Sunday, 16 February 2014

Yorkshire Open qualify tournament ... RAGE - Game 3

Round 3 vs Matt (Dark Angel Ravenwing) – Scouring / Vanguard Strike

The final round of the tournament and I was facing one of the other two people who had gone 40 – 0 until this point. Whilst I would have rather faced the other foot slogging Grey Knight army, I ended up facing a full on Ravenwing army. Matt’s army had the ability to seriously alpha strike me. It consisted of

Unit of Ravenwing Knights with Plasma talons and two grenade launchers
Two units of Raven wing bikes with two plasma, an attack bike and a landspeeder
One units of Raven wing bikes with two melta, an attack bike and a landspeeder

The Ravenwing combat squad by splitting of their attack bikes and Land Speeders into separate single units. They still however, all count as troops, so in the army only Samuel wasn’t scoring. To make matters worse Matt won the roll for first turn. Matt deployed in a long line on the edge of his deployment zone. The three bikes squads in the centre of the block with the Knights on his left and Land Speeders on his right. My response was to tuck right into my left corner. I was hoping to prevent his full army from being able to alpha strike me and hopefully I could deal with his army piece meal. The Kroot were held in reserve.
Hide in the corner, they might not notice us

Turn one, after scouting and his movement phase Matt’s bike were right down my throat. Luckily my crafty deployment meant the Plasma talons of his Knights were out of range. However I still had to face the remaining firepower. The Melta guns on one squad were out of range and only one of the plasma gun squads were in rapid fire range. Matt targeted mostly my two Riptides that were at the front of the deployment zone and through a combination of good saves or poor firing I only lost a couple of wounds off my Riptides.

My Turn one was pretty fast. The firewarriors that had been hiding behind a small LOS building moved out to fire on the Knights whilst the rest of the army didn’t move. In the Firing phase we targeted the Bike Squads and the devastation was pretty nasty. With preferred enemy on the broadsides we tore into the units, often requiring Matt to make 18+ saves per squad. As a result 9 of the 15 bikes were removed from firing. Even the Firewarriors managed to kill off three of the Knights with their pulse rifles.

Turn two and the Ravenwing continued to press into the fight, however the riptides were blocking some of the clear runs into my table quarter. The last member of one of the bike squads attempted to drive through a linear, failed his dangerous terrain check, then failed his armour save and died. His firepower had been seriously depleted and if it was ineffective at full power it was just as ineffective at half power, so didn’t make a huge impact on my army.

For my turn two my kroot teams arrived one on each flank. The Tau continued their devastating firepower wiping out all remaining bikes except Samuel and one of the attack bikes.

Turn three and Matt attempted to break off to survive. The three surviving Land Speeders headed for the opposite corner of the board as too did the attack bike. Samuel moved to fire on the Kroot which had appeared on my opposite flank and were sitting on a three point objective. Then rubbing salt into the wound proceeded to overheat with his plasma cannon, fail his armour save and loose his last wound, killing him.

In my turn three I advanced a lot of my army out the corner to get range on the Landspeeders, despite needing 6s to hit I managed to drop two of the Landspeeder with Broadside and my other kroot finished off the Attack bike. With only a single Landspeeder alive Matt conceded the game.

So with three 20 – 0 wins I won the tournament. This actually my first win for a tournament (I’ve been 2nd and 3rd a number of times). Now I fully realise this tournament was in no way a hardcore tournament, but it still felt nice to win it and it means I’ve qualified for the Semi finals in April.

The army performed well by basically blowing most opponents off the board as expected. Game one proved the most tactical as I had to avoid the Macro cannon. Game two and three were more about the maths of the Tau army simply rolling more dice and largely ignoring sections of the rules. Overall I enjoyed the event and the Armouries is a great venue. Where else would you get a brief at the start of the day which include “the toilets are through those doors and straight past the elephant” or when the first round draft is drawn directly from a medieval helmet .

Next up for me is Adepticon and I’ll be posting later with my current plan for the army to take there.

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