Sunday, 30 January 2011

Another Tournament at Vapnatak

So I've manged to get a ticket to the tournament at Vapnatak this year. It's only a 1000pts tournament so the rounds should be very fast. I've decided to give my Khorne boys a weekend off, especially since I'll be playing them the following weekend at the Yorkshire open. So my Iron Warriors have been dusted off and prep'ed for battle. I'm going to take a classic "Lash" army. I've never actually used the Lash of Submission, but i know the basic principle, use the power to drag a unit into the open and bunch it up ready for the Demolisher shots. The army I'm taking is

Deamon Prince, Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission
5 Chaos Space marines with Plasma Gun with Rhino
5 Chaos Space marines with Plasma Gun
5 Chaos Space marines with Plasma Gun
3 Chaos Bikers, 2 Metlaguns, Champion with Powerfist
2 Oblierators

It comes out at 997 points. I'm a little concerned I've not enough actual men, not sure how many people usually take at 1000pts. but we'll see.

It does mean I need to paint up another Deamon Prince and my second vindicator, which is my task for this week.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Caledonian Uprising 2011 (Day 2)

Fresh faced ... well more fresh than a lot of the other people who'd starting drinking at 7pm I rolled into Maelstrom gaming centre ready for Day 2.

Game 4: Capture and Control / Dawn of War vs Space Wolves (again)
Different opponent this time, but Phil's army had some similiarities to the army I'd face in Game 1. Unit of Longfangs with missile Launchers, Grey Hunters in rhinos but this time some rather scary looking blokes on giant wolves and a Landraider. I always fear landraiders becuase the usually come full of close combat terminators, so i was slightly relieved to find that alothugh full of close combat troops they were only in power armour. Still a Landraider is a scary prospect to crack open. The with night fight part of dawn of war the first turn was pretty uneventful. Turn 2 and the space wolves were encoaching towards my objective so i risked a deep strike by my terminators far into his side of the board. The gamble paid off as a chunk of his attack force broke off to deal with the newly arrived threat to his left flank. They made pretty short work of them, but had left a largely undefend route for my demon princes to sneak onto the objective. As turn 4 started the Space Wolves desided to play for the draw and everything started to retreat towards his objective. I pushed forward throwing more Demons, Beserkers and Demon Princes into the wall of first vehicles then a wall of men. The player, clearly now only after a draw was packing the area of his ojective with troops to prevent my demon princes leaping the wall of armour and contesting the ojective. More was thrown at the defenders but sadly the game ended after only 5 turns and we couldn't break through. Meanwhile 8 Beserkers in a rhino had been happily parked on my objective for 5 turns with nothing to do, bored out of their minds.

Result: Draw, 10 Tournament points

Game 5: Seize Ground / Spearhead vs Daemons
Never faced daemons so wasn't sure what to expect. Opponent walked me through the army and the dread started to rise. Then during the pre-game chat he mentioned he was ranked 4th in the UK at 40k .... crap. The demons deep striked in all around my table 1/4 and slowly advanced. His great unclean one died to my Terminator's Melta guns and power weapons and it looked a promising start. Then the fiends of Slaneesh hit. 6 attacks on the charge, Str 5 with rending. It was brutal. My demon princes and Obliterators did a sterling job, chewing things up in close combat or shooting his soul grinders, but by 4 it was fairly obvious I was going to be tabled. My Rhino's headed for the hill to try to get away and one of my demon princes made 6 armour and 2 invulnerable saves to last through a nasty round of combat but in turn 5 he popped my last rhino to wipe me out. I had manage to account for half his army, but as a wipe out he got the full 20 points.

No photo's as I forgot to take any as my boys were massacred

Result Loss, 0 Tournament points

Game 6: Annihilation / Pitched Battle vs Space Marines
The classic last batle for a tournament, not messing around holding a troop choice back to guard a token, just full on killing. After a slight swap in opponent so two club mate could face each other I ended up against Walt. The chap who'd got me to come to the tournament in the first place. Seemed a fitting way to end it. My army was performing in mixed batches with certain elements having a shocker of a game while others worked, it had never fully gelled, until now. Terminators deep struck next to the Landraider and popped it with a perfect melta volley. Obliterators raked Landspeeders with twin linked plasma death, Beserkers chewed up marines in power armour and Terminator armour and a daemon prince with daemon assistance chewed through 2 predators. It was a scene of classic Khorne inspired carnage. One of my Daemon princes did have the bright idea to charge into 3 razorback with squad in who were parked in the opposite corner on his own and got cut down for his stupidity, but other than that Khorne look down favourably on his minions in this game. By the end we didn't bother to tot up the kill points as it was fairly obvious that the minions of Chaos had beaten the children of the corpse god, and beaten them hard.

Result Win, 17 Tournament points

When the final results were posted I was place 53rd out of 80, I was a little disapointed to not be more mid table but I'd lost 12 points for not being classed as detail painted. I don't know if they objected to my whole painting or just a couple of models which had stuff missing, I know a couple of the wolf belts hanging from swords are still black so that might be the issue. Gonna have to touch them up before the Grand Tournament at the end of March.

Walt placed one position above me and Gill placed one position below me. Overall the weekend was a lot of fun and no where near as beardy as i had feared, although I didn't face any of the nasty guard armies with lots of vendettas and Hydra and I counted at least 6 there.

Caledonian Uprising 2011 (Day 1)

Caledonian Uprising 2011, my first tournament under 5th edition 40k and my first 2 day tournament for several years. I was a little worried I'd be facing a day of beardy nasty armies that would table me in 2 turns. The venue was Maelstrom Games in Mansfield, which was really nice. Gaming store downstairs, which was handy cos I forgot my dice.... DOH, along side a bar with gaming tables upstairs. Room for about 50 tables it looked like, but my god it got hot and a little rank by Sunday Afternoon. A couple of windows that could open would have been nice.

Game 1: Seize Ground / Dawn of War vs Space Wolves

My opponent Gav took first turn and with my
Single Rhino and Demon Prince tucked firmly out of site deployed most of his army in a large firing line on the other side of the board. It didn't look good. Several Razorbacks with troops inside, 2 packs of Long Fangs with 4 missile launchers each, it didn't look good for my dash across the board. Turn 1 to 3 went very quickly. Weirdly my Rhino's took very little punishment as they crossed the board. A series of misses by the Longfangs and the smoke launchers doing their thing saw the rhino's largely undamaged as they raced across the board.

End of turn 3 and Khorne is ready to strike and send those little doggies packing, the demon bombs are landing, the obliterators we're hitting home........ Then i was introduced to the Space Wolves counter charge skill. The carnage was brutal! Chainswords crashed together, Beserkers got furious and skulls were reaped. And yes that little black disc my troops are merrily running past is an objective. Can you see where this is going?

As the turns rolled on it became increasingly obvious that Khorne wasn't winning the war of attrition. By turn 5 the side looked significantly smaller, especially on my side. One of my demon princes died in combat to rolling too many 1s in combat resolution, my terminators were also killed when i failed to make a small number of 2+ saves. The final picture is taken in turn 5, you'll notice the lack of red troops. The end result was a 2 - 1 loss to me on objectives.

RESULT: Loss, 5 Tournament points

Game 2: Capture and Control / Pitched Battle vs Imperial Guards

This was a game i dreaded when i learnt my opponent's army. I'd been warned that guard were currently the top army in the circuit and that Hydra's and Vendettas were nasty. Luckily I was facing a 'generic' guard army if a little heavy on the big tanks.
Turn 1 he blew up 2 of my 3 rhinos, not a good start. However against most odds the foot slogging beserkers
managed to foot slog their way across the board using the cover. When we got close we introduced the Imperial Guard tanks to a world of close combat pain! Demon princes ripped opened tanks, Guards were sent scattering by beserkers, securing his objective. However the squad holding my objective were facing the full force of most of his tanks! and despite going to ground every turn were being whittled down. In turn 4 his vendetta shot forward and dropped a unit of Guard near the objective .... had the Chaos gods fumbled another objective based game in their thirst for blood?
Luckily my Terminators hadn't been seen all game, and chose this minute to appear from their battle barge. 4 Melta shots later and the Vendetta was gone, the following turn the guard squad also faced a twin linked flamer from the obliterator left near the objective and the power weapons of the terminators.
RESULT: Win, 15 Tournament points

Game 3: Annihilation / Spearhead vs Orks
This was without doubt one of the funnest games I've played of 40k in a long time. Against Gill a fellow Yorker and someone I've known off an on for several years now. His massive Ork army featured Killa cans, Deff dread, Kustom force fields and boyz. He was also nominated for best painted army too so it was nice to look at. What made it funny was two armies that are normally renown for their close combat savagery stood back and engaged in a long range fire fight.

Now I need to point out that in the "long range" category my army has 4 guns with a range over 24" and only 4 more in 12" to 24" range. So it was with great amusement that my 4 obliterators opened up. In turn 1 they popped 2 Deff Copters (2 Kill points) in turn 2 they killed the 2 deff dread (2 kill points). My Terminators deep struck next the forward unit of Killa Can and killed them with Melta death. Gill returned fire popping rhinos and killing Demon bombs sent in to give cover. However the majority of the Berserkers and Boyz just stood there and watched. Eventually the Demon Princes got bored and jump into the 2nd unit of Killa Cans pulling their arms off and then lept to the Loota boyz in the ruin, after a hail of attacks and a lucky snake eyes for his leadership roll this was the scene that ended turn 5 and as it transpired the game.
In the end it was 5 kill points to 4 and my 2nd win.
Result: Win, 16 Tournament points

With Day 1 complete there was a pub quiz and socialising before bed and a fresh day of gaming to face the next day.

Day 2 to follow .......

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Haven't post in a long while. Been focusing more on 40k then warhammer of late. I've got a couple of tournaments in the next month, a 1750 and a 1800pts. My Army list is

Deamon Prince, Wings, Warp Time
Deamon Prince, Wings, Warp Time

8 Beserkers with Champion, Powerfist & Rhino
8 Beserkers with Champion, Powerfist & Rhino
8 Beserkers with Champion, Powerfist & Rhino
8 Summoned Deamons
8 Summoned Deamons
2 Oblitorators
2 Oblitorators
4 Terminators, Combi Bolter/Melta, 1 power fist. Icon Khorne

To take it up to 1800 I'm considering either droping the Icon from the Terminators in favour of a 5th Oblit or poss adding the Mark of Nurgle onto the Daemon Princes, technically not making them World Eaters anymore but I can still use the models for them. It's less fluff more tweaked.

I'm also of the opinion that i need to start building some more tweaked armies and get away from wanting to maintain fluff and "friendly" armies as the club I've started going to seems to have a lot of very tweaked armies. I'm considering doing the following Imperial Guard

Comany Command Squad 4x Melta, Chimera
10 Veteran 3x Plasma, Chimera
10 Veteran 3x Plasma, Chimera
10 Veteran 3x Plasma, Chimera
10 Veteran 3x Melta, Valkeryie
10 Veteran 3x Melta, Valkeryie
2 Leman Russ
2 Hellhounds

Still leaves me with about 65 pts to play around with.