Saturday, 1 March 2014

Adepticon 2014 - 4 weeks to go

Following on from the post on the Adepticon championship tournament, the other event I’m taking part in is the Team tournament. The team tournament is fairly famous in the US 40k scene and always draws a large turnout. Teams of four people compete in five games over two days. Each player has a 1000pts army and team with one other member of their team in each round. During day one the organisers pair the team, ensuring that you have at least one game with each member of your team. On day two the pairings are left to the team to decide.

All wolf army looked amazing
As with any tournament there are a mixture of team and their objectives. There are the fiercely competitive teams who are out to win and have engineered a team chocked full of nasty units and combos. However one of the major draws are the more fluffy armies. Last year I saw a several really nicely themed armies, from an all Thunder Wolf / Fenrisian Wolf army, purely Space Marines bike army (using the older SM codex so before bikes were as good as they are now). There were lots of themed Chaos armies with each member taking a mono god list. It was unfortunate that last year due to the NORA virus hitting the hotel and taking out one of our team we only got to play on Day one, but it was certainly fun.

This year I’ve managed to get a place in a team with three fellow Geek Nation Tour participants. Lee, Brian and Dano are all friends of Teras the owner of GNT and have graciously agreed to let this brit join their team. Last year the team I was in was a collection of four gamers using the armies they’d brought for the singles event. As such, we had a fairly disparate team containing Tyranids, Orks, CSM and Marines (Adepticon rules that anyone can ally with each other and count as allies of convenience). This year Lee, Brian and Dano had already come up with a theme for the team and I was happy to join in, especially when Brian announced that he was happy to source and paint all 4 armies! So having made this offer to paint 4000pts you’d assume that the theme was a small elite based army, nope. We are using a foot based Space Marine army and each 1000 point army consists of a HQ, three tactical squads, an assault squad and a devastator squad. So between the four armies that’s 200 marines that Brian has agreed to paint. We’re each responsible for creating, modelling and painting our HQ. Mine is a level two Librarian with jump pack to run with my assault marines. What it does mean is that when two of these armies are paired together, you’ve got an entire company of Nova Marines taking to each table.

In other news, York Garrison’s Summer Solstice has been announced. It’s the second year I’ve been involved in running it and were hoping to improve again on last years. We’re in a bigger venue this year so we can offer up to 40 places and hopefully since we don’t clash with Toy Soldiers this year we’ll manage to sell out. I'll probably feature this more in some future blog updates.

Finally I’m off to another Yorkshire Open Qualifying event on Sunday, although I’ve already qualified from the RAGE event I want to get more practise with my bike army. As such I’m fairly certain I’ve gimped my Adepticon force in order to fit into 1500, but I wanted to include the full 1060pts deathstar unit to get practise with it. The army I’m taking is ;-

 Primary Detachtment - White Scars
Kor'sarro Khan on Moondraken  - 150pts
Chapter Master with The Shield Eternal, Thunderhammer, Artificer Armour, Bike & Auspex - 255pts
Command Squad with Bikes, 4 x Grav Guns, 2 x Storm Shields, Apothacary - 230pts
5 Space Marines Bike, 2 x Grav Guns, Melta Bombs - 140pts
5 Space Marines Bike, 2 x Grav Guns, Melta Bombs - 140pts
Stalker - 75pts

Allied Detachtment - Space Wolves
Wolf Lord with Bike, Runic Armour, Storm Shield, Power Fist, Saga of the Bear, 2 Fenrisian Wolves - 265pts
Rune Priest with Bike, Runic Armour - 155pts
5 Grey Hunters - 75pts

I've pretty much removed most of my scoring and utilities in order to keep the deathstar in tact, but tomorrow isn't about winning, its about practising manoeuvring, placement and experience with the deathstar unit in preperation for Apdeticon. Winning a couple of games would be nice though. 

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