Sunday, 7 September 2014

Malifuax Update

So it's been a while since I posted here, and most of that time has been devoted to Malifaux. I have booked onto Caledonia Uprising for 40K in January, but that more because its a fun tournament, I just hope I've got a little 40K love back before then. However I've also registered for three Malifaux tournaments this year. The first is this coming weekend. Not a Bad Thing is being run in Sunderland, its a 45 soul stone tournament and will represent my first venture into the more competitive Malifaux scene.

What am I hoping for? well some success would be nice, I don't expect to win it but I'm hoping to at least win one of the four rounds, possibly even the infamous mid-table obscurity! I hope the players are friendly, I always found there was a little elitism or cliches in the 40K which were hard to break into. That said there are fair few York player travelling to Sunderland and indeed the other two tournament this year (I say travelling the GT in November is being held at the Garrison club so not a whole lot of travelling required for that one).

Finally I want a play experience that feels two sided. That's been my one biggest complaint of 40K recently, against a lot of the tournament armies unless you're playing a very specific build you may as well not have turned up to some games. I'm hoping that even if I'm play in mid tier crew that I still get the feeling I'm playing the game, and not just there as a punching bag for the opposing crew and player.

Not sure yet if I'll do battle style write ups for Malifaux, I'll see what the tournaments are like.

Onto the pictures, in my usual habit I jumped into Malifaux with both feet and got lots of models and terrian too since my 40K stuff wouldn't look right. Given I'd opted for the Ten Thunders my terrian has a far eastern feel to it.

Iteration one of my board. These are Sarissa Precision buildings. Nice, detailed and lovely to build, the one drawback is you either leave them in the raw laser cut appearance (which is nice) or risk painting them.

Iteration two of the board, this time using 4Ground's shogunate range of buildings. The main reason I prefer these if they come pre painted. Malifaux is a relaively heavy terrian game so there's a number of scatter peices created from trees off E-Bay and the crate set from Bendyboards.

I've also got a number of crews, although currently on Misaki and her crew are painted. I'll leave you with some photos of these. Some of my better work but still no where near as good as some other examples of painting you'll find online with a quick Google search. Still I'm happy with them.
The crew at that present

Kamaitchi proxy (Or Super Weasel as I ensist on calling it)

Lone SwordsWOMAN proxy


Thunder Archer

Tengu Proxy


  1. Nice buildings peter we may have to requisition them for the boltaction war effort when we reach the pacific theater. Good luck in Sunderland mate, I'm thinking the garrison needs to produce a banner for when we represent at competitions, caladonian especially
    expecially expecially.

  2. Yeah we need a name for us too, I quit liked Garrison Rejects but its a little bit negative