Thursday, 10 April 2014

Adepticon 2014 - Part 1 (General Intro)

Another Adepticon is done and dusted and I had a great time. Adepticon is one of the biggest tournaments / convention within the US and dwarfs anything in the UK. With 226 player in the singles tournament and a staggering 480 people taking part in the team tournament you'll see what I mean. 

As last year, I attended Adepticon as part of Geek Nation Tours . Its a great deal and Teras, you host and owner of GNT, really puts on a good tour. There was a welcome dinner featuring various talks from podcasters, retailers Battlefoam and Cool Mini or Not, Golden demon winning painters and Terri Litorco from Geek and Sundry fame. Each evening Teras arranges meals out at various eating establishments in and around Lombard, as well arranging all the pre-convention stuff like flights and transfers. Could you do it cheaper on your own, probably, but with GNT it takes all the hassle away from it and leave you free to enjoy the gaming. Well worth it my mind. 

Adepticon in general has gown in its 12 years, and even from last year appears to be getting bigger. They were adding more tournaments and events to the roster such as more organised Star Wars tournaments (the game was relatively new last years) and 28mm adepticus titanicus. Yes that's right a game of Adepticus Titanicus using 40k scale titans, which looked awesome. If only I could get my warhound titan over there safely next year I'd be tempted to join, but given it already costs me an extra £100 to get my 2nd bag for miniatures over there that's unlikely to happen. 

As part of the the VIG package (Very Important Gamer), which all GNT member get, I believe there's around 250 of them at the convention, you get an enhanced swag bag. Missing from the picture is the Adepticon T-shirt you also get as well as the GNT bowling shirt that Teras adds. All in all its a nice little bundle and although I'm unlikely to use a lot of it the Horus Heresy novel from Black Library was one I was looking to pick up soon so that's a big bonus.

This year I played again in the championship tournament on Thursday and the team tournament on Saturday / Sunday. I was lucky enough to get an invite to join a team again made up of some fellow GNT members (another advantage of booking through them, but one that's obviously not guaranteed ;) ) My only real criticism of Adepticon was the terrain, whilst I realise that they need to provide terrain for over 250 boards (and that's only in the 40k room), there was a lack of LOS blocking terrain which is vital in the current Tau / Eldar dominated meta. Area terrain just doesn't cut it as well. That said the quality of the terrain they had was awesome. So I'll leave you know with some shots of the various themes the 40k tables had before diving into the championship tournament in more detail in my next blog post.

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