Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Adepticon 2014 - Part 4 (Team Tournament Intro)

The team tournament is the crown jewel of Adepticon event. This year 120 teams of four people took part, making it one of the biggest 40k gaming events I’ve been too. The format is fairly simple four players each bring a 1000 point list, for the first three games a player is paired with each member of his team to form a 2000 points coalition. Games four and five it’s the team captain who picks the pairing. Each round teams are drawn against each other and the two coalitions fight each other. The two forces are always treated as allies of convenience, unless the allies matrix classed them as battle brothers, so you do seem some fairly odd combinations at times.
On top of gaming, the team tournament features tournament points for army painting, army theme, team quiz, team spirit, sportsmanship and army display. This makes the team tournament as much of a spectacular as it is a gaming event. Below are a couple of examples of the awesome army displays which were present this year.

I’d managed to get an invite onto team Super Troopers. My fellow team mates (Lee, Dano and Brian) were all on the Geek Nation Tours, and are actually personal friends with the owner Teras. In the month leading up to Adepticon there was a number of conversations around what we were going to take to the tournament over email. Last year the team I joined simply combined four players using their own armies which resulted in quite an odd mish-mash of forces and we didn’t score well in the theme and display categories. Going into this event Brian and Lee had already formulated a plan as to what they wanted the army to look like and I happily joined in. Team Super Troopers would be fielding a Space Marine troop based army, but not just any old set of troops we between the four players we were fielding the complete 2nd and 5th companies of the Nova Marines. That’s 200 space marines plus characters!! The really crazy thing is that Brian volunteered to assemble and paint all the rank and file marines. Each team member would be responsible for their own HQ choice.

At this point I need to pay homage to Brian. He managed to complete the assembly and painting of 200 Space Marines and they looked awesome! Lee provided two forge world realm of battle tiles to give us a cool looking display. I provided the team with matching team t-shirts so this year it really felt like being part of team, rather than a collection of players.

Basically each team member had their own HQ choice, three tactical squads, an assault squad and a devastator squad. The variation between the armies was based on the heavy and special weapon load outs as well as the HQ choice. I was using ;-
Lvl 2 Librarian, Jump Pack, Melta Bombs
Tactical Squad, Heavy Bolter, Flamer
Tactical Squad, Heavy Bolter, Flamer
Tactical Squad, Missile Launcher, Melta-Gun
Assault Squad, 2 x Flamers, Power Sword
Devastator Squad, 4 x Las-Cannon

The other HQs were a Captain and two Masters of the Forge. There was a mix of plasma, melta and flamer for the special weapons and missle, las-cannon and multi-melta for the heavies.

The team tournament work on two mission at the same time, however unlike the championship tournament there is a primary mission which is worth more point than the secondary mission, with the normal secondary ojectives (linebreaker, slay the warlord and first blood) acting as additional points. The combine together to make a score out of 20 (10 for the primary mission, 7 for secondary and 1 point each for linebreaker, slay the warlord and first blood). This means that even in a terrible match up there are points you can try to scrape in order to benefit the team.

I’ll finish the blog entry with some more pictures of the some of the awesome armies on display and get to the actual game write ups on my next entry.


  1. It was good to have you on the team buddy!


  2. Great photos! Thanks for sharing them. The first nid one...wow!

    1. It was pretty awesome, I'm led to believe that it was also capable of showering dry ice out too, which would look prett epic!