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Adepticon 2014 - Part 6 (Team Tournament cont.)

Games three and four are an interesting study how two games, with the same outcome, played against two extremely dominant armies can generate two entirely different experiences in 40k.

Game 3 (Space Marines / Tau)

Primary Mission – Mark for Death (Kill Points but only one of the two forces generates them for the opponent)
Secondary Mission – Five Objectives
Deployment – Vanguard Strike

We'd done quite well in our first two rounds, but we'd stuck our heads to far over the parapet and this was the punishment. This Tau / Marine team was pure tournament filth. That's not to say that's a bad thing, the team was clearly here to do well whilst I think we were here to have fun more than win. The army featured a large Centurion deathstar, Chapter Master, two units of Bikes, a Tau Buff Commander, Two Riptides a SkyRay and a couple of units of Kroot. All in all a nasty list.The mission was a variation of kill points, but you had to pick which of the two opponent's army would generate them, the other half yielded nothing. Obviously for us which ever of us was chosen simply didn't combat squad at all to leave only six kill points, that turned out to be me. We made a mistake early, we chose the Tau as our target, but with hindsight this was wrong. The Tau had a lot of long range firepower and hence didn't need to commit, if we'd chosen the Marines at least our kill points would need to get into 24" range if they wanted to contribute anything to the fight.

That's exactly what they did. The Riptides hid in a corner, the Kroot never appear from behind the hills and the Tau commander joined the Centrurions and hid at the back of the unit.

Now don't get me wrong, if I was playing in a solo team tournament or Team Super Troopers were there to win this tournament this game would have been the type of game I'd get my teeth into, but we weren't and our opponents didn't seem to relax there gaming style despite the win pretty much being in the the bag for them. The game only lasted three turns until we concede as we'd lost a lot of our units and weren't frankly having much fum watching our army being picked apart. There was one other part of this game I disliked, the Tau player didn't seem to be making any decisions, even with his own force. The Marines player was telling him what and where to go, it was almost as if he'd turned up just to move models. This seem kinda pointless in a double game to have one player there in body only.

Game 4 (Eldar / Tau) 

Primary Mission – Relic
Secondary Mission – Kill Points
Deployment – Dawn of War

This army was every bit as filthy as the previous army but what a MASSIVE difference in gaming experience. Teaming with Brian again (as I had in game three) we were facing the terrifying prospect of two Riptides, two Wraith Knights, three Broadsides, Two Wave Serpents and a handful of Dire Avengers and Fire Warriors, with a Farseer on Jet Bike as warlord. Between Brian and I we decided to give them Kill Points but to throw everything at the Relic, literally!

Five tactical squads combat teamed down and charged straight for the relic, the light brigade had nothing on us!

I think one of the main difference was the attitude of our opponents, they knew they had this one in the bag, we knew they had this one in bag and they bantered accordingly.

We had some bad luck which might have swung the battle into a real gun fight. Turn one and my four Las-Cannons failed to kill a single Broadside, despite getting three wounds (damn cover saves) but at all time the humour and fun continued. The banter between us and this team was awesome, yes they kept the pressure on us to ensure they won but they were fun to play against.

Brian's decision to take on a Wraith Knight with his assault squad might have seemed odd, but three turns later when it was still locked in combat with the heroic marines our opponents were forced to charge the Farseer into the Combat to help out. This did line up the most classic moment of the whole game. Once the Farseer and Wraith Knight had finished off the Marines the Farseer found himself staring at the business end of my Missile Launcher from the Tactical squad. Driven on from his heroic scoring of first blood in game two he fired, hit, wounded and instant killed the Warlord of the army. For the next turn and a half we took great pleasure in forging the narrative by informing our opponents that the relic in the centre of the board was a fake and that this whole battle was a ploy to assassinate the Farseer, 100 expendable Marines to score a single kill shot on the Farseer. Our opponents also took this in the right spirit and joked along.

In the end we lost, horribly. At the end of turn six I had two models left on the board and Brian had been wiped out completely. However our opponents did comment that the sheer number of Marines on the table had been an uphill struggle and if a little more luck had gone our way it might have changed the game completely. In one turn we had lined up for the Librarian to Shriek a Riptide, both waves serpents to be shot down by Las Cannons and four Multi-Melta to kill a Wraith Knight. It was a little bit of a long shot but if it had succeeded we'd have swung the game completely.

So like I said at the start, two games, both against really hard tournament style lists, both of which we lost horribly being wiped out, but only one I'd replay in a heartbeat.

I really wish I could remember the team name of the team we faced because they were awesome opponents to play against and one of the highlights of my trips to the US. I still chuckle when I remember taking great pleasure in ringing the "Slay the Warlord" result on the score sheet :D

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