Sunday, 30 November 2014

Year in Review / Plans for 2015

So as 2014 draws to a close its time to reflect on the year and thoughts for the future.

At the start of 2014 it was all about 40k. I attended Caledonia Uprising and through no fault of the organiser it wasn't the greatest of weekends. My army faced a series of opponents it just couldn't handle and 3 of the 5 games played were very one sided, the type of game I just don't enjoy. That said I had a blast at the Caledonia Open on the Friday night messing around with 1000pts of Tyranids with Dave Williams as a double act. We still lost most of the games but had a laugh doing it.

Yorkshire Open was next and with Forge World, Escalation and Stronghold Assault allowed it further eroded my enjoyment of 40K. I've said it before but if you want to play Apocalypse, play Apocalypse! Titans (and I'm counting Knights in that) and AV15 buildings have NO place in 40K.

However after that was Adepticon XII, and although I didn't do as well as the previous year in the Championship, I did enjoy the games and my opponents. What really made Adepticon for me was the team tournament. Teaming with Brian, Lee and Dano has to be one of my all time 40K highlights. I had a blast, the games were fun (even some of the one sided ones) but it was the team banter that really made the event. Team Supertrooper was a blast to be part of and I'd happily team with them again, even it meant going back to 40K (more on that later). However I think next time Brian won't be so keen to volunteer to paint over 200 marines, mind you it looked stunning as an army and with a few vehicles to round it off I imagine will be a great sight in Brian's game back in Canada.

Coming back from Adepticon and it was the release of 7th edition of 40K. They didn't fix any of the broken stuff, introduced the bullsh!t which is Eldar summoning Daemons, forced apocalypse units onto people and basically finished off the rot of 40K they'd started with 6th edition. Basically GW ruined a game I've loved for over 20 years, sad times.

I very briefly toyed with 30K (and I've still got 20 Iron Warriors to build) but since it's core is still 40K's rule set I wasn't held.

However it's replacement wasn't far behind it. After a demo at the Garrison by our local Henchman (Chris) I fell in love with Malifaux.

I picked the Ten Thunders as a faction since I love the visuals of ninjas and samurai in model range. I started off taking part in a few fixed master leagues both a Garrison and then Guppies. For the first I used Misaki, for the later Mei Feng. This gave me a good grounding in the rules and my masters but I think Mei Feng won the battle as she has become my go to master.

So armed with my new skillz I entered some tournaments. First off was Not a Bad Thing. An awesome tournament and well organised. I enjoyed the games but its fair to say I was terrible! I finished 26th out of 27 players. Not the greatest start to my Malifaux experience, but the fact I still had fun at the games was a good sign. I struggled to finish game in the allowed time and didn't really seen the tricks to the Thunder.

There were a few more tournaments, Malifaux Station @ Santuary Games and Halifaux. I slowly got better, starting to win games as well as finish them within time, but my faith in them was tested and I did get fairly negative. It was all building towards the largest Malifaux tournament in the world ... the GT!!

So in November I attend the Malifaux UK GT 2014. The highlight of the Malifaux season and another highlight of the year for me. Taking place in my home town made travel and accommodation simple. It was 66 players of awesome win, well run and a joy to take part in. I had six really enjoyable games and somehow managed to scoop top Ten Thunders player in the awards ceremony too. It was an awesome end to the tournament year which had seen me loose faith in one system only to find another one.

So what had 2014 taught me? Well for one team or doubles games are awesome with the right mates. I had a blast at both Caledonia Open and Adepticon Team tournaments and definately need to get more team action in.

2015 has some great times install for me. Mike (the GT organiser) is putting together a team leagues across the country and Yorkfaux have stepped up. Myself, Bennett, Graham, Martin, Sam and Nathan (oh and the team Mascot Chris ;) ) We've already got team t-shirt (another fun part of the Adepticon team tournament too) and the inter team banter has already started.

I'm definitely going to the GT in November as well as travelling to Adepticon again, this time for Malifaux rather than 40K, but also to catch up with friends made from previous years, and hopefully make some new ones.

I'll probably do another post later in the month with more aims for 2015, but for the time being I'll end this one.

2014 - Had highs and lows, lost one system but found a new one.

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