Saturday, 15 February 2014

Yorkshire Open qualify tournament ... RAGE - Game 2

Game 2 vs. Jacob (Space Marines) – Purge the Alien / Hammer and Anvil

Jacob is a fellow York Garrison player and ironically I’d played him with a very similar army a couple of months ago, that time the game lasted 3 turns before I’d tabled him, why? Because Jocaob is using an all drop pod list. Jacobs is using ;-

8 Grey Hunters in Drop Pod with a Rune Priest
8 Grey Hunters in Drop Pod with a Rune Priest
8 Blood Angels with Tycho and brother Corbula in a drop pod
8 Blood Angels in a drop pod
5 Assault Marines in a drop pod
5 Assault Marines in a drop pod

It was those Rune Priests I was really worried about, JotWW really messes with Tau and without the points to bring in Farsight Enclave for the defense the game could be determined by how effective they are.

My First turn was uneventful as there wasn’t anything on the field to fire at. In Jacob’s turn both Rune Priests and the Blood Angel’s special character dropped in. The intercept wasn’t great and this time Jacob had positioned his Rune Priest correctly so that despite completely wiping out a Grey Hunter pack both Rune Priest survive. Jacob fired up the Rune Priest and both manifested their JotWW, neither were denied and my commander and both Riptide had to make test. Luckily for me both Riptides passed their initiative checks to survive, but the Commander was killed.

In my turn I made it clear, the Rune Priests weren’t going to get a 2nd shot at the Riptides. One of the kroot squad near to lone Rune Priest shot him down and then the Broadsides and Riptides finished off the 2nd squad of Grey Hunters and attached Rune Priest. The Blood Angels went largely untouched. Tycho has a 2+ save whilst Corbula’s 3+ and 2+ FnP makes them hard to kill and Jacob had carefully positioned them so that almost all shooting would go through one of them first.

In Jacob’s 2nd turn only an Assault squad arrived. This was promptly shot to pieces as it disembarked it’s drop pod. The Blood Angels position to charge a nearby unit of Kroot looking to get some easy kill points, whilst Tycho left the unit to charge a Skyray. In the firing phase the Blood Angels actually killed the Kroot outright, this did mean that they had no target to charge and Corbula was now out of position to defend his squad from firing. Tycho charged and easily destroyed one of the Skyrays, but again out on his own was not easier picking for the Riptide with Ion Cannon.

Turn Three, Jacob was still on the back foot but did risk over running the Broadsides with the units which were still on the board. The Ion Cannon Riptide fired on Tycho, his str8 AP3 weapon easily cutting down the captain in a single shot. The remaining blood angels then felt the firepower of the Broadside, albeit only their SMS as their high yields were on cool down from intercepting. When the smoke cleared on Brother Corbula and a single marine were left.

In Jacob’s turn three his remaining reserves arrived. The five man assault squad didn’t make it out of their drop pod, but the other Blood Angel unit landed and smoked the Kroot hiding in the wood with their bolter and flamer fire. Brother Corbula and the space Marine charged the Broadsides and started another epic fight there 2+ saves meant little of no damage was being inflicted.

Turn four and the Tau were on mop up duty. The Riptides started to move up the board to secure linebreaker whilst also shooting the Space Marine squads, whilst the Broadside unit not engage in hand to hand started to clear out the drop pods for extra kill points. The combat involving the other broadside continue to drag out with neither side able to break their opponent.

The rest of the battle was largely un eventful,Jacob’s remaining blood angels chase one of the Riptide on only a single wound but failed to kill it with their bolters, and were swiftly killed by the Tau return fire. Although it took several turns of combat Brother Corbula finally managed to kill all the Broadsides, but found himself too far away from the rest of the Tau army.

Tallying up the Kill Points it was a comfortable win for the Tau and another 20 – 0 victory to me.

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