. Puppet master, Terrify, Hallucination all have the potential to cause me serious problems. If they have a psyker and he rolls the right powers it simply raises him up the threat scale.

I believe it’s the top 5 plays from the field of 20 which qualify, so I need to achieve above “Mid Table Obscurity” to do this. I think it will come down to the mix or hobby armies vs. tournament armies in attendance and a little luck in the draw. I think 2 good wins should see me thought to the Semi Finals.

Finally this weekend sees me recording as a guest on the Soulstone Train podcast. They are having a 40k related podcast and invited a few of the more prominent 40k’ers from the Garrison to come along and talk about. I’m sure I’ll post a link once the podcast is released.


  1. No pathfinders seems odd. Little question are you gonna enjoy using this army it looks very dull. I hate tau by the way

    1. Yes there is a lack of markerlights in the army, I simply ran out of points. I had hoped to have a third Sky Ray to provide 2 more. Not sure about enjoying the army, we'll find out on Sunday, it might never get used again if I don't.

  2. The link to SST is and it's on iTunes. I'll be trying to get it edited and released tomorrow.
    Steve - I might come see you Monday about a potential future Warmachine bit.