Monday, 19 May 2014

Adepticon 2014 - Part 7 (Team Tournament conclusion)

Game 5 vs. Dorks with Chaos (Chaos Space Marines / Imperial Guard)

So we're into the final part of this epic write up. The final game of the team tournament and teaming once again with Lee we face off against a CSM / Guard combo. Centre of the CSM list was Typhus and his 75 plague zombies. Two Heldrakes and a Vendetta for air support, a Manticore and a handful of other Guard units with a Skyshield landing Pad for them to hold. This game took an interesting turn when I rolled terrify as one of my psychic powers. Suddenly we had a tool for dealing with one of the massive zombie blobs (the other one having Typhus in making it harder to affect).

Turn one and going second I set my Librarian up a couple of inches off the edge of the deployment zone edge on the assumption the zombies would advance. Which they did, so in our turn I duly terrified them, watched them break and then fail to run off the board ...Drat! The Assault Marines from both force flooded the left flank of the board hoping that in our small five man squads we would survive what was about to arrive on the board. A lucky shot from the Devastators also saw the Manticore blow up after having fired only a single missile. The resulting fire wash also cleared out some of the men on the top of the landing pad.

Luck was still on my side though as the zombies  failed to rally, running off the board however they were replaced by a new terror, two Helldrakes and a Vendetta. However the green stuff work and paint job on the Vendetta was AWESOME! I'd noticed a Warhound Titan last year in a similar scheme and it turned out this was the same person. However it was the two Helldrakes which worried us the most and rightfully so, in their firing phase they decimated the Assault Marines, wiping out one five man and severely mauling the other three. This combined with fire from other units on the board almost took them all out.

However the Librarian survived, barely. So in our turn a squad of guard were terrified but also manage to avoid running off the board. The remnants of the Assault Marines and Librarian jumped ever closer to the Landpad and the objective underneath it. On our other flank Typhus and his 35 strong zombie squad were advancing closer. 

Over the next turn the Assault Marines made it to the landing pad, just. By just I mean a single one of Lee's Marines made it there, but then managed to hang on for dear life stood on the landing pad on top of the objective. The Librarian cause some more carnage in the corner under the pad before eventually falling to weight of fire.

Meanwhile Typhus and his zombie massive had made it across the board. Lee started throwing marine units in his path to defend one of our objectives right near the board edge, and it did slow down the advance.

In the end it was time which defeated Dork's with Chaos. We only managed to complete up to turn four and at the end of it Lee's lone Assault Marine was still alive to contest their one of their objectives and Typhus hadn't made it to ours. So we ended up winning. However Dork's with Chaos went on to win the highest placed Heretics army and were a really great set of opponents to end the tournament again.

Overall I enjoyed Adepticon again. The games were a mixture of fun and challenging with the odd slightly dull game thrown in. I do think next time I might skip the team tournament and try some of the other smaller events such as combat patrol and battleground events. Also I'm currently getting into another game at the moment which I might look to play an event in, but more on that in another post.

I will definitely (well finances allowing) be going back next year and in 2015 they are changing venue to a bigger hotel, which was probably the right decision since it really felt that everyone was on top of each other, so they've probably max'ed out the space they can use at the Westin.

An amazing time and fun, even if it is bookmarked with a 7 hour flight.

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