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Adepticon 2014 - Part 3 (Championship Tournament cont.)

Half way through the tournament and I'm 1 - 1 after a really close defeat I'm still feeling the love for my army. For the full details on what I was using check yesterday's entry.

Game 3 vs. Josef (Tyranids)

Primary Missions - Kill Points / The Scouring
Deployment - Hammer and Anvil

Josef was using a big bug heavy army. Packed onto his Skyshield landing pad there was two winged Hive Tyrants, two Hive Crones, two Exocrines, three individual Zoanthropes and a Tyrannofex. Standing nearby was a Tervigon and it's thirty Termagants. All in all a lot of high toughness high wound models to kill. Hiding up on the Skysheild made them immune to jaws too, however they were tightly packed in up there which would benefit my Thunderfire Cannons.

Josef had a nice concept for his Skyshield pad, he was using four Carnifex models as legs. I liked this idea but Josef's execution wasn't as good as I think it could be. It might just be that he hadn't finished it yet since the carnifex weren't really that painted.

Although Josef's deployment afforded most of his army a 4+ save it also bunched them up and my opening salvos of Thunderfire and Orbital Strike landed amongst the tightly packed units, putting a couple of wounds on most of the monstorous creatures and killing two of the Zoanthropes. The bike squads also targeted the two Crones and managed to kill both before they had an opportunity to take off.  Josef's response was a little odd, given the firepower my army was obviously kicking out it would have made sense for his Tyrants to take to the relative safety of the air. But instead they stayed grounded and moved to assault two of my bike units, a relatively short charge for one into my command squad and a longer charge for the warlord into one of the troop units. The return fire wasn't that worrying and only really cause the odd wound. When it came to the assault phase the warlord failed to charge, but not before suffering a wound to over watch. The other Tyrant engaged the command squad but was relatively ineffective before being killed by my Lord.

What followed was a pretty systematic destruction of his army. The Talons arrive to continue the punishment and the thunderfires kept raining death. Whenever the Tyranids assaulted the White Scars would simply hit and run so the firepower could be poured on. In the end only the end of the game on turn five prevented me from tabling them

Game 4 vs James (Necrons)

Primary Missions - Kill Points / 5 Objectives
Deployment - Dawn of War

This wasn't going to be a good match for me. I've experience it before and I struggle with the Necron airforce. James was running a spiderstar type army with Zandrekh, Obyron and Destroyer Lord. Add in two units of wraiths, three Spyders, an Annihilation Barge, three Scarabs and of course four minimum units of Warriors in Night Scythes.

I could pretty much have written this report before the game even started and it played out exactly how I thought it would. James won the roll and chose to go second. He formed up in a corner with one unit of Wraiths, Spyders all three characters and the Barge all tucked into a single terrain feature. My Alpha strike was brutal, the Thunderfire Cannons, Orbital Barrage and Grav Guns tore into the units killing four Wraiths, two Spyders and instant killing the Destoyer Lord. The Annihilation Barge was also blown up in the rain of fire. James responded by charging the Spyders and remaining characters into my super unit. The resulting fight lasted over two turns with Zandrekh refusing to allow me to hit and run out. However the Lord slowly wore down the opponents, with some poor rolling from James not helping him out.

Meanwhile the rest of my army mopped up the ground forces, one of my Talons arrived turn two which triggered the remaining Wraiths to deepstrike near one Thunderfire Cannon, unfortunately for them the two Cannons simply direct fired into the clumped up Wraiths after they only manged to run one inch, killing four of the five. Then his flyers arrived.

As fully expected the Night Scythes flew on, shot the Talon and began picking apart the rest of the army. The arrival of my other Talon only resulted in one Scythe being force to leave the board for a turn, but the rest picked apart my army with little return fire. The Command squad didn't event manage to finish off his death star, after Zandrekh died, Obyron teleported out of combat with the remaining Spyder, denying me two more kill points.

Turn five and James dropped unit to secure or contest objectives and then the game ended. I don't believe there is any way my army can beat this force if the Necrons go second and the game ends on turn five, its just not possible.

In the end I finished 121st out of 226, worst that last year but still mid-table obscurity. I had four really enjoyable games, with the first two being my favourite as really tactical games that seem to swing back and forth.

The army performed well, it was narrowly pipped in game two and was beat by a lack of air power in game four. Similar lists to mine were using stalkers instead of Talon, but I feel my Talons were more use in the games that didn't feature flyers. That said I didn't really face any of the Eldar meta armies, although Kevin's force was a brutal amount of firepower.

After a day off on the Friday it was the team tournament at the weekend and time for Adepticon to face the might of two complete companies of Space Marines .....

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