Saturday, 14 February 2015

The obligatory "I'm not dead" update

I'll start this as everyone else does who's not posted on their blog for a while, I'm not Dead!! It's been almost 3 months since last I posted and there's been quite a lot of exciting developments.

Firstly I'm still playing Malifaux, and still representing the nation of the Three Kingdoms. I've branched out from Mei Feng and started using Lynch and McCabe a lot too and really enjoying them. Between them they've breathed new life into the faction for me. I do own a Ramos crew which I'm busy painting up so I might dip my toe into Arcanists for a little while but I'll always be a Ten Thunder player at heart.

Since fluking the best 10T general at the GT I've been to a number of tournaments. I wanted to improve and develop my skills. At the League of Extraordinary Henchmen (the side event for the Masters) my performance was pretty poor and I'm not afraid to say I wobbled on my commitment to the 10T, but success at the local clubs, as well as finally getting some games in with McCabe saw me stay the course. Then came Vappnatak. I entered the Malifaux tournament run by a friend and local Wyrd Henchman and came 4th out of 28. To say I was made up was an understatement, but a week later I went to Under the GasLamp III at Sheffield's Outpost, and came 2nd! This is the first time I've finished on three wins and also podiumed in Malifaux. So I'm currently on a real high!

I jokingly made the statement I was aiming for the best 10T player on rankings at the club, I still don't believe I will, there's some real competition with a couple of the top ranked players moving to 10T as well as the already skilled players from 2014, but you never know. At the moment I'm 23rd in the ranking and I'd love to finish in the top 25 for 2015.

Yes, I'm aware that finishing in the top 25 and podium does call into question the name of the blog, but "Lower half of the top 3rd obscurity" just doesn't roll off the tongue.

The next big thing for me is my, now becoming annual, trip to Adepticon. Once again taking full advantage of Geek Nation Tours to do all the hard organising logistics for flights, transfers and hotel. Teras does make it so easy and I can't recommend his service enough. This year however I'm not playing in 40K but Malifaux. It's got me a little worried but I'm hoping the Malifaux group at Adepticon are every bit as friendly as the 40K lot were. I've got tickets into the story encounter and masters tournament and hope to put in a good performance for the Brits.  The other two days they run team or doubles event and without easy access to a partner or team I've opted for some seminars. I might still go along to the hall at start time to see if anyone needs an extra player, but otherwise I'll be learning Green Stuff and Air Brush basics.

There is also a new team based league starting up in the UK, and York has put in a team so I'm now a member of Yorkfaux, well actually because I turned my notification off on WhatsApp for a morning for meetings at work on the day they announced we need to nominate a captain for each team , I'm not the Captain !! Thanks lads, definitely a case of last man to take a step back. We're still waiting for the details to be finalised before we start setting up match days against the other team in our division, but I'm really looking forward to it.

And that's about it, I've got a lot of painting to do before Adepticon (where is Brian volunteering to paint all the models when you need him?) but I should get it all done in time. I hope to post some pictures of my crew here. I'm not a great painter but they're pretty good from a distance.

As always I'd love to hear comments and feedback so I know you people are actually reading this :)

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